25 New Jersey Startups and Tech Companies to Know

Written by Alyssa Schroer
February 7, 2020Updated: March 10, 2023

New York, especially Manhattan, is home to many tech companies and startups, but just across the Hudson in places like Jersey City and Hoboken are a variety of thriving startups and tech companies that call New Jersey home. Though not all are located within eyesight of Manhattan, these 25 startups and tech companies in NJ are leaving their mark on the NYC-area tech scene.

Top Tech Companies in NJ

  • Caesars Digital
  • SwagUp
  • Tipico
  • OwnBackup
  • Sulzer US
  • Audible
  • Fulcrum Digital
  • Flow Commerce
  • Nuts.com
  • Verisk
Merck Tech Companies New Jersey

Location: Kenilworth 

What they do: Taking a comprehensive approach to healthcare, Merck has become a pervasive force in the industry. Merck is at the forefront of research, working on new medicines and vaccines as well as working to prevent and treat diseases like Cancer, viruses, and other illnesses threatening both humans and animals. Additionally, the organization also offers programs and partnerships to provide patients with the resources they need to thrive. 


CoreWeave Tech Companies New Jersey

Location: Springfield 

What they do: To simplify cloud architecture, CoreWeave offers the human and technical resources needed for smoother operations. Data centers from New Jersey to Chicago deliver essential infrastructure to companies along the east coast. In addition, CoreWeave provides cloud-based rendering services, enabling businesses to speed up production and stay on top of deadlines. 


William Hill tech companies and startups NJ
Caesars digital

Location: Jersey City, NJ

What they do: Caesars Digital incorporates technological capabilities with a reputation for excellence to create one of the world’s leading Sportsbooks. Since arriving in the United States in 2012, the company has grown to welcome more than 20 million daily users on its website, offering the opportunity to bet on everything from auto and horse racing to football, baseball, boxing and more in 17 states, the Bahamas, the District of Columbia and the UK.


OwnBackup tech companies in NJ startups

Location: Englewood Cliffs

What they do: OwnBackup helps corporate clients utilize cloud-powered backup technologies to store and retrieve key SaaS and PaaS data, streamlining operations and increasing asset fluency across the entire enterprise. The company's tools help clients recover quickly from data losses and assists them in ensuring the security and longevity of company-wide knowledge.



Location: Piscataway

What they do: SwagUp brings simplicity and quality to the world of branded swag. We focus on creating high-quality swag packs for employee welcoming, client gifting, event attendees, and more.  We pair this with our warehousing and fulfillment services to ensure your swag gets where you want it, when you want, without you having to break a sweat.


Tipico tech companies in NJ startups

Location: Hoboken

What they do: Tipico is a tech company focused on sports betting, providing its customers with a mobile app that allows them to place bets on their favorite teams and connect with other fans. Tipico features quick deposit capabilities for betting on teams from leading global leagues like the NFL and NBA, as well as making it possible to place multi-sport parlays, futures and other types of bets.


flow commerce startups tech companies new jersey
Flow Commerce

Location: Hoboken

What they do: Flow creates e-commerce management solutions to help businesses expand their offerings and products globally. The company offers solutions like localized browsing and pricing, direct international shipping and AI-powered tax and duty costs. Flow claims clients have seen a 73% increase in international conversions, 40% increase in cost savings and a 79% increase in international transactions.  


audible tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Newark

What they do: Audible is a digital destination for spoken-word entertainment like audiobooks and original podcasts. A subsidiary of Amazon, the company boasts thousands of listening options and multiple ways to access material. Whether it's through a mobile phone, Apple Watch or an Alexa-enabled device, the company accommodates listening preferences. Audible is headquartered in Newark with offices around the world.


sulzer tech companies new jersey

Location: Montvale

What they do: Sulzer is an IT and digital services firm specializing in software development life cycle phases across web, mobile and cloud specifically within the automotive industry. Sulzer helps their clients design, build, test and deploy solutions like fleet portals, virtual showrooms, digital claims management and more.


cc productions tech companies startups new jersey
CC Productions

Location: East Windsor

What they do: CC Productions provides point-of-sale (POS) technology and other business solutions to customers in the hospitality industry. The company offers a variety of products, including POS platforms, table and labor management, and mobile ordering solutions. CC Productions works with everyone from fine dining restaurants and nightclubs to stadiums and hotels.


crossknowledge tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Hoboken

What they do: CrossKnowledge provides digital learning services to companies looking for on-boarding, learning and development programs. CrossKnowledge’s solutions are easy to use and customizable for each company’s needs. Learning experiences are even offered through a mobile platform so employees can access trainings anywhere.


ellkay tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Elmwood Park

What they do: ELLKAY is a healthcare IT company that provides data solutions to healthcare organizations. ELLKAY helps organizations within the healthcare system utilize data for problem solving, while also offering data connectivity, conversions, integration, exchanges, archiving, connectivity and more.


epion health tech companies startups new jersey
Epion Health

Location: Hoboken

What they do: Epion Health provides cloud-based patient engagement solutions for the first point of care. Epion eliminates paper forms and makes patient intake more efficient and organized. The platform includes digital check in, patient insurance solutions and digital pre-appointment screening questions.


fulcrum digital tech companies startups new jersey
Fulcrum Digital

Location: Jersey City

What they do: Fulcrum provides digital transformation and machine learning services through enterprise software products. The company works with a variety of industries, providing tailored solutions to companies in all different stages of digital transformation.


hrs tech companies startups new jersey
Health Recovery Solutions

Location: Hoboken

What they do: Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) offers a remote care platform for outpatient monitoring. The HRS platform provides easy communication between doctor and patient, and helps patients have more control of their own care, monitoring medication and other medical needs. HRS provides services to more than 40,000 patients around the country and increases patient engagement, cuts costs for medical centers and reduces the amount of hospital readmissions.


ishi systems tech companies startups new jersey
Ishi Systems

Location: Jersey City

What they do: Ishi Systems is a software and product engineering firm providing managed end-to-end software solutions. The company offers services that enhance business operations like high performance systems, performance engineering, real-time stream processing and big data solutions Working around the world, Ishi has offices in Switzerland and India in addition to their New Jersey headquarters.


jet.com tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Hoboken

What they do: Jet.com is an e-commerce destination creating shopping experiences tailored to each user. The retail company provides products ranging from fashion and beauty to home goods and grocery. Jet introduces customers to new brands and deals on brands they already shop.


noteworth tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Hoboken

What they do: Noteworth is a software company helps innovate operations within healthcare systems. Noteworth’s platform enhances coordination of care and experiences for patients. Their tools enhance the management of diabetes, heart failure, chronic care, high-risk pregnancy and remote patient management.


nuts.com tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Jersey City

What they do: Nuts.com is a family business that has been evolving for 90 years, embracing new technology as the times change. Starting as a single shop and expanding online in 1999, the business offers thousands of products ranging from single orders to wholesale. The company still sources nuts from growers and offers additional products like dried fruits, chocolates, coffees and essentials for cooking and baking.


overpass tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Newark

What they do: Overpass is a virtual all-in-one call center, helping businesses with processes like finding candidates to become representatives, hiring, setting up campaigns, monitoring calls and paying representatives. The end-to-end platform enhances customer engagement and streamlines the arduous process of finding qualified representatives.


sial technology partners tech companies startups new jersey
Sial Technology Partners

Location: Princeton

What they do: Sial Technology Partners provides digital transformation services for companies of all sizes. The firm helps clients navigate and solve business problems in areas like mobile applications, project management, team building, software solutions and agile development.


suuchi tech companies startups new jersey

Location: North Bergen

What they do: Suuchi is a technology and supply chain company providing design and manufacturing solutions for apparel companies. Some of the problems Suuchi solves include speed to market, small batch production needs, supply chain transparency and environmental impacts. Working with startup brands at the very first stages of operation, or established brands at the enterprise level, Suuchi is a partner in getting products to market efficiently.


tenna tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Edison

What they do: Tenna is an asset management platform for landscaping, construction, oil and other industrial businesses. Tenna lets companies utilize integrated GPS to track location, service history, usage and maintenance for a variety of assets ranging from power tools to entire vehicle fleets.


verisk tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Jersey City

What they do: Verisk is a data and analytics company providing services to the insurance, financial and energy industries, as well as other specialized markets. Verisk collects and analyzes billions of records to provide analytics services like underwriting, claims, catastrophe, economic forecasting, global risk and many more, driving better and more efficient decision making.


vydia tech companies startups new jersey

Location: Freehold

What they do: Vydia creates management software for professionals in the music industry. The platform provides the digital infrastructure needed for video and audio distribution, payments, content protection, rights management and more. Vydia works with artists like Drake Bell, Kevin McHale and Pauly D, and empowers other artists to be their own managers.

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