Money, money, money: 6 NYC startups on the cutting edge of fintech

June 15, 2017

The city that never sleeps also never stops investing. As a hotbed of financial activity, New York is home to a slew of leading-edge fintech startups. Here are six we think you should know:


For all you investors out there, there’s Artivest. The company’s platform seeks to improve your experience by giving you more access to information about different funds, including strategy, risk and important fund documents. When you find funds you want to invest in, Artivest confirms your allocation and helps you complete all the necessary forms to make your investment.


Axoni just raised $20 million to keep financial data secure. They use blockchain technology to serve their clients, including financial institutions and capital markets service providers. Axoni’s distributed ledger solution also features workflow automation and promises data privacy.


For people working for hedge funds, asset managers and wealth managers, TradingScreen’s workflow tools bring technology to the trading experience. Their products include data visualizations, a compliance engine and ways to integrate with other portfolio systems.


Trepp works in the world of commercial mortgage-backed securities. Their tools help you conduct research, gather data and analyze mortgage information. With information comes power: customers can manage risk, streamline their efficiencies and price their trades appropriately.


Volant’s tech platforms take trading to the next level. Their systems handle everything from data processing to streaming quotes to global exchanges, no matter the hour. Volant’s team uses their trading expertise to inform their products. Through a combination of knowledge and skill, they  execute in microseconds.


Cloud-based Reval handles treasury and risk management for corporate entities and banks alike. They’ve designed their platform to be scalable and configurable, which means you get access to the features you need and won’t be burdened by the ones you don’t. Their clients include big names like CA Technologies, Cigna and even the Sydney Airport.


Photos via Facebook and CC0 licensed under Pixabay.

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