Seek AI Raises $7.5M to Advance its Generative AI Solution

The funding is a combination of pre-seed and seed funding co-led by Conviction Partners and Battery Ventures.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Jan. 11, 2023
Seek AI Raises $7.5M to Advance its Generative AI Solution
Sarah Nagy, CEO of Seek AI, poses for a photo
Sarah Nagy is the CEO and founder of Seek AI. | Image: Seek AI / Built In

Technology aims to make people’s lives easier, and companies in the artificial intelligence field have made plenty of headway toward this goal. With a particular focus in the generative AI space, Seek AI is furthering its data-centric solution with $7.5 million in funding.

The company’s platform serves organizations with a natural language interface and allows users to ask questions and receive answers quickly, according to Seek. Since generative AI is used to create original content using machine learning algorithms, Seek applies this property toward automating the creation and maintenance of code for answering ad-hoc questions.

Seek’s platform integrates with email, Slack, text messages and several customer relationship management systems. From these places, employees can access the interface and ask the conversational AI-powered engine the same questions they would ask their data team. Seek stores every question users ask. The more people converse with the tool, the better it becomes at working with that organization’s data.

Rather than having to write code every time they want to look for a user’s answer, data analysts can prompt Seek to analyze their question and the tool will automatically generate that person’s query. Offering a code editor, knowledge base and data warehouse integrations, Seek ultimately serves to save data analysts time responding to numerous questions.

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Seek has seen quick adoption of its solution and currently has several pilots active with more than a dozen tech and fintech companies as well as consumer brands. Its customers range from startups to names in the Fortune 500, according to Sarah Nagy, Seek’s CEO and founder.

“In only a little over a year’s time, Seek has grown from one person to a team of over 10 people,” Nagy told Built In via email. “The rapid growth is due to the value being unlocked by generative AI now being able to automate mundane tasks that once required a highly-trained data analyst. Data analysts can now be freed up to focus on higher-value projects that they may not have been able to get to due to this manual work.”

To keep up with its recent growth momentum, Seek announced its recent capital raise on Wednesday. Its $7.5 million sum combines its pre-seed and seed funding rounds. The injection was co-led by Conviction Partners and Battery Ventures.

Its fresh capital will help Seek build out new integrations for its platform. The company wants to make the onboarding process more automated and continue improving its customer experience. Seek’s next item of business will be to make its user interface more intuitive. 

Just as well, the company is expanding its workforce. Seek is searching for talent for its engineering and AI teams, as well as within its revenue department as more customers gravitate toward its solution.

“I’m most excited about the long-term vision for Seek, where our AI will be able to uncover insights from large datasets that may not have been even possible with a team of data analysts or scientists,” Nagy said. “There is so much value to humanity embedded in the data we collect, and if we can enable AI to be able to extract some of these insights, I will be extremely proud.”

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