In the Spotlight: Built In NYC’s 3 Featured Companies of the Month

Gopuff, Enigma, and Hivebrite embrace people-first cultures and perks while creating solutions for a diverse range of challenges.

Written by Lucas Dean
Published on Mar. 08, 2024
 In the Spotlight: Built In NYC’s 3 Featured Companies of the Month
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New York City has long been recognized for its financial clout, largely driven by Wall Street’s influence over the past fifty years. However, the tech sector has emerged as a dynamic and surprisingly stable force for the past two decades. 

The tech sector has demonstrated resilience through the financial downturn of 2008-09 and the recent challenges posed by the pandemic. As of 2020, employment within NYC’s tech industry has surpassed Wall Street figures, proving to be a substantial and growing contributor to the city’s economy and status as a hotspot for innovation. In January, NYC ranked second in tech job postings nationwide, according to CompTIA.

This month, Built In NYC celebrates three companies — Gopuff, Enigma, and Hivebrite — and the missions, cultures and perks that make them attractive to top talent.

These companies exemplify the sector’s vitality, even in challenging times, and offer insights into the people and teams that make it tick.


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What Gopuff does: Gopuff, one of Built In’s Best Places to Work in 2023, delivers a wide range of everyday items directly to consumers, offering quick service from local micro-fulfillment centers for a flat delivery charge, operating 24/7 in many areas to meet immediate needs.


The Perks

  • Company equity and performance bonus
  • Generous PTO and paid volunteer time
  • Highly diverse management team 


Unified Vision: Gopuff thrives by prioritizing clear, open communication channels, a pivotal strategy for knitting together enterprise teams. “Transparency is that last ingredient we have here that will take the trust and elevate it to create partnership across teams,” said Senior Software Engineering Manager Joelle Merwin in a recent interview with Built In NYC



What Enigma does: Enigma provides comprehensive data on small businesses’ identity and financial health, leveraging diverse sources to support companies accessing capital and financial services.


The Perks

  • Home-office stipend and fitness stipend
  • Paid industry certifications 
  • Continuing education available during work hours


Scalability: In a 2023 interview with Built In NYC, Chief Technology Officer Ryan Green shed light on a comprehensive approach to scalability. It’s not just about the system’s ability to handle more load but also about team dynamics. “Teams with focus can build and extend scalable systems. Teams distracted by keeping their previous builds running often fail to do this,” explained Green. 



A globe with dotted lines connecting icons representing individuals in different regions. 


What Hivebrite does: Hivebrite is a global community engagement platform that enables corporations, nonprofits and educational institutions to create and manage dynamic, branded communities for networking, resource sharing and professional opportunities.


The Perks

  • 16 weeks of 100 percent paid maternity leave and 12 weeks 100 percent paid for caregiver leave
  • 401(k) matching on 3 percent of 4 percent of employee deferrals
  • Remote work, including a nomad program 

Enhancing Connections: Hivebrite recently partnered with American Psychological Association (APA), with a mission to construct an online community that enhances interaction and personalizes the experience for APA’s extensive global membership. “With Hivebrite’s sophisticated, user-friendly platform, APA will offer its members value through facilitating connections and quality engagement initiatives to grow its community on a global scale,” said Chief Revenue Officer Usha Iyer in a statement.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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