14 NYC IoT Companies Connecting Everything to Everything Else

The Internet of Things is about to change everything. With the rise of connected devices, anything from home appliances to entire factories will be automated, changing the way technology integrates with the physical world.

Written by Taylor Majewski
Published on Feb. 04, 2020
14 NYC IoT Companies Connecting Everything to Everything Else

The Internet of Things is about to change everything. With the rise of connected devices, anything from home appliances to entire factories will be automated, changing the way technology integrates with the physical world. According to a new report from Business Insider Intelligence, the Internet of Things is projected to connect 34 billion devices to the Internet by 2020, while traditional computing devices will only total about 10 billion.

Top Internet-of-Things (IoT) Companies in NYC

  • Latch
  • Augury
  • Eight Sleep
  • StrongArm Technologies
  • Makerbot
  • Kisi
  • US Mobile
  • Flowcode

As business are predicted to be the foremost adapter of The Internet of Things, we’ve rounded up a few New York startups who are already testing out the space.

Flowcode IoT Companies New York City

Flowcode is creating QR technology that is faster and safer. With Flowcode’s solutions, companies can craft QR codes that feature on-brand designs and can adapt to a range of screens. Consumers can scan these codes from greater distances, and secure connections lead them to a crisp landing page. In addition, businesses can gather intel through a Flowcode analytics platform, allowing them to tailor future content to potential customers. 


US Mobile IoT Companies New York City
US Mobile

US Mobile ensures everyone stays connected through their next generation of prepaid cell phone plans. The wireless carrier has developed national 4G and 5G networks as well as a suite of customizable plans. With multiple flexible options, customers can adjust their limits for the right amount of minutes, texts, and data.


augury internet of things company nyc

Augury performs predictive maintenance analysis on industrial machines. Basically, that means they have sensors that listen to vibrations and sounds that industrial machines make. They then send that data to their servers and analyze it for any anomalies that may indicate a problem. Industrial machines are wildly expensive, and taking them down for maintenance is costly. With Augury, you know when there's a problem before it becomes a really big problem and you know that your machines can stay online and working properly. That in turn, means lower costs for manufacturers, which should eventually mean cheaper goods for you and me. 


latch internet of things company nyc

After spending the past two years developing its first product, a smart lock, Latch raised a $10.5 million Series A back in February to make home security more connected. The company aims to eliminate keys from your life and help you manage how you access your home.


Strong Arm Technologies IoT companies NYC
Strong Arm Technologies

Strong Arm Technologies has set a lofty goal before itself — it believes it’s products will be what eliminates injuries throughout industries. The safety science company’s Fuse Platform is a wearable device that uses IoT sensors and machine learning to capture and analyze the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, transferring data into a cloud-based dashboard to monitor, assess and intervene with high-risk activities with previously unseen speed and accuracy.


eight internet of things company nyc

Eight offers a smart heating pad for your bed that integrates IoT technology to sense and analyze your sleeping patterns and bedroom environment. These insights are then used to determine your ideal sleep temperature, which you can control from your smartphone.


wink internet of things company nyc

You can think of Wink as the central command post for your connected devices. Wink connects all of your IoT devices into one app and lets you control and connect them. And, because suddenly your toaster can talk to your garage door, weird and powerful stuff can start to happen. For example, using the app you can have your Philips Hue lights automatically turn on and have your Nest to turn up the heat when you unlock the smart lock that opens your front door.


makerbot internet of things company nyc

MakerBot makes 3D printers that are connected to the web. That means that you can now control a 3D printer from anywhere in the world from an iPhone. If you’re designing a fuel-efficient jet propulsion engine, your engineers can be in a hangar at LaGuardia designing 3D models for the design team at Boeing headquarters in Chicago. Or, you or I can just have fun designing and printing all sorts of things on our morning commutes and schedule them to be completed by the time we return home. Beats the hell out of Candy Crush.

raden internet of things company nyc

Raden makes connected smart-luggage — which sounds weird at first, but only because it's such a departure from what you expect with a suitcase. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Their luggage does all sorts of things that make a traveler’s life easier, which is why you buy luggage instead of just throwing your stuff in a trash bag. Their luggage comes with an onboard power bank, weight sensors and is connected to an app that lets you know where your bag is. While you’re sitting on the plane waiting to taxi, you can actually see if your bag made it onto the plane with you.


dash internet of things company nyc

Dash combines a hardware device with a smartphone application to give drivers vehicle diagnostics, directions to cheap gas stations and trip recordings. Dubbed the “Fitbit for cars,” the startup provides driving feedback in real time, and is backed by notable investors including Dennis Crowley and Eugene Chung.


kisi internet of things company nyc

This Brooklyn-based startup is building a smartphone-enabled control system, which lets you access your office from anywhere. KISI is specifically designed for businesses, commercial offices and residential buildings to help organizations view access logs, review analytics and observe individual key usage data to gain insights into who is accessing the space.


adhere tech internet of things company nyc
adhere tech

While many people struggle remembering to take medications, AdhereTech wants to solve this. The startup has created connected pill bottles to ensure patients take their medications. The pill bottles integrate cellular technology and sensors that remind patients if they miss a dose through an automated phone call or text message.


toymail internet of things company nyc

Toymail is a connected platform that entertains, educates and keeps children connected to those they love — without a screen. Toymail’s line of plush toys lets kids exchange voice messages with friends and family via the Toymail app.


nucleus internet of things company nyc

Nucleus is an internet-connected intercom system. The startup aims to allow you to audio or video chat into the next room, or another country, through its platform. Nucleus’ dashboard helps to manage your home intuitively, so you can launch instant video calls, play music, enhance your security system or monitor your young ones.


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