Who's the nerd now? 5 job openings at NYC tech companies with titles that impress

Written by Anthony Sodd
Published on Mar. 29, 2016
Who's the nerd now? 5 job openings at NYC tech companies with titles that impress

Loving what you do for a living is important, and no title will ever make up for it if you hate the job. That said, there's certainly no reason you can't have it all. Here are five cool tech companies you want to work for that are hiring for positions with titles that will impress everyone from your grandma to the people swiping left on your Tinder profile. 


Art Director at SoundCloud

Why it’s impressive: The title 'Art Director at SoundCloud' tells people that you’re artsy, which is sexy. But more importantly, it also says that someone values your skills enough to pay you — and, that's impressive.

What you’ll do: You’ll be making creative material that the company can use across their marketing channels. 

Who they want: They’re looking for someone with at least 8 years developing brand-focused creative experience, as well as experience managing a team. 

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3D Printing Engineer at Shapeways

Why it’s impressive: Ya, I know, the title has the word 'engineer' in it. But, introducing yourself as working in the 3D printing industry is almost guaranteed to get you cool points at a party.  

What you’ll do: You’ll be maintaining, repairing and cleaning Shapeways’ large-scale 3D printers. 

Who they want: Someone with at least one year of experience working in a manufacturing environment that wants to help build the future of 3D printing. 

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Machine Learning Engineer at Meetup

Why it’s impressive: Introducing yourself as a Machine Learning Engineer is kind of the modern equivalent of introducing yourself as a rocket scientist. If that alone fails to impress, just mention that you may be secretly working on a project to bring the Terminator to life. 

What you’ll do: You’ll be working with Meetup to use data and algorithms to help people meet up. 

Who they want: Someone with a background in either machine learning, data mining or information retrieval. 

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Editor-in-Chief at MongoDB

Why it’s impressive: As a writer, I might be a bit biased on this one, but who wouldn’t want to introduce themselves as an Editor-In-Chief? Besides, all those people who told you that you'd never make a living writing will be forced to eat their words. 

What you’ll do: You’ll be in charge of MongoDB’s Engineering Blog. The blog is aimed at an audience of software engineers,  you’ll be responsible for the publication’s overall tone, quality and content. 

Who they want: Someone with experience writing or editing a popular blog who knows how to grow a digital audience. 

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Vice President of Sales, Fashion Tech at Ringly

Why it’s impressive: Having VP in your title says that you're successful and good at what you do. What's more, being in the fashion tech industry is pretty impressive in its own right. 

What you’ll do: You’ll be building out a small sales team, growing the company’s network of distributors and opening new accounts. 

Who they want: Someone with at least 10 years of experience doing branded consumer product sales in a management role. 

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