These 19 NYC Medical Startups and Companies Are Reimagining Healthcare

Meet some of the biggest and best medical technology companies making their mark on New York City.

Written by Katie Fustich
Published on Jun. 07, 2024
These 19 NYC Medical Startups and Companies Are Reimagining Healthcare
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New York City is home to some of the most renowned hospitals in the country, if not the world. Driving the innovation that powers the city’s more than 60 hospitals and dozens of research centers are the many health technology companies who have made the city their home. Whether it be telemedicine, insurance restructuring or mental wellness, these technology companies are rising to the unique challenges of modern medicine.

Top Medical Startups in NYC

  • PatientPoint
  • Garner Health
  • Formation Bio
  • Zipari
  • Pager
  • Quartet Health
  • Noom
  • StartUp
  • Health Capsule

Chapter develops solutions to match older Americans to the Medicare plan that best suits their needs. The company aims to provide users with greater choice and clarity when choosing healthcare plans with technology that minimizes cost and complexity.


Flatiron Health is an independent affiliate of biotech giant Roche Group. It focuses on the intersections of technology and cancer care, working in clinical research as well as point of care with patients. Flatiron offers technology like advanced patient screening for oncology clinical trials and prospective evidence generation through low-intervention studies of real-world populations.


Nourish aims to support its users’ overall wellness and address a range of health concerns through a combination of nutrition counseling and technology. Patients can search through Nourish’s database of registered dietitians to find a provider that matches their needs and is covered by their insurance so they can schedule a telehealth appointment and begin a personalized care journey.


DearDoc operates a healthcare platform where patients can connect with healthcare providers for in-person and telehealth appointments. Through the platform, patients can perform admin tasks like setting appointments and getting their medical records. Used by more than 2,500 doctors and other healthcare and wellness providers, the company’s platform includes a suite of cloud-based tools for patient acquisition, practice management and patient communications. 


Patients can use Zocdoc’s website or mobile app to access a directory of medical providers that cover a vast range of specialties. Before deciding to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment, patients can see reviews from other users and whether their chosen provider accepts their insurance. Zocdoc also offers user-friendly tools for medical practices, such as an online scheduling solution that lets patients book appointments directly through a practice’s website and a HIPAA-compliant video service for virtual appointments.


Path is an online platform that matches people with mental health providers, including therapists and psychiatrists. Patients answer questions about their preferences and insurance and then can choose from a list of compatible, in-network providers. They can book an appointment time online and see an estimate of what the virtual session will cost before scheduling.


Firsthand employs peer guides, social workers and clinicians to connect individuals living with serious mental illness with medical and behavioral care as well as social benefits. The company’s approach to service relies on three principles: building a foundation of trust, honoring lived experiences and making care more accessible.


Click Therapeutics develops mobile software applications known as Digital Therapeutics, which are designed to serve as prescription treatment for various diseases and medical conditions. The company has therapeutics in its development pipeline for treating conditions like schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, multiple sclerosis and atopic dermatitis.


PatientPoint’s patient engagement technology includes digital marketing solutions to boost a provider’s online presence and a platform for displaying health education content in waiting areas and exam rooms. The company says its offerings have had a documented impact on patient behaviors, leading to a 21 percent increase in vaccinations and a 15 percent increase in patient portal sign-ups, for example.


Garner Health is working to improve access to affordable, high-quality care for patients. This health tech startup, founded in 2019, has two core offerings. First, it has a benefit program that helps patients find the best doctors in their area. Garner also offers a provider recommendation platform, Garner DataPro, that provides referrals based on directory data and provider performance.


Formation Bio is reimagining the complicated, and often slow, drug trial process to bring life-saving treatments to patients faster. The company builds software that powers clinical trials from start to finish by connecting research facilities, trial patients and pharmaceutical industry professionals.


Zipari is helping the health insurance industry become more customer-friendly, with a suite of digital tools that help customers navigate their policies and insurance companies provide more precise services.


Too often, there is a disconnect between physical and mental healthcare providers. Quartet is working to bridge this gap by creating technology that allows mental and physical care providers to partner with insurance companies and, as a result, improve the consummate wellbeing of patients.


Noom builds friendly and easy-to-use mobile apps that contribute to individual’s everyday wellness and fitness goals. More than 45 million Noom users have lost an average of 18 pounds in four months of use — and kept it off for four years.


Through investments, mentorship and more, StartUp Health is working to solve some of the most critical problems in healthcare using 10 unique, moonshot-style projects. Specific projects include “adding 50 years to every human life” and “ending cancer as we know it.”


neMedIO works to support some of the most cutting-edge developments in medical robotics. The company builds software libraries, hardware platforms and quality management systems that accelerate the development of high-tech medical devices.


Pager’s mobile-based platform helps connect patients to instant medical care, through AI-based chat and appointment scheduling, or live video-chats with in-network medical professionals. Pager’s services are available on a 24/7 basis.


Capsule is a digital-first pharmacy that brings you your prescriptions directly to your door. Like a more traditional pharmacy, Capsule is in-network with doctors and insurance plans, and works to provide top-notch customer care to its patients.


Kindbody makes it easier than ever for women to start a family when the time is right. This fertility specialist offers IVF treatments, as well as the increasingly popular egg-freezing option. Kindbody is part of a new wave of technology-based companies that are helping women gain critical insights into their fertility.

This story was originally published in 2018. Rose Velazquez, Ashley Bowden and Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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