The future of fashion is here, and it’s a lot like The Matrix

September 26, 2017

Picture this: AI that identifies the exact shirt your favorite blogger is wearing. A digital stylist that tells you which outfit is most flattering and appropriate for a specific event. An interactive screen that knows when a product catches your eye. This is some Matrix-level technology, and it’s all meant for the style-obsessed.


Pradux is the company that makes media shoppable. It lets you find and purchase the exact item you see your favorite TV character wearing, so you can basically share a wardrobe with Olivia Pope. Partnerships with big names like Getty images and Shazam help make the clothing discovery process even smoother. The technology also helps bloggers who want to make their blog more profitable. They can list products on their site and make a commision off each item that sells.


Brick and Portal is the app that’s finally answering the question “What should I wear?” by sharing looks with other fashion lovers. It’s a social platform with e-commerce capabilities — essentially, it’s like playing digital dress-up with the option to actually purchase the products you choose. You can build a look based on your budget and event, and browse products across multiple brands and stores.


Frenzy allows sites to monetize the products they feature. Using an algorithm with an exceptional accuracy rate, the technology identifies the exact item shown in a photo or video — and if it can’t find the exact product, it lists similar options. When someone purchases an item as a result of the technology, which is packaged as an API compatible with any platform, the host site gets a portion of the sale.


PERCH merges physical products with digital content, giving shoppers an interactive experience that takes them beyond the confines of the store. Hate sampling lipstick using testers that everyone else has touched? This technology could let you try it on digitally. Want to know more about a product without having to check the website on your own? PERCH can automatically provide you with that information the moment you touch a shoe on the display rack. The startup is changing the shopping experience for consumers as well as the marketing capabilities for brands.


Imagine having your own stylist who you can contact digitally whenever you need them. WiShi provides you with this service and takes it to a whole other level. You can connect with a stylist and have them create outfits for you using a mix of brand new clothes as well as items you already have in your own closet. You just upload pictures of what you own, and your stylist takes it from there.


Images via Shutterstock.

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