16 Python Bootcamps and Classes in NYC to Know

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Feb. 03, 2020
16 Python Bootcamps and Classes in NYC to Know

Deciding where to start when learning a programming language can be a daunting task. With classic coding languages like JavaScript and SQL still being implemented regularly and formerly niche languages like Python taking the web by storm, it can be hard to decide which language will be the easiest to understand and the most practical to apply today.

Since the release of Python 3.0 in 2008, this programming language has grown significantly into one of the most powerful forms of coding being used today — as well as one of the most in-demand skills employers search for when hiring developers. For professionals across industries hoping to jump into a new career or those who simply want to strengthen their technical skillset, learning the fundamental and advanced abilities of Python through the courses below will unlock a world of potential to push you in the right direction. 

Top Python Classes in NYC

  • General Assembly
  • Practical Programming
  • Certstaffix Training
  • ONLC Training Centers
  • Baruch College- CAPS


Entry Level Courses

General Assembly Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
General Assembly

About the School: Beginning as a co-working space in 2011, General Assembly is one of the largest centers of technical learning in the world. Complete with an award-winning curriculum, expert instructors and a dynamic, innovative learning environment, General Assembly seeks to bridge the gap between job seekers and talent seekers. To date, General Assembly is home to over 40,000 alumni and 2,500 hiring partners.

Course Name: Introduction to Python Bootcamp 

Course Details: The Introduction to Python Bootcamp is the perfect jump into coding for novices who want a gentle, but comprehensive leap into learning one of today’s most popular coding languages. This single day class will help build knowledge in tiny bites, providing a natural intuition about programming by the end of the day.

  • Price: $299
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Average Class Size: 20


Course Name: Python for Beginners 

Course Details: This single-day course is designed to help students understand the intersection of coding and data to truly understand the power of Python as an essential programming language for data scientists. Students will be introduced to the history of Python and the types of problems it can solve, as well as how it compares to other programming languages. 

  • Cost: $90
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Average Class Size: 20


NYC Data Science Academy Python Bootcamp Classes
NYC Data Science Academy

About the School: NYC Data Science Academy provides educational training and career development to highly-motivated individuals and businesses, delivering a wealth of experience in all things data science. Originally formed as a division of SupStat, Inc., NYC Data Academy offers full-time bootcamps, part-time courses, consulting, corporate training and career services.

Course Name: Introductory Python 

Course Details: The Introductory Python course is key to attaining a foundational understanding in data wrangling and concentrates on Python language basics like list and string manipulation, control structures, simple data analysis packages and modules for downloading data. NYC Data Academy issues a certification licensed by the NYS Board of Education upon completion of the program.

  • Cost: $1500
  • Number of Sessions: 8
  • Average Class Size: 15


Practical Programming Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
Practical Programming

About the School: Priding itself on delivering thorough instruction to aspiring students in the technical field, Practical Programming features a highly skilled team of instructors knowledgeable in a variety of programming languages. Based out of New York, Practical Programming also hosts tech events throughout the country.

Course Name: Python Programming 101 

Course Details: Python Programming 101 is a beginner-level course created to help students feel confident in using the Python language. Starting slowly with basic programming concepts and uses, Practical Programming’s instructors will bring students up to speed with writing and debugging Python code and using Text Editor, Terminal and other programming tools. Real-world analogies make the material relatable and students will leave knowing how to build a working program from scratch.

  • Cost: $99
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Average Class Size: 12


Course Name: Introduction to Python

Course Details: Practical Programming’s Introduction to Python course takes all of the concepts learned in Python Programming 101 and expands on them, allowing students to master major data structures, including strings, lists, dictionaries and sets. This course also features an emphasis on understanding and practicing common problems asked at job interviews while learning to write fast and efficient Python code.

  • Cost: $399
  • Number of Sessions: 3
  • Average Class Size: 15


Course Name: Python Immersive 

Course Details: Build a base for a career in the tech industry by learning the fundamentals of programming and best practices for real-life opportunities. Practical Programming’s Python Immersive course takes students from zero knowledge or experience in programming to comfortably writing programs over one intensive week, complete with a resume review and delivery process to put students in front of startups looking to hire.

  • Cost: $999
  • Number of Sessions: 5
  • Average Class Size: 7


baruch college python bootcamps classes nyc
Baruch College

About the School: The CAPS program at Baruch College offers career development to New Yorkers of all walks of life, including Accounting, Marketing, Digital Design and more. The school features over 20 IT programs, giving students an opportunity to immerse themselves in new studies regardless of career-status.

Course Name: Python – Introduction 

Course Details: Enrolling in the Python – Introduction course at Baruch College – CAPS will allow students to attain an understanding of essential data types like numbers, strings, lists and dictionaries while introducing them to read and write functions. Students will have the opportunity to create fully functioning programs using the Python language by the end of the course.

  • Cost: $565
  • Number of Classes: 1
  • Average Class Size: 10


Extensive Business Solutions Corp. Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
Extensive Business Solutions Corp.

About the School: Extensive Business Solutions Corp. provides consulting, technology solutions, outsourcing services and comprehensive training to individuals as well as small and mid-sized businesses. Rather than strictly teaching theory, each course focuses on real-world applications to teach students fundamentals in data science, Python, data analytics, SQL and more.

Course Name: Intro to Python 

Course Details: Intro to Python's approach is a rarity amongst Python bootcamps and courses, offering students one-on-one coaching in a three hour crash course. An excellent option for learning code from scratch, Extensive’s Intro to Python course provides in-depth insights and a solid foundation for programming in Python with installation, functions, control-flow statements, Loops, IF/ELSE/ELIF and other topics being thoroughly covered.

  • Cost: $499
  • Number of Classes: 1
  • Class Size: 1


Course Name: Python Programming 101 NYC – Beginner Level

Course Details: If you are a working executive or professional looking to enhance your skillset — this is the course for you. Designed for those in tech-adjacent industries like finance, insurance, journalism and healthcare, Python Programming 101 students will be introduced to the fundamentals of the Python programming language by an expert instructor.

  • Cost: $950
  • Number of Sessions: 3
  • Average Class Size: 3


Course Name: The Ultimate Python Bootcamp

Course Details: Students looking to truly immerse themselves within the details of the Python language should not pass on Extensive Business Solutions Corp.’s Ultimate Python Bootcamp. Offering two speeds to accommodate students’ schedules, this course starts with the fundamentals of Python while progressively building upwards through the creation of 15 real-world applications. The hands-on approach leaves students with an impressive portfolio and everything necessary to begin interviewing for a position in the field.

  • Cost: $8400
  • Number of Sessions: Varied
  • Class Size: 1


Certstaffix Training Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
Certstaffix Training

About the School: With a belief in putting valuable information into the hands of professionals looking to advance their careers, Certstaffix is flipping the standard approach to education and doing it on its own terms. Students have the option to attend one to five day classes with a live instructor interacting and leading the way in real time. Founder Jonathan O’Brien believes this method is key to students achieving a lasting understanding: “I believe a live instructor offers the most effective and interactive way to learn.”

Course Name: Introduction to Python Programming

Course Details: The Introduction to Python Programming Course through Certstaffix introduces students to a basic understanding of how Python works, including how to manipulate strings, perform math operations, collect user input and output, process flow control and work with dates and times. The course is hosted remotely, giving students the option of learning from a local classroom or their own home.

  • Cost: $2700
  • Number of Sessions: 4
  • Average Class Size: 3


Intermediate Courses

General Assembly Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
General Assembly

Course Name: Python for Data Bootcamp

Course Details: In addition to their beginner-level courses, General Assembly offers several workshops and bootcamps for professionals looking to advance their Python skills. In the Python for Data Bootcamp, students are introduced to the major libraries Python uses for data analysis and will be walked through every step necessary for easily cleaning, managing, joining and analyzing data sets with millions of rows. This is an ideal fit for analysts, marketers and non-python programmers looking to expand their data toolkit.

  • Cost: $299
  • Number of Sessions: 1
  • Average Class Size: 20


Course Name: Python and Machine Learning Bootcamp Series

Course Details: Machine Learning is crucial to keeping technology thriving and Python is quickly becoming the most popular language for managing it. In this General Assembly course, students are introduced to key machine learning concepts and techniques in ways that are easily accessible. Best practices for preparing data for machine learning are covered thoroughly, as well as the different types of machine learning and when to apply each.

  • Cost: $499
  • Number of Sessions: 2
  • Average Class Size: 20


Course Name: Python Programming

Course Details: Becoming a part of the global Python community becomes attainable for students of all backgrounds after taking General Assembly’s Python Programming course. Featuring 12 units packed with the information needed to evolve within a tech driven economy, students will be assigned dynamic coursework curated by industry experts that align with current employer demands.

  • Cost: $3950
  • Number of Sessions: 20
  • Average Class Size: 20


Borough of Manhattan Community College Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
Borough of Manhattan Community College

About the School: A City University of New York school offering a variety of continuing education courses, the Borough of Manhattan Community College’s goal is to align its students with fulfilling careers, not just good jobs. A variety of vocational study is available at BMCC, including a lengthy list of IT and development courses to grow technical skillsets.

Course Name: Python Bootcamp

Course Details: BMCC’s Python Bootcamp builds upon the basics of the Python language, assigning intermediate to advanced coursework that includes programming, data science and machine learning lessons. Students will be challenged with building a fully functioning application and will leave with an advanced knowledge of how to apply Python to real-world projects.

  • Cost: $1514
  • Number of Sessions: 30
  • Average Class Size: 20


Advanced Courses

ONLC Training Centers Python Bootcamp Classes NYC
ONLC Training Centers

About the School: ONLC Training Centers allow professionals in any industry to grow their IT and technical skills to the next level. From coding in a variety of programming languages to Microsoft Office training, Adobe workshops and more, ONLC offers certifications in today's most in-demand skillsets to boost its students' careers.

Course Name: Advanced Python 3 Programming 

Course Details: Among the most intensive Python courses available to students in New York City, ONLC Training Centers’ Advanced Python Programming course will solidify the ability to write, test and debug advanced Python code. Along with the techniques needed to write object-oriented code in Python, students will learn mapping, filtering and lambda functions, unicode and text encoding, advanced sorting and other essential topics covered over four units.

  • Cost: $995
  • Number of Sessions: 2
  • Average Class Size: 7


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