Square footage to spare: These are NYC’s biggest tech tenants

by Katie Fustich
February 27, 2019
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Space is at a premium in New York City — just ask that guy who once tried to rent his closet for $450 a month. Yet, when you’re one of the biggest tech companies in the world, having a significant presence in NYC is essential, and any old closet (no matter how big) isn’t going to cut it.

In recent years, tech giants have set up impressive office spaces throughout the city. Using data gathered by CoStar and The Real Deal, Built In NYC has rounded up six companies who can claim more square footage than your college buddy who lives in a brownstone on the Upper East Side.

Biggest Tech Offices in NYC

  • WeWork Technology: 5.3 million square feet
  • Google: 2.9 million square feet
  • Facebook: 1 million square feet
  • Spotify: 564,000 square feet
  • Amazon: 360,000 square feet
  • Salesforce: 300,000 square feet


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Location: The (aptly named) Salesforce Tower that looms large over Bryant Park in Midtown

Square feet: 300,000

Real estate notes: Prior to setting up shop in the office formerly known as the MetLife Building, Salesforce occupied three difference NYC spaces. In 2016, the company decided to consolidate its New York City team into its namesake tower.


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Location: 450 West 33rd, right near Macy’s

Square feet: 360,000

Real estate notes: While an NYC HQ2 may now just be a distant memory, the fact is that Amazon already has a robust presence in New York City. The Midtown building (which is also home to office space for Whole Foods, an Amazon subsidiary) primarily serves as office space for Amazon Advertising.


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Location: 4 World Trade Center (aka one of the tallest buildings in the entire city)

Square feet: 564,000

Real estate notes: Though Spotify was founded in Sweden (it’s okay, we forget too), their stateside headquarters found its home on floors 62 through 72 of 4 World Trade Center. One can only imagine that their views are as good as your playlists. Spotify’s occupancy, finalized in 2017, also brought the building, which was completed in 2013, to full occupancy.


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Location: 770 Broadway and 225 Park Avenue — about 15 minutes apart on the 6 Train

Square feet: 1.02 million

Real estate notes: In recent years, Facebook has increasingly turned to New York City’s talent pool to flesh out teams working on tools like Messenger and News. The company also has a large Instagram office located at 770 Broadway. Check out Built In NYC’s exclusive scoop on the office’s inner workings.


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Location: 10th Avenue, right across the street from Chelsea Market (which it purchased in 2018)

Square feet: 2.9 million

Real estate notes: Google set its roots in the trendy Meatpacking District in 2010, with the purchase of 111 Eighth Avenue. Once the largest building in Manhattan, the space still clocks in at No.4 in terms of square footage. Google has plans in the works for an NYC expansion in the coming years, including a possible hop across the street into its newly-leased Chelsea Market digs.


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Location: 58 locations throughout New York City, and headquarters on West 18th Street

Square feet: 5.3 million

Real estate notes: In the span of a few short years, WeWork has cemented itself as the rising star of the New York City real estate world. The chain of co-working and office spaces has skyrocketed past big names like Chase and Morgan Stanley to become the single largest tenant in all of the five boroughs. Respect.

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