6 New York tech companies with popular paternity leave policies

May 15, 2017

When it comes to parental leave policies, it’s no secret that the United States drags it’s feet behind much of the developed world.

But tech companies are challenging that status quo. Startups and tech industry leaders around the country are giving new mothers more time off — and are becoming increasingly flexible with their policies for new fathers, too. 

Raising a newborn is a two-person job and the first couple months are a crucial time to adjust to a new, wonderful lifestyle. For that reason, we’ve seen paid paternity leave policies grow increasingly popular here in New York. Here are five NYC tech companies that are giving new dads a breather:


The company: One of the most recognizable names in the New York tech scene, Stack Overflow provides insight for software developers to learn and share their knowledge. 

The policy: Stack Overflow gives dads or secondary caregivers 10 weeks of leave at 100% pay. That goes for adoptions as well (for which we offer financial assistance). New parents are also entitled to a $500 take-out stipend so they don't have to worry about dinner when they are caring for a new baby.


The company: Flatiron Health’s mission is to serve cancer patients and their customers by dramatically improving treatment and accelerating research.

The policy: The company, appropriately located across from the Flatiron building, provides 12 weeks paid maternity and paternity leave. 


The company: Leveraging PaaS technology, Knewton creates personalized online content for individual students. The company has over 100 employees in their NYC office.

The policy: Knewton offers a full three months paid maternity leave for mothers as well as paid paternity leave. 


The company: 4C is a data science and media technology company that makes solutions for multiscreen convergence. In simpler terms, 4C simplifies media buying and planning for advertisers.

The policy: Headquartered in Chicago, the company has seven offices around the globe — and all of them offer six weeks of paid paternity leave.



The company: Hopscotch makes computer programming fun for kids, allowing them to play with digital experiences they make — from drawings to space games to mini websites.

The policy: Despite the company’s small size, Hopscotch offers all new parents on their staff six weeks paid time off. 


The company: Brooklyn-based Etsy is a major player in the e-commerce world, showcasing and selling handmade and vintage items. Their Dumbo offices house around 500 people. 

The policy: Etsy gives every employee 26 weeks of paid leave when they give birth or adopt a child, regardless of the employee's gender or country of residence.


Photos via companies, social media and Shutterstock.

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