Dreamit announces its fall cohort of health and education startups

by Taylor Majewski
September 12, 2016

Dreamit Ventures, a renowned digital health and education technology accelerator, announced today the latest cohort of startups in its fall 2016 cycle. The accelerator accepted 18 companies from around the world to participate in the 14-week program, which will begin in late September.

Each of these startups falls within the healthcare and education sectors and was chosen from a global applicant pool based on team strength, unique insights into the problems being solved and a capacity to operate successfully in industries that historically are slow-to-change and have long, complex sales cycles.

“Dreamit continues our shift towards more mature startups and pushing the boundaries of what traditional accelerators deliver,” said Dreamit CEO Avi Savar, in a statement. “The 18 companies we are announcing today will gain access to an unprecedented network of potential customers and investors further increasing their probability of success.”

Today, the company also announced it will open a startup education program to entrepreneurs outside of the cohort, including more than a dozen weekly panels with industry experts. The panels will be available to founders via interactive digital webinars.

Additionally, startups classified as too early-stage to be accepted into the cohort can now participate in Dreamit’s Fellowship program. Fellows will receive 14 weeks of office space, weekly meetings with Dreamit’s senior team members, access to the Dreamit network, alumni events, investor office hours and customer immersions.

“We're taking an open education approach with our content in an effort to give back to the entrepreneurial community and to build a connection with pre-seed companies that might be too early to join our program,” said Savar. “Entrepreneurs are integral to the health of the global economy so we want to support them even when our program parameters are not a perfect fit. Opening our doors to the greater community and inviting Fellows to participate is yet another step towards the democratization of acceleration.”

Since its start in 2008, Dreamit has helped launch over 200 companies, including SeatGeek and Meerkat. The accelerator typically invests between $25,000 and $500,000 in member companies for a five to eight percent equity stake, but there is also a zero equity option.

Here is the lineup of startups in Dreamit’s Fall 2016 cohort:

What they do: The company uses non-invasive sensors and software to enable precision cardiac care in over 400 hospitals, health systems and other providers across the U.S.


What they do: GraftWorx creates ‘smart’ wearables for dialysis and peripheral arterial disease patients that transfer clinically actionable data from the device directly into the clinician's EHR system.


What they do: Yosi eliminates patient intake from waiting rooms and provides an end to end patient onboarding solution, making the office paperless and coordinating care between different EMR platforms.


What they do: Voiceitt translates unintelligible voice sounds into clear speech in real time, enabling those with motor, speech or cognitive disabilities to communicate with caregivers, family members, health care professionals and society as a whole.


What they do: Dock Technologies provides a unique, point-of-care timing system for frontline clinicians comprised of single-use, timing stickers and wristbands that feed data into a cloud-based software to actively align teams around timely care.


What they do: PadInMotion provides customized tablets integrated with the patient care protocols of medical facilities to improve the key qualities of care metrics while patients are in and out of a medical facility.


What they do: The company creates mobile, rapid and easy-to-use cognitive health assessment and management technology to connect patients and their care teams in both the concussion and dementia markets.


What they do: PhotoniCare is changing the way middle ear disease is managed by enabling physicians to look through the eardrum without cutting it open, saving months of treatment time per patient.


What they do: Synotrac is a patent pending implantable medical device that is changing the way doctors look at infection after joint replacement surgery by actively monitoring the joint health via a smartphone app.


What they do: The company is developing innovative diagnostic tests for detection of certain allergies, infections and diseases.


What they do: Lilu created a pumping accessory that automatically massages and compresses the breasts of pumping moms to increase milk output by up to 50 percent, enabling mothers to pump more milk in less time.


What they do: Chalk.com gives administrators the tools to author and vertically integrate curriculum directly into teachers’ planners and daily workflow, allowing for meaningful insights via a direct feedback loop.


What they do: Learnmetrics is business intelligence for schools and districts. The company created a dashboard that turns learning data in a GPS into organizational goals, operations and outcomes.


What they do: MPOWER Financing provides non-FICO based financing for high potential international students attending top-tier universities to get to and through college.


What they do: PenPal Schools connects over 100,000 students in more than 170 countries to collaborate through high-quality online courses to discover cultures and learn about global challenges while practicing essential language and technology skills.


What they do: PikMyKid is a comprehensive school dismissal and parent communication system that simplifies dismissal process, reduces chaos and eases traffic in the school neighborhoods, enhancing student safety.


What they do: t3 interactive touts itself as the ‘Rosetta Stone for communication skills.’ The company created a training and practice SaaS tool that uses sensors to provide real-time feedback on nonverbal communication skills to the millions of people who rely upon their skills for work, school and personal lives.


What they do: Wrainbo is a learning and assessment platform that combines mobile gaming and big data to teach courses and practical job skills.


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