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Q4 is no time for slowing down. See how these four companies are contributing to NYC's thriving tech scene.
Written by Tyler Holmes
September 30, 2021Updated: September 30, 2021

As New York locals trickle back into the city from the crowded beach towns of summer to gawk at changing leaves and ease back into everyday routines, much of NYC’s tech scene happens to be doing the opposite. With the final quarter of the year rapidly approaching, now is the time to start tying up goals to finish the year out strong and plan for opportune horizons ahead.

That’s why Built In dug a little deeper into four companies standing out this month to showcase who they are, what’s got people talking and all the ways they’re keeping internal teams supported despite busy schedules.

Take a look at healthtech company Nomad Health, for instance. After raising $63 million in new equity this September, the company is still managing to adapt their benefits packages to better suit their team’s changing needs.

Meanwhile, employees at companies like Rent The Runway and Prescriptive Data can’t stop buzzing about the co-workers and company culture that make every day feel more like a passion project than a job.

Like what you see? All four organizations are hiring.


Nomad Health
nomad health

What they do: Nomad Health is a digital marketplace for healthcare jobs, efficiently connecting quality clinicians with career opportunities. The company replaces antiquated staffing agencies with modern technology to efficiently source, qualify and hire medical talent on demand.

In the news: In September, the healthtech company announced that it had raised $63 million in new equity and debt financing led by Adams Street Partners. The latest investment values the company at $260 million. With the latest financing, Nomad Health has raised over $100 million since its inception in 2015.

Notable benefits: Have employee wellness at the top of your priorities list? Benefits at Nomad include comprehensive health, dental, and vision plans, generous parental leave, gym discounts, relocation assistance, benefits for commuters and a whole lot more.


Rent The Runway
rent the runway

What they do: Fashionistas can use Rent The Runway to rent a host of clothing and accessories from a bevy of well-known brands. In addition to one-off rentals, memberships are also available.

Employee buzz: Rent The Runway’s company culture in one word? “Entrepreneurial,” Rebecca Blum, vice president of talent acquisition, previously told Built In. “RTR is 12 years old — but a startup at heart — and that is something we are proud of. There is no blueprint for how to revolutionize an industry. We are constantly on the cusp of the new and the next, seeking to disrupt and reshape the way women get dressed and in order to be successful, we need to be iterative and creative. We encourage all of our employees to have a founder mindset — to approach the business with a sense of ownership and to feel the freedom to dream big and go after it.”

In the news: The fashion company recently commissioned a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to understand their environmental impacts. The result? “Renting has net environmental savings across water (24 percent), energy (6 percent) and C0² emissions (3 percent) when compared to buying new clothes,” the company stated in a press release.


EPAM Systems
epam systems

What they do: EPAM Systems works across industries to design custom software solutions that address its clients’ most prominent challenges. With a global presence, this firm offers design, product and engineering expertise across fields like retail, healthcare and financial services.

Employee insight: Delivering for clients is central to the organization’s aim, VP and Co-Head of North American Business Regina Viadro previously said. “We’re a highly results-oriented organization. Impact is paramount.”

Tech toolbox: If the data size is relatively small and can be handled by a single computer, EPAM will use Python data processing and pipelining libraries, such as Pandas, Senior Data Scientist Vahid Saberi previously told Built In. “Spark supports several programming languages, including Python, Java and Scala, and it has high-level classes very similar to Pandas DataFrame as well as SQL interface that makes data pipeline implementation convenient for our data engineers, scientists and developers. It makes our pipelines efficient by keeping the intermediate transformations as RDD or DataFrames and evaluating the results only when it is required.”


Prescriptive Data
prescriptive data

What they do: Prescriptive Data is an AI smart buildings company whose operating system, Nanum OS, reduces energy use, utility costs and carbon emissions.

Employee buzz: “I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a team with a stronger work ethic,” VP of Engineering Ricardo Cid previously told Built In. “It is almost as if everybody understands that their future depends on it. Creating a technology that helps reduce the carbon emissions is a very powerful reason to wake up in the morning and give meaning to your day.”

Noteworthy perks: Looking to return to the office? Prescriptive Data’s HQ is a stone’s throw from Times Square. The company also offers a remote work program, unlimited PTO, full health and wellness benefits, promotions from within and performance bonuses to keep hardworking employees supported every step of the way.


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