How One Realization Changed This Local Leader’s Approach to Data

For Code3’s executive vice president of data and analytics, uncovering the root of impact has reshaped the way he perceives business success.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jan. 27, 2022
How One Realization Changed This Local Leader’s Approach to Data
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Every leader encounters a moment in their career that changes the way they think about business. For Randy Malluk, executive vice president of data and analytics at digital marketing agency Code3, it was the moment he realized that growth and differentiation are key to driving impact. 

“This has changed my perspective in the sense that we are hyper-focused on delivering real-world analytics with major brands,” Malluk said. “We strive to solve real problems and seize new opportunities each day in an effort to impact performance.”

According to Malluk, this realization has had a tangible impact on the organization. In fact, it has propelled growth and innovation across the company, compelling team members to step up and spark change themselves. 

“It has empowered everyone on the team to take a leadership approach and be proactive, rather than reactive, in their roles,” Malluk said. 

Built In NYC caught up with Malluk to uncover how this newfound understanding of impact has reshaped his perspective on business and influenced the organization.


Randy Malluk
Executive Vice President of Data and Analytics • Code3


What’s a lesson you’ve learned that has changed your perspective on the way you run the business?

In order to make an impact, we realized we need to drive growth and differentiation. This discovery has prompted the company to seek opportunities with both existing and new clients committed to the best measurement options available. Additionally, this is where we can make a really significant impact on improving their analytics.

In order to make an impact, we realized we need to drive growth and differentiation.”


What changes have you enacted as a result?

I’ve instituted a center-of-excellence approach to data, analytics and measurement for our entire team. This means we are firing on all cylinders of value delivery, or what is often referred to as the nine Ps of analytics: people, process, pre-engagement, planning, platforms, production, pronouncement, prediction and performance. We’ve invested heavily in these areas and will continue to do so to ensure we remain a top-tier data analytics practice.



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