Brooklyn, NY
5 Total Employees
5 Local Employees
Year Founded: 2021

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Testudo is the gateway to collecting unique contemporary art made by studio artists.

Testudo is the gateway to acquiring unique contemporary art made by emerging studio artists. Cultivating a new generation of budding collectors, Testudo offers highly original works from a marketplace grounded in inclusivity, security, and transparency. We partner directly with artists and help more people connect with art of our moment and build enduring collections over time. We harness the immediacy and agility of Testudo’s digital presence to help more people connect with contemporary art and build enduring art collections over time. By providing access to each artist’s intention and practice through documentary videos, original editorials, and transparent information, Testudo opens up the exclusive art market. As artists receive a higher profit from each sale through Testudo than from the traditional gallery model, more of each collector’s investment goes to the artists they support. Unlike the existing art market, Testudo also provides a secure avenue for reselling works purchased through its site while allocating a portion of that secondary sale to the artist—aligning the interests of collectors and makers.

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Testudo Offices

Hybrid Workspace

Employees engage in a combination of remote and on-site work.

Testudo has offices based in Industry City, Brooklyn. Our company requires two days a week of in-person work (Tuesdays and Thursdays), with M/W/F remote optional. Some travel may be required.

Typical time on-site: 2 days a week
Brooklyn, NY