Inside Opto Investments’ Growth Journey Toward ‘New Avenues for Expansion’

Committed to driving progress in the private markets sector, the company is ensuring its product initiatives — and people — are primed for growth.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Mar. 22, 2024
Inside Opto Investments’ Growth Journey Toward ‘New Avenues for Expansion’
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The team at Opto Investments sees itself on the cusp of a seismic generational shift.

This shift has nothing to do with societal norms or behaviors. It is a generational wealth transfer, during which the Baby Boomers will transfer trillions of dollars to their heirs over the next few decades. 

In order to preserve and grow their inheritances, the next generations will need to invest in more than just traditional stocks and bonds. They will need to tap into private markets — private equity, venture capital, private credit, real estate and infrastructure. 

Opto Investments is building the tech-driven solution that provides that access. 

Since its founding in 2020, the private markets investment company has been validating its business model and building a thriving business. Head of Investment Management Matt Malone explained that growth is key to unlocking this prosperous future. 

“By seizing the momentum and scaling our operations, we can capitalize on emerging opportunities, solidify our market position and unlock new avenues for expansion,” he said. 

So what does this scale look like at Opto Investments? According to Business Development Associate Ross Kellar, growth is an increased client base and higher headcount. Over the past 11 months, he has seen the company grow from 40 to 60 employees — and the expansion isn’t stopping there. 

“As we continue to onboard new clients and foster our growth, we continue to hire more talented individuals to join us in addressing the evolving requirements of our clients and providing a better private markets experience,” Kellar said. 

Growth at Opto Investments isn’t just defined by hiring goals. Recruiter Sydney Sharp believes that the company’s learning-focused, supportive culture plays an equally essential role. 

“As a startup like ours matures and continues to onboard clients, 

employee retention, onboarding programs and career development are all important to ensure the growth of a company can be sustained,” she said.

With a focus on hiring and amplifying its workplace opportunities, Opto Investments is embarking on an exciting growth journey; one that encourages its people to evolve alongside the company. 



Opto Investments is on a mission to “empower fiduciaries with the technology to confidently invest in private markets.” The company is committed to creating scalable solutions that make it easier to access private markets. 



Empowered to Evolve

At Opto Investments, hiring decisions and strategy go hand in hand. 

“This means that every open role we have will make a significant impact on the success of the company, which will create some exciting opportunities as we continue to scale our product,” Sharp said. 

As the company enhances its platform’s capabilities and user experience, it’s building out its engineering, product, advisory services and investment management departments across its New York and San Francisco offices. For these teams, Malone noted that the company is seeking individuals with a curious mindset and strong cross-functional skills. 

Of course, without the right culture, even the best team members won’t feel motivated to make an impact. That’s why the company actively fosters a culture rooted in continuous learning and knowledge-sharing, encouraging employees to collaborate, experiment and stay up to date on industry trends, noted Malone. 

“By nurturing a learning environment, we empower our workforce to adapt to changing needs and drive innovation within the organization,” he said. 

By nurturing a learning environment, we empower our workforce to adapt to changing needs and drive innovation within the organization.” 


Kellar explained that Opto Investments ensures every employee has access to professional development opportunities to foster growth and learning. For instance, the organization recently initiated its “flight school,” which is a crash course in private markets designed to expedite the onboarding process and provide comprehensive education on all aspects of both the company and the industry. 

To keep a pulse on industry trends, Kellar added, employees can check out Slack channels dedicated to alternative market news and discussions related to the company’s competitors and partners. 

For those who wish to take their skill-building to the next level, Sharp noted that the company offers a $500 learning and development stipend, which can be put toward training related to their role. This financial reimbursement, along with a focus on communication and positive feedback loops, helps employees build their professional knowledge every day. 


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Primed for Progress

Sharp considers Opto Investments to be in a “unique position” in its industry. It’s on the cutting edge of both technology and finance.  

As the company leans into its strategic placement, it’s paying close attention to the key trends shaping the private markets sector. And according to Malone, one of these trends is the shift toward data-driven decision-making. 

“Leveraging analytics and AI tools, companies can better understand customer behavior, optimize marketing efforts and identify growth opportunities with precision,” he said. “Additionally, the rise of digital transformation and the increasing influence of technology across industries have opened up new avenues for growth.”

To keep up with this rising influence, Opto Investments is focused on embracing agility and adapting to emerging technologies, which Malone considers critical for staying competitive in an evolving landscape. He added that the organization is also monitoring other macroeconomic trends, including increased digitization of investment workflows and reporting and evolving client preferences. 

Kellar said the company has also witnessed the increasing adoption of private markets within registered investment advisor channels, as advisors are seeking an improved experience and increased visibility into private markets. Recognizing this, the organization aims to enhance its services by incorporating feedback from RIAs into the development of new features and hiring decisions. 

“This approach enables us to offer a better and more seamless private markets experience for our current and future clients as we continue to scale,” Kellar said. 

As we embark on this journey of accelerated growth, we’re committed to our values of courage, ownership and partnership.” 


The company is dedicated to driving progress on every level, and ensuring that its influence can be felt far beyond financial outcomes. 

“Our goal is not just to expand our bottom line,” Malone said, “but to make a meaningful impact on ensuring capital is efficiently allocated across private markets and meets the investment goals of the clients we serve. 

“As we embark on this journey of accelerated growth, we’re committed to our values of courage, ownership and partnership.” 


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Opto Investments.

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