This Team of Data Scientists is Defining the Future of Finance at Biz2Credit

Continuous learning, adaptability and transparency support teams working at the cutting edge of fintech.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jan. 10, 2024
This Team of Data Scientists is Defining the Future of Finance at Biz2Credit
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Step off the streets of Manhattan into the Biz2Credit headquarters, and the buzz of the city shifts. But rather than the muffled drone of servers and tapping of keyboards you’d expect at a fintech company, Biz2Credit’s hybrid teams are actively collaborating on work that pushes the boundaries of financial technology.

“Our team culture is defined by a collaborative and iterative approach to problem solving,” explained Senior Data Scientist Afeez Adeyemo.

Since joining Biz2Credit after completing graduate school five years ago, Adeyemo has worked on projects that have allowed him to develop expertise in areas from financial analysis to natural language processing. The opportunity to grow a diverse skill set is no anomaly at the organization, he told Built In.

“Regular knowledge-sharing sessions and open communication foster a supportive environment where everyone’s input is valued,” Adeyemo said. “What sets this team apart is the emphasis on cross-disciplinary collaboration, and the iterative nature of our work ensures continuous learning and adaptation. This dynamic, inclusive culture stands out compared to more siloed approaches.”

What sets this team apart is the emphasis on cross-disciplinary collaboration.”


Understanding the intersection of culture and technical expertise has been key to Adeyemo’s advancement throughout his time at Biz2Credit, especially when taking the initiative to work across functions, contribute creative ideas and adapt to unexpected challenges.

“Close collaboration and easy back-and-forth between technical contributors and those with business domain knowledge are key in today’s dynamic business environment,” he said. “Technical know-how is more useful when employed to improve the delivery of business goals.”

In order to keep collaboration seamless in a hybrid environment, Adeyemo recognizes the importance of efficient tools, but he also knows that deeper priorities help keep Biz2Credit’s team unified and moving forward. He sees the company “fostering a sense of purpose and inclusivity and aligning team goals with broader organizational missions to enhance overall engagement and satisfaction.”

Adeyemo and his colleagues Chani Thakkar and Ivy Li offered a glimpse into a culture that values continuous learning and thrives on data-driven decision-making. Innovation and collaboration are not just buzzwords here — they are the pillars holding up a culture that is both adaptable and sustainable.




Building Dynamic Careers

Biz2Credit’s support for growth across a career is something that Senior Manager of Data Science Chani Thakkar has experienced first hand — from joining the company in 2018 as a data science intern to her current role as a senior manager.

“My journey at the company has been shaped by continual learning and growth,” she said. “I have embraced every opportunity to expand my knowledge, explore new techniques and stay up to date with emerging trends in the field of data science. As I progressed to more senior roles, I cultivated a collaborative environment, fostering open communication and encouraging the exchange of ideas among team members. Guiding and supporting the growth of others became a source of satisfaction and a defining aspect of my role as a senior manager.”

As a leader, Thakkar knows that fostering the supportive team culture that helped her career flourish requires dedication and investment. In order to “nurture and adapt” the culture on her team, Thakkar has committed to leading by example, fostering transparency and recognizing achievements.

“Cultivating a positive and engaging team culture that attracts and retains highly skilled tech professionals necessitates sustained effort and collective participation,” she said. “Adaptability, transparent communication and cultivating a sense of belonging are essential elements of a flourishing team culture.”

Adaptability, transparent communication and cultivating a sense of belonging are essential elements of a flourishing team culture.”


In order to remain adaptable and transparent, Thakkar stays aware of trends and developments that have helped other teams thrive. As she looks ahead, she sees balancing in-person and remote collaboration, a focus on emotional intelligence and investment in well-being initiatives as key tools for promoting positive work environments and productivity.

In 2023, Thakkar saw the investment in culture pay off as her team of data scientists collaborated with cross-functional partners to successfully migrate over 250 reports and dashboards from a legacy business intelligence tool to Power BI, which allowed the data science team to access advanced, user-friendly data analytics and visualization tools. 

“The biggest win was successfully completing the project within the planned six-month timeline,” she said. “Migrating such a significant number of reports involved meticulous planning, coordination and execution. Being able to deliver the project on time showcased our team’s ability to effectively manage complex projects and demonstrated our commitment to providing value to the organization.”

Beyond the business application, Thakkar also saw crucial cultural elements shine throughout the process: valuing experimentation, exploring new tools and techniques, seeking opportunities to collaborate and promoting continuous learning.

“This ensures that we maintain an innovative, agile and knowledgeable workforce, enabling us to deliver impactful solutions and maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving field of data science,” she said.




Cultivating Continuous Learning

When Senior Manager of Data Science Ivy Li undertook an ambitious pricing and underwriting automation project, she knew the technical challenges for her team would be steep — but she also knew the opportunities for growth would be boundless.

“Our successes have not only advanced the technical aspects of our work but also deepened our understanding of the business. This project has acted as a catalyst for cross-functional collaboration, promoting a holistic view of business operations,” she said of her team’s progress on the ongoing work. “The challenges presented by the automation project have provided numerous learning opportunities, allowing team members to develop new skills and expand their expertise.”

Li’s commitment to leading by example has also been highlighted throughout the project, as leading the automation work has reinforced her own commitment to the value of adaptability and resilience when faced with obstacles.

For Li, this approach to building both new technology and team culture sets her team apart.

“Our culture is characterized by practical learning derived from hands-on experiences and addressing real issues. We learn dynamically, adapting and growing through the application of skills in response to the challenges we face,” she said. “Our emphasis on practical learning, a data-driven mindset, systematic work approach and advanced technical skills empowers us to navigate challenges efficiently, innovate effectively and consistently deliver high-quality results in the fast-evolving tech landscape.”

We learn dynamically, adapting and growing through the application of skills in response to the challenges we face.”


Li’s message for tech talent interested in Biz2Credit was clear: proactive collaboration, continuous learning and a commitment to data-driven decision-making are the keys to success at the company. As she aptly put it, “We prioritize a culture that values continuous learning, where each team member is encouraged to contribute their unique expertise while actively learning from others.



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Biz2Credit.

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