Meet Built In NYC’s 6 Featured Companies of the Month

Learn about the unique perks and missions energizing team members at Air Company, Enigma and four other NYC tech companies.

Written by Lucas Dean
Published on Feb. 14, 2024
Meet Built In NYC’s 6 Featured Companies of the Month
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New York City’s tech scene is a beacon of innovation and diversity, setting a global standard for what a vibrant technological ecosystem can achieve. 

It’s not just the city’s status as a financial and cultural capital that makes it unique; the seamless blend of technology with industries like finance, media, healthcare and fashion fosters an unparalleled environment for tech growth. 

This fusion drives technological advancements and ensures that the tech developed is as progressive as the city itself.

This blend of diversity of ideas and collaborative spirit positions NYC as a distinguished leader in the tech world, attracting talented professionals eager to make their mark in an ever-evolving landscape.

In the heart of NYC’s tech scene, six companies stand out for their unique contributions and approaches: Air Company, Enigma, Dailymotion, MarketAxess, Multiverse, and Pinwheel

Each company exemplifies not only the city’s tech prowess but also its commitment to diversity, sustainability and innovation.


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What Air Company does: Air Company provides innovative carbon technology solutions, transforming CO2 into sustainable fuels and alcohols to combat climate change and invest in a more sustainable future.


The Perks

  • Free daily meals
  • Volunteer in local communities
  • Hiring practices that promote diversity 


Fresh ideas: Air Company’s commitment to leveraging diverse insights for sustainable solutions is key to its continued success. Head of People Stacey Adamson emphasized the value of fresh perspectives in driving innovation: “We encourage new hires to bring a fresh set of eyes, lean on their diverse experiences and actively contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to projects and discussions,” noted Adamson in an interview with Built In NYC



What Enigma does: Enigma is on a mission to help the small business economy by engineering the most reliable data source on business identity and financial health, enabling companies of all sizes to access essential financial services for growth and success.


The Perks

  • Adoption assistance and generous parental leave
  • 401(k) with matching
  • Home-office stipend for remote employees 


Scalable success: Chief Technology Officer Ryan Green shared insights into the company’s approach to scalability, emphasizing the importance of system capability and team focus. “In less-established companies that are experiencing rapid scaling, the pressure to cut corners can be pervasive. Our job as technical leaders is to resist this pressure,” Green noted in a 2023 interview with Built In NYC.



What Dailymotion does: Dailymotion is a global video streaming service that connects over 350 million users to a diverse world of news and entertainment through a smart player, intuitive algorithm and expert-curated content.


The Perks

  • 100 percent commuter benefit coverage 
  • Generous paid time off, floating holidays and summer Fridays
  • Flexible remote work schedules


Collaborative strength: While discussing Dailymotion’s approach to hybrid work, HR Director Sarah Hong emphasized the importance of in-person interactions for building stronger relationships and fostering collaboration. “Some of the most creative and impactful ideas emerge when you get the opportunity to interact in person with folks from other teams who you typically wouldn’t interact with,” said Hong in a Built In NYC interview.



What MarketAxess does: MarketAxess is transforming the fixed-income trading world by transitioning it from traditional phone-based methods to a fully electronic marketplace, enhancing accessibility, transparency and efficiency for over 2,000 global clients.


The Perks

  • Up to 20 weeks of paid maternity leave and eight weeks of paid paternity leave
  • Employee-led culture committees
  • Employee stock purchase plan


Shared mission: Team members are motivated by the innovation and leadership MarketAxess has demonstrated in the fixed-income and fintech markets, as well as the continuous learning and adaptation to new products and trading initiatives that keep them engaged and inspired. “The speed and diversification of my roles made it feel like I worked for a new company many times throughout my tenure,” said Senior Sales Relationship Manager Jeannine Liverani in a 2023 interview with Built In NYC.



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What Multiverse does: Multiverse enhances career and learning pathways through professional apprenticeships, focusing on tech, software engineering and data skills to foster a diverse group of future leaders.


The Perks

  • Company equity and performance bonus
  • Dedicated diversity and inclusion staff
  • Mentorship program


Hiring evolution: Multiverse has recently introduced a new hiring framework called the 3Cs. The framework focuses on three key areas — capability, coachability and character — to identify candidates who possess essential skills and competencies, align with the company’s culture and values, and contribute positively to the work environment. The 3Cs framework emphasizes the importance of hiring individuals who are eager to learn, demonstrate resilience and integrity, and fit well within the company’s culture.



What Pinwheel does: Pinwheel aims to create a more equitable financial system by providing the leading payroll connectivity API, enabling major financial institutions to manage direct deposits securely and access income and employment data.


The Perks

  • Flexible schedule and remote work program
  • Customized development tracks
  • Unlimited vacation policy


Focused on users: At Pinwheel, Software Engineer Elena Churilova and her team focus on refining user experiences through experimentation to foster meaningful interactions, underscoring her dedication to leveraging technology for positive change and user-centric solutions. “My team works closely with experiments, refining user experiences to create meaningful interactions. This trajectory reflects my commitment to driving positive change through technology and user-centric solutions,” said Churilova in a 2023 interview with Built In NYC. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock and listed companies.

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