Oishii Opens New Sustainable Vertical Farming Facility

The 237,000-square-foot Amatelas facility is solar-powered and produces Oishii’s Koyo strawberry.

Published on Jun. 04, 2024
Oishii Opens New Sustainable Vertical Farming Facility

Agtech company Oishii recently opened its largest and most advanced vertical strawberry farm, Amatelas Farm, in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Spanning over 237,000 square feet and powered by a neighboring 50-acre solar field, this facility marks a significant leap in sustainable agriculture. The farm uses renewable energy and features moving racks that allow strawberries to grow in a more natural day-night cycle, enhancing the use of space and the growth rate of the strawberries.

The farm is a hub of employment and innovation in the Lehigh Valley region and has created over 100 new jobs ranging from engineering to farm operations. Additionally, the farm uses robotics and data analytics to optimize growing conditions and improve crop yields, capturing over 60 billion data points annually to refine processes such as pollination and harvest timing.

Looking ahead, Oishii plans to expand its reach and product offerings. Amatelas Farm’s strategic location near the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border provides access to a significant portion of the U.S. population within a day’s drive, facilitating expansion into new markets and strengthening relationships with retailers like Whole Foods Market and FreshDirect.

Solar-Powered Indoor Vertical Strawberry Farm | Video: Oishii

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