New York, NY
45 Total Employees
5 Local Employees
Year Founded: 2016

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Accounting, For Startups - Born out of a VC fund, we fully understand the strategic and financial needs of startups.

Graphite is a boutique finance, accounting & strategy firm built to help startup companies scale efficiently and sustainably. We support some of the best and brightest companies in the startup ecosystem: The Sill, Caraway, Settle, and Finmark to name a few. We were born in 2008 in NYC out of a VC fund, supporting ff Venture Capital’s portfolio of early-stage companies. In 2016, Graphite spun out and began working with the broader startup community. We are a team of entrepreneurs, investors, CPAs, CFOs, and analysts who are passionate about partnering with early-stage companies to help them succeed.

Graphite Offices

Hybrid Workspace

Employees engage in a combination of remote and on-site work.

Typical time on-site: None
New York, NY