Outcome Health's Chief People Officer on how to build a company that transforms healthcare

April 25, 2017

Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia) has been a frontrunner in the Chicago tech scene for over a decade. The company launched back in 2006, when founders Rishi Shah and Shradha Agarwal were still undergraduates together at Northwestern University.

Today, the company is one of the largest digital health information companies in the world. Outcome Health provides digital and interactive health information experiences in doctors’ offices, providing patients with medical information immediately prior to, during or after their visits with physicians.

By delivering targeted, actionable health information to patients at point of care, Outcome Health’s mission is to help patients become informed before making important healthcare decisions. While the company quickly became a mainstay in Chicago, it expanded to New York City in 2014.

The company’s suite of mobile applications and digital displays impact over 25 million patient visits monthly. We spoke with Outcome Health’s Chief People Officer Madan Nagaldinne to discuss the company’s high-growth, mission-driven culture in New York, and how the company plans to grow over the next year.


Why did Outcome Health originally choose to expand into New York City?

In New York, there’s an intersection of our talent and our clients. Many pharmaceutical companies are here and New York City has an incredible talent pool. We’re finding many people that are top talent from tech companies, pharmaceutical companies, hardware and software companies.

What brought about the company’s recent rebrand from ContextMedia to Outcome Health?

We chose to rebrand to Outcome Health because we’re activating health outcomes. We call our employees activators, and it’s a part of our mission to activate the best outcomes possible for humanity. What we’re trying to do is transform healthcare by making sure that health information and point of care are truly helping our patients make the right decisions when it comes to their health and well-being. In the pharma world, outcome is also used in every other sentence, which is another reason the name made sense for us.

So far, how has your expansion to New York City helped the company grow?

There’s a significant interest from the top consulting companies for our strategy goals. There’s also significant interest from both pharmaceutical companies and technology companies. After we acquired AccentHealth, we became the largest network in the health intelligence space. Our technology is now in 55,000 offices across the U.S., which translates to us impacting almost 500 million patient visits on an annual basis.

What are some of the ways Outcome Health is changing the health tech industry by offering innovative solutions for doctors?

Think of it like a graph — on the x-axis we think of distribution. We have phenomenal teams that are adding both individual practices and hospital systems as clients every month. On the y-axis we think of health information. This is what our devices, wall boards and tablets provide. You can go into a doctor’s office and interact with the wallboard, where the doctor can pull up an interactive 3D model of the body and be able to explain to you what is exactly happening with your body.

How does Outcome Health plan to grow in New York over the next year?

We’re hiring across the board. We also want to make sure our patients and physicians are utilizing the new technologies we roll out, as well as versions of our hardware, software and content. We also have a mobile product, through which we offer compelling media content on mobile and we’re adding health intelligence to each of our devices.

Why should people want to work at Outcome Health?

It’s an incredible, mission-driven company. If you are one of those people who will get excited about building, creating and transforming an industry, this is a good place for you. We have former executives from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Adobe come work for us because our mission attracts top talent. We’re focused on doing the right thing for our patients and physicians by creating a strong, established network and creating a platform in healthcare.

When people experience our culture, collectivism and willingness to innovate in order to transform healthcare, it creates a sense of safety — and that goes back to our two founders. They created the company when they were 19, and when you have such a mission-driven company at the top of its industry, that automatically attracts top talent.


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