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Real Estate • Sharing Economy
4 Employees

Stuf is a next-generation self-storage startup delivering modern, tech-enabled storage solutions to consumers. Stuf partners with real estate owners to monetize basements, garages and other spaces in commercial buildings, creating new cash flow opportunities while providing neighborhoods with new amenities. Whether running low on space at home or looking for business storage, Stuf is proud to be the home away from home for people's belongings. For more information and team opportunities, visit https://stufstorage.com.

Blockchain • Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy

Cryptster is a decentralized worldwide P2P exchange platform. Our trading tools provide access to the pool of cryptocurrency traders all over the world connecting them in a way where they trade directly with each other. To stand out in a global market of digital currency exchanges, we offer a safe and equitable trading environment at lower fees.

Sharing Economy

NeueHouse is a private community of leading entrepreneurs and creative teams. Our members are offered experiences, work spaces, personalized services and opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations. Located in New York, Los Angeles and soon London, NeueHouse is a global home for innovators in film, design, fashion, branding, architecture and the arts.

Sharing Economy

The Yard is New York City's premier luxury office space collective offering private offices, coworking, and innovative amenities for growing businesses. Our beautifully designed spaces include furnished offices, state of the art conference rooms, ultra-fast wifi, 24/7 access, breathtaking event spaces, members-only lounges, custom curated artwork, and much more. Start at the membership level that works best for you, then grow with us as your business expands.

Sharing Economy
50 Employees

Fat Llama is the platform that lets you rent out your belongings to others nearby. Everyday, we connect people who need things, with others in their neighborhood that have it to lend.

Information Technology • Real Estate • Sharing Economy • Social Impact
75 Employees

Venn provides housing, services, shared spaces, workshops and communal activities. Through the power of our platform, our members become active creators and participants in their community.

Big Data • Internet of Things • On-Demand • Retail • Sharing Economy
New York, New York, USA
30 Employees

TULU creates a new way of living that helps people reduce their cost of living in the city while creating more responsible consumption patterns that accommodates the trend of smaller living spaces. TULU’s Usage Economy platform, elevates products and brands to win immediate consumers' needs using IoT-based smart rental units that are customized to provide the most necessary and useful items, while leveraging data to analyze behavioral patterns, optimizing usage, refining inventory, and creating a personalized experience for our users. We are a global company that operates in 19 cities across the US and Europe, already working with the largest landlords in the world, in residential buildings, student housing, and offices, with 30,000+ households under management and a very exciting wait-list.

HR Tech • On-Demand • Sharing Economy
San Francisco, California, USA
60 Employees

Wonolo is changing the way companies find talent for their immediate work needs. Everyday, we are creating flexible opportunities for people to make extra income, learn new skills, and change their lives. At the same time, we are saving companies time and money by connecting them with talented people and redesigning the recruitment process for many

Sharing Economy • Transportation

If you're like us, you love New York City, NY, from Central Park to Williamsburg to West Village. No matter where you end up, count on Lyft for rides in minutes. The Lyft app matches you with friendly local drivers at the tap of a button. Just request and go. After the ride, simply pay through your phone.

On-Demand • Real Estate • Sharing Economy
20 Employees

Outpost Club is a network of coliving houses in New York. We believe that renting a room should be as easy as buying a cup of coffee. We built a process to make it super easy to move to New York, and we’ve designed interesting and convenient houses at affordable prices.

Consumer Web • Real Estate • Sharing Economy • Social Impact

Nesterly tackles the two big challenges of housing affordability and aging in place with one simple solution – intergenerational homesharing. Join us in building a more interconnected and affordable world together, one home at a time.

Mobile • Real Estate • Sharing Economy
New York, New York, USA
62 Employees

Roomi is a free mobile and web platform that is providing better and more affordable housing options for people who can’t afford to live alone. We are dedicated to building trust and transparency in the peer-to-peer marketplace and making it simple for members of our community to post rooms, connect through our in-app chat, and share a happy home.

Sharing Economy • Transportation
New York, New York, USA
1,100 Employees

Motivate is a best in class operations and logistics company operating some of largest bike share systems across the United States. We take a data-driven approach, ensuring that each of our systems delivers a high-quality experience, efficiently.

Events • Sharing Economy
15 Employees

Spacebase is a worldwide booking platform for unique workshop locations and meeting rooms. With Spacebase, finding and booking extraordinary locations for meetings and workshops is easy, quick and cheap. Thanks to our international team, we have established a network of more than 2,000 spaces in over 30 cities in 12 different countries.

Enterprise Web • Events • HR Tech • Mobile • Professional Services • Sharing Economy • Social Media
New York, New York, USA

Doing good and doing well does not have to be mutually exclusive. CariClub is an online platform strategically positioned at the intersection of corporate citizenship and professional networking. Employees from partner firms are able to leverage our proprietary matching algorithm to discover and join the associate boards of leading nonprofits.

Blockchain • Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy
Fully Remote
350 Employees

Paxful is a peer-to-peer fintech platform built to provide equal access to anyone, anywhere. Paxful enables financial inclusion by giving access to nearly 400 different payment methods to buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Information Technology • On-Demand • Sharing Economy • Software
50 Employees

Wooberly - a best in class Uber clone app that helps you achieve your dream. With our advanced technologies and end to end support, we give your taxi business a boost to growth in the booming marketplace.

Hardware • Internet of Things • Retail • Sharing Economy
3 Employees

RecRe provides universities with a turnkey solution that enables convenient, 24/7 access to anything that students love, want and need on campus. Our autonomous rental boxes are a cost-effective way for universities to start moving the needle towards a more sustainable future.

Marketing Tech • Sharing Economy • Social Media
11 Employees

Comedywire is a community of 10,000+ writers and standup comedians comprising the world's largest writers' room. Companies and brands post projects (e.g., ideas for new advertising campaigns, topical humor for social media, etc.) to Comedywire and receive submissions back in near real time while writers compete to earn money.

Fintech • Payments • Sharing Economy
Brooklyn, New York, USA
9 Employees

Archie is a fintech startup that simplifies all aspects of working with Freelancers for small businesses: onboarding, managing, contracts, payments, compliance, and taxes. Our platform allows for freelancers to get paid on their own terms for a small fee. Since inception we've paid thousands of freelancers, processed millions in payments, and raised $4.5M from world class investors to pursue this opportunity.