32 E-Commerce Companies in NYC Rethinking the Way We Shop

The world of e-commerce is always changing. These are the companies making it happen in NYC.

Written by Anthony Sodd
Published on Jun. 17, 2024
32 E-Commerce Companies in NYC Rethinking the Way We Shop
E-commerce companies NYC

The world of e-commerce is always changing. Not too long ago, Jeff Bezos was selling books out of a garage and Beanie Babies were hot items on eBay. Things have changed since then, and now a number of companies are doing interesting things in the marketplace.

Here are the e-commerce companies and startups in NYC completely rethinking the way we shop. 

E-Commerce Startups in NYC

  • Yotpo
  • Teachable
  • The Farmer’s Dog
  • Harry’s
  • Zola
  • Rent the Runway
  • Glossier
  • Back Market
  • Mulberry


Squarespace offers a digital publishing platform where users can design and create websites, conduct transactions with customers, send invoices and build content. Squarespace e-commerce sites come with templates so that even a casual small business user can build their site to their own specifications, shipping options for product-based businesses and AI-generated web copy that can be used for sites, product descriptions and email marketing. 


Riskified is a software company that makes a fraud-prevention platform for e-commerce. Using AI to analyze huge data sets of past transactions, it can predict and identify fraudulent customer activities like disingenuous chargebacks and policy abuse. The software is built by risk management specialists to examine each consumer’s activities and make informed assessments about how much financial liability those activities may present to a business. 


Mirakl offers various tools for e-commerce growth and optimization. Its products include Mirakl Platform, a platform for turning an existing B2B or B2C company into a marketplace; Mirakl Payout, which facilitates secure payments to sellers; and Mirakl Target2Sell, which uses AI to generate personalized product recommendations. Clients can use its suite of tools across e-commerce to grow and increase reliance on automations. 


Whatnot runs an e-commerce platform for livestream shopping, which functions like a live digital marketplace. Buyers and sellers can synchronously connect online to transact and trade goods that range from luxury accessories and fashion to collectibles like athletic memorabilia and trading cards. In addition to serving as a sales platform, Whatnot is also a social network for buyers and collectors who form communities around the objects they seek.


Crafty is an e-commerce platform for commercial food, beverage and supply orders. The company, which has been in business since 2015, provides a single dashboard from which employers can order meals, snacks, beverages and associated supplies for their teams and offices. With features like managed spends, catering, snack boxes that can be delivered to remote WFH employees and office kitchen stocking, the company handles all contexts in which teams need to be fed. 


Commercetools makes an e-commerce platform where client businesses can design and use digital storefronts and customize digital sales and marketing assets. The cloud-native platform can be accessed from anywhere, which allows remote teams to work collaboratively and to maintain brand processes while adjusting and pivoting as needed. The NYC-based company is in a growth stage and is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms globally.


Adding a human touch to the digital landscape, Yieldify makes it easy for companies to provide personalized online experiences. With in-depth target audience analyses, businesses can tailor automated emails, update site content, and craft product listings around the interests of consumers. Yieldify’s customer-first approach results in the most relevant content becoming the most visible, enabling companies to turn visitors into loyal buyers.  


Pets should have access to attentive care when they need it most, so Kinship is revolutionizing the pet care industry with a tech-first approach. A suite of apps offers information on pet genetics, products, and nutrition guidance. With a more complete profile of their pets, owners can provide tailored treatment and get their furry friends the resources they need through Kinship platforms.  


While extended warranties are often an add-on for product purchases, Mulberry is making them a top priority. Customers can rest easy with free or affordable plans they can access in a convenient online format. With the Mulberry platform, people can file claims, track claim statuses, and access support. Mulberry handles this workload, so businesses can focus on other operations. 


To reduce the amount of technology consumers throw away every year, Back Market has created an online marketplace where devices can enjoy a second life. Customers can select some of their favorite products from refurbishers who have endured a rigorous screening process. Selecting high-quality tech products and protecting the environment go hand in hand with the Back Market platform. 


Casper calls itself “a pioneer of the sleep economy,” earning fame for its eponymous mattress, which can be delivered by box to people’s doorsteps. Since its founding, the company has grown its collection of mattresses and now offers other sleep products such as bedding, bed frames, pillows, night lights and even dog beds.


SeatGeek is a ticket search engine where users can find events of all kinds in one place. The company’s Deal Score system sifts through thousands of tickets looking for the best value and then ranks them according to score. Whether you’re looking for a specific venue, team or artist, you can bet SeatGeek will have it.


Wix aims to make it simple for any person to create a customized website. Wix runs a website building platform that over 180 million people use to build websites for personal and business purposes. Its site builder offers users the opportunity to add features like blog posting, e-commerce functionality, scheduling and more to their sites through a monthly subscription.


Yotpo is a single-platform e-commerce site that helps brands enhance their consumer growth and retain new customers. From visual and text-based marketing to loyalty program development, the agency delivers an array of data-driven e-commerce solutions to clients like Steven Madden, GoPro, Esurance, Everlast and Brooklinen.


Teachable makes it simple for teachers to create and sell their own online courses. The company allows for teachers to create customized websites where they can house all of their original online courses. Teachable has 23 Million students taking courses and has paid over $550 million to creators.


The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service dedicated to crafting personalized meals for dogs. Dog owners can fill out a questionnaire on their pooch and receive a weekly shipment of veterinarian-approved food featuring fresh meat and vegetables.


Harry’s is a grooming brand for men, offering quality razors and skincare products at a low price. Offering razor kit trials for the price of shipping, users can try it out before they sign up for a shave plan. Because Harry’s owns their own razor factory, they’re able to keep prices low and quality high.


TodayTix is a free ticket buying platform operating in the top theater markets. The service helps users discover shows nearby and secure discounted or last minute tickets to the most popular productions. Since its founding in NYC, TodayTix has expanded to provide access to the best seats for theatergoers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London’s West End, Seattle, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Boston, Washington D.C. and Chicago.


Runway models don’t actually own the clothes they're modeling and there’s no reason you should either. Rent the Runway lets normal people rent clothes from top designers so that you can wear the right outfit to the right event at the right price. They even have a subscription service that works like Netflix’s DVD rental system — you get to pick three items and keep them until you want to replace them for new items. 


Postmates is an on-demand delivery service that provides users with access to goods from the top restaurants and storefronts in their city, delivered directly to their door. Available on iPhone, Android and desktop, Postmates enables users to attain anything from home goods to take-out in record time. 



Zola is a wedding registry app for modern couples. Instead of registering at one store — or multiple — you can register on Zola and your friends and family can shop in one place. You can also register for curated experiences (read vacations) or cold, hard cash. It’s never been so easy to ask your loved ones for a bicycle, a fruit bowl and a trip to Maui all at the same time.


Fiverr is a global, online marketplace featuring creative and digital freelancers in over 150 categories. Businesses looking for a little extra help in anything from SEO to voice over work can explore the profiles of thousands of freelancers to pick the right person for the job. Based in Israel, but with an office in Soho, Fiverr helps connect top companies with skilled freelancers.


Handshake is a B2B commerce platform that allows sales reps to swap out paper catalogs and order forms for mobile devices, simplifying and mobilizing wholesale buying and selling. 


Skubana is a back-end e-commerce solution that unifies operations, automates monotonous processes and even uses predictive analytics to reveal business trends. E-commerce companies are able to streamline processes ranging from inventory management to overhead cost reduction with Skubana’s holistic platform.    


What they do: LiveAuctioneers is a global auction marketplace that features items ranging from Elvis Presley’s guitar to women’s vintage clothing. Available in 47 countries, the company broadcasts live auctions and connects people with items they normally would never have access to.


Poppin is an online store focusing on office furniture, supplies and design services. Businesses looking to update their offices rely on Poppin’s designers to stock the office with everything from new desks to lounge area seating. The NFL, Harry’s and Kate Spade have all used Poppin to refresh their office spaces.


Raise is the world’s largest online gift card marketplace. The company enhances the shopping process by offering discounted rates on gift cards from many of the popular retailers. Raise makes sure gift card buying is easy and convenient by offering options that range from restaurants to home and garden.  



Boxed offers bulk-sized deals on everything from groceries to beauty products, which get delivered straight to your doorstep. Think Costco for twentysomethings. 


Shoptiques is bringing the world of local boutique shopping online. In the old days, if you wanted to have access to the hottest boutiques in LA, New York or Paris, you actually had to hop on a plane. These days, the people at Shoptiques handpick boutiques from around the world and make the shop’s pieces available to users online. 


Glossier is a beauty and style company that creates products for women and girls by using their input and recommendations. The company started with its beloved beauty and style blog “Into The Gloss,” where its writers tried just about every beauty product they could get their hands on.


Joor is where major retailers and brands do their shopping — in bulk. If you’re looking to buy 3,000 of the same dress and 400 leather jackets at wholesale prices, Joor is where you go. They’re the largest B2B fashion commerce business in the world, where brands and retailers can connect and interact online. 


They deliver stuff, obviously. But what makes Delivery.com special is that they’ll go pick up and deliver just about anything you want. In a lot of ways, it’s kind of like having a personal shopping assistant that lives in your pants — ok, on your phone, don't be gross. With the click of a button, you can have your groceries, a bottle of wine, your laundry and some Chinese food delivered to your door.

Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story. This article was originally published in 2016.

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