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eCommerce • Logistics • Retail • Software
70 Employees

Feather is an e-commerce startup that provides quality furniture as a flexible subscription, providing customers with freedom and flexibility. We are the only home goods brand that allows you to embrace change without spending a fortune, sacrificing quality, or polluting the planet.


FC Brands is home to brands that believe in creating a business of change – where great design can improve the lives of our customers and the state of the world. We create home solutions in the cleaning, hydration, coffee + tea, storage, composting and cooking categories.

eCommerce • Retail
New York, New York, USA
83 Employees

The Sill was founded on the premise that plants make people happy. There’s something in the simple act of being around, and caring for, plants that boosts our spirits and enhances our environments. It’s actually been established that every exposure to nature—from gardening to forest bathing to just sharing space with organic elements—mitigates the modern condition, that stressed-out state we find ourselves in all too often. So we offer new ways to infuse this restorative beauty into as many everyday rituals as possible, through biophilic design that increases your connection to the natural world. It will ground you, fortify you and light you up. Join us in cultivating a life well-lived.

eCommerce • Retail
18 Employees

We're the digital solutions division of Phillips Pet Food and Supplies, the country’s leading pet supply distributor. We're using technology to help Phillips transform the pet industry. We'd love to show you what we've been up to!

eCommerce • Retail
24 Employees

Lights.com is a direct to consumer brand offering high quality lighting and decor products at a great value. Founded in a Brooklyn apartment by a husband and wife team they nurtured unique concept and now design all of our products with our in-house team in Brooklyn, taking inspiration from around the world.


A leading plastic bottle manufacturer company, we are committed to supplying high-quality plastic bottles & caps at affordable price. Place your order of PET bottles in bulk today. Contact Us: 800-380-7429 or 507-483-2469 Fax: 507-483-2777


Storefront is a technology platform that makes retail accessible to anyone in the world. We make it possible for brands to sell their idea anywhere; for space owners to activate their space with a click and for consumers to buy local; globally.

Mirakl Thumbnail
eCommerce • Information Technology • Retail • Software • Consulting
New York, New York, USA
800 Employees


Bulletin’s platform helps retailers and partners source inventory from a highly curated portfolio of brands. Retailers can shop self-serve on our marketplace and get the inventory they know they need, or use our assortment-as-a-service program and get help finding products specific to their audience.

eCommerce • Fashion • Retail • Social Impact
22 Employees

Haute Hijab is the leading US hijab brand that operates at the intersection of fashion, technology, and retail. We’re are a global community that celebrates and empowers the hijab-wearing woman by designing innovative products fueled by an obsession with superior service and craftsmanship.


B&H is proud to have been named by Forbes as one of America's Best Mid-Size Employers in 2018. B&H is world renowned as the place to be for all your photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging needs.

eCommerce • Retail • Transportation
48 Employees

On Spec is a studio that develops and accelerates innovative consumer products and larger-than-life brands. In 2020 we launched RIDE SWFT, an electric rideable brand, and HAPPI, an innovative air purifier brand launching at multiple retailers around the country.  In 2021 we plan on launching 3 more brands in the hardware and electric mobility space.  On Spec is devoted to sustainability and making the world a better place.

Beauty • Fashion • Retail • Analytics
12 Employees

Trendalytics is a state-of-the-art analytics platform empowering brands and retailers to drive profitable decisions by aggregating and demystifying predictive data. We leverage billions of signals from Google search, social media, and ecomm market data to predict what to buy and when to buy. Understand at a glance where a trend is in its life cycle without the guesswork. Our platform provides tailored recommendations to help users understand the magnitude and context of trends most relevant to them.

eCommerce • Fashion • Retail • Software • Virtual Reality
New York, New York, USA
80 Employees

Obsess is an Experiential E-Commerce Platform, that enables brands and retailers globally to create 3D 360 VIRTUAL STORES on their websites. We are a managed SaaS platform and have created proprietary patent-pending technology to deliver beautiful and fast web Virtual Reality (VR) shoppable experiences. Our customers are large brands and retailers across fashion, beauty, and various other verticals. Some of our customers include Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Coach, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger, Charlotte Tilbury, NARS, Dermalogica, Sam’s Club, Party City, General Mills, and AT&T. We are a startup based in New York City, backed by Village Global, Jump Capital, The VR Fund, Techstars and more. Our founder and CEO is an MIT alum who was formerly an engineer and tech lead at Google for 5 years and then led product at Vogue.

Fully Remote
167 Employees

Our Brand Story: Astrid & Miyu was founded in 2012 by Connie Nam. Born in Seoul, Korea she spent much of her life travelling and living in different countries. Inspired by her mother, jewellery had been a part of her life from a very young age. Anytime she travelled she would always pick something up from local markets or small quirky jewellers. Her purchases were always spontaneous and serendipitous. However, when she wanted to purchase with intent for family, friends or herself she struggled to find a go-to brand. The experiences in existing brands were stale and impersonal, with products under glass counters and sales staff in black uniform. It all felt staid and uninspiring. Connie saw this as an opportunity to bring something different to the market. Inspired by her local jeweller back home in Seoul, she wanted to offer products that were full of sentiment and innovative in design, together with an experience that was personal and engaging, and most importantly to create a brand that is inclusive and empowering. A decade later and Astrid & Miyu is internationally celebrated as being more than just a jewellery brand. Our Mission: More than just a jewellery brand, we are a movement on a mission to revolutionise the jewellery experience.