2 Game-Changing NYC Healthtech Companies Hiring This Year

Leaders say new hires can expect inclusive cultures and meaningful projects.

Written by Olivia Arnold
Published on Jan. 31, 2023
2 Game-Changing NYC Healthtech Companies Hiring This Year
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From virtual visits with doctors to mobile apps that monitor wellness, the benefits of health technology are all around us — and becoming more common every day. 

While convenient and generally cost-saving, healthtech efforts are also being regarded by many as the “great equalizer” for improving care accessibility among dispersed and traditionally underserved communities.

In New York, two tech companies are revolutionizing the health industry: TrialSpark, which is streamlining pharmaceutical development, and Inato, a platform that’s connecting researchers worldwide with top pharmaceutical clinical trials. Both are on a mission to provide quality care and research to diverse populations. In pursuit of these ambitious goals, they are hiring this year for roles in operations, project management, marketing and more. 

Built In New York connected with leaders at these two companies to learn more about their workplace cultures, growth opportunities and game-changing projects.


The TrialSpark team.
Chelsea Colby
Senior Manager of Operations, Site Identification • Formation Bio

TrialSpark runs a platform that optimizes pharmaceutical development, allowing for more efficient trial design, completion and data collection. 


Think back to your early days on the job. What stood out to you most about TrialSpark’s culture? 

I was immediately impressed by TrialSpark’s commitment to its mission, which took the form of an especially supportive and iterative environment. 

To better understand my new department’s function and responsibilities, I embarked on a detailed process map that highlighted potential areas for improvement. When I met with cross-functional stakeholders to solicit feedback, my colleagues not only focused on the areas that would help us bring treatments to patients faster, but also started suggesting areas where we could work together to do so and creating concrete solutions.

I was immediately impressed by TrialSpark’s commitment to its mission, which took the form of an especially supportive and iterative environment.”


What’s the coolest project you've worked on recently, and what skills did it help you develop? 

Over the past few months, I was able to supplement my day-to-day work in site identification and partner with one of my engineering teammates to develop an onboarding presentation that highlighted the importance of patient diversity within clinical trials. 

I hadn’t designed and compiled a slide deck and talking points in a while. I was excited to refresh my skills in compressing a vast amount of critical information into a few bullet points that still convey the importance of the topic.

It's pretty cool that TrialSpark recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for all populations to overcome barriers to participation in clinical research, and that I get to share with new employees how we’re doing that. 



The Inato team.
Laurel Uballez
Marketing Lead, Sites • Inato

Inato is building a global clinical trial platform to connect more community-based physician researchers and their local patient populations with the right trials for them.


Think back to your early days on the job. What stood out to you most about Inato’s culture? 

The very first thing that I noticed upon joining Inato was how engaged my new colleagues were. Everyone really cared; they were eager to share and to hear, eager for feedback and growth. 

From the hiring process and onboarding to experiencing my first companywide all-hands meeting and participating in my first quarterly on-site gathering, everything was just different compared to my experience at other companies. 

When I was onboarded, every call ended with genuine invitations to share feedback. When we were invited to preview the upcoming all-hands presentation, I was blown away by the attention my new peers gave in reviewing it and the detailed questions they asked. I was especially impressed by just how transparently every last question was addressed. 

I’ll say it again: people here are engaged at a different level, and it quickly made sense why. Our leaders embody our values — bold, caring, pragmatic, resilient — every day, as they champion us for trying new things, provide candid and helpful feedback, request feedback on themselves regularly, seek insights and ideas across the company, iterate from lessons learned and celebrate achievements and growth.

Inato’s culture of bold moves and taking initiative allowed me to launch and execute strategies with new levels of autonomy and speed.”


How long have you been with the company, and what professional growth or development have you seen in that time?

I’ve been with Inato for about six months and have spent that time kick-starting our focus on creating more awareness with clinical research sites. As I’ve laid the foundation for marketing to clinical researchers, I’ve had the opportunity to own both strategy and execution of all facets of marketing. 

Inato’s culture, which encourages bold moves and taking initiative, allowed me to launch and execute these strategies with new levels of autonomy and speed. It also offered a lot of room to explore and experiment as I learned more about my new audience and market. 

Additionally, this autonomy has allowed me to gain experience in budget planning for rightsizing marketing efforts for an early-stage startup as well as building short-term and long-term hiring plans for my team’s growth as we mature.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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