Meet Goose, Moose and the rest of NYC tech's cutest office dogs

Only one employee in the office can get away with asking for belly scratches — and that’s the office dog.

Written by Liz Warren
Published on Feb. 05, 2018
Meet Goose, Moose and the rest of NYC tech's cutest office dogs

Only one employee in the office can get away with asking for belly scratches — and that’s the office dog. On a (mostly) daily basis, these pups are responsible for spreading cheer, keeping the floors void of crumbs and making Monday blues a little brighter. Meet the dogs of NYC tech who work hard to keep their colleagues smiling.

Image via Updater

Name: Rory

Breed: 1/2 labrador retriever, 1/4 boxer, 1/4 Australian cattle dog

Job title: Chief crumb officer/ OG pupdater

Favorite thing to do at work: Follow her dad around/stress out about where her dad is, and of course, eat all of the crumbs on the floor.

Most memorable in-office moment: Her tail had been accidentally slammed in a door, and the vet put her in a cone and on doggy Prozac. Her owner brought her into the office so he could keep an eye on her. Unfortunately, the doggy Prozac gave Rory some really bad gas, so they were relegated to work on a couch well away from everyone else!

True or false: She’s a good girl. True. Rory is a very good girl. She's sweet, well-behaved, loves to play catch and always makes sure our floors are nice and clean after lunch in case we have any visitors.


Image via Justworks

Name: Goose (like from Top Gun)

Breed: German shorthaired pointer/Australian cattle dog mix

Job title: Chief barketing officer

Favorite thing to do at work: He mostly roams around looking for other dogs to play with. He also visits his human friends for kisses and treats — specifically the treats.

Most memorable in-office moment: Goose mimics an ambulance siren every time one is wailing within a one-block radius. Other people seem to find this extremely entertaining.

True or false: He’s a good boy. True! He’s without a doubt the best pet I’ve have ever had. He’s sweet, loyal and just wants to be a people pleaser.


Image via Custora

Name: Moose

Breed: Australian shepherd/pit bull mix. Sometimes we just say she's a unicorn.

Job title: Meeting timekeeper

Favorite thing to do at work: Eat string cheese

Most memorable in-office moment: Until she gets to know her coworkers really well, she gives them a really hard time if they try to take her for a walk. She fully puts on the brakes, and won't walk without her owner around. People stare at you as you literally drag her down the street.

True or false: She’s a good girl. Absolutely true. While Moose is pretty bad at "no jump" at home, she knows the office is a more formal environment. She's (almost) always on her best behavior, keeps to herself and mostly naps on her bed or in the conference rooms unless you ask her to play. Unlike some canine visitors, Moose also has a refined palate — she never eats out of the trashcan or jumps to steal food.


Image via Call9

Name: Haley Faherty

Breed: Golden doodle

Job title: Director of social wellness and morale

Favorite thing to do at work: Haley enjoys playing with other furry guests, receiving belly rubs, finding loose pieces of paper to eat and bringing smiles to the faces of everyone she meets. Haley is an aspiring therapy dog for residents within the nursing home facilities we serve.

Most memorable in-office moment: Haley is a big fan of Call9's toilet water — we have explained to her that this is embarrassing, but she doesn't seem to care. We’re moving to a larger office in March, and it will not have sliding doors on the bathrooms to solve for Haley's affliction.

True or false: She’s a good girl. True. She is the best girl! She is a playful, loving puppy that brightens up our office every day. A “case of the Mondays” has a different meaning at Call9, because it means the team gets to see Haley after the weekend!


Nomad Financial-dog
Image via nomad financial

Name: Roosevelt

Breed: Scottish Terrier

Job title: CCO (Chief canine officer). He’s also the mayor of Alley (the building we work out of). Everyone at our coworking space knows him, and he was the first dog here!

Favorite thing to do at work: He loves to steal toys from the other dogs, run back to our office with them and place them on team members' laps to get them to play tug of war.

Most memorable in-office moment: He was once busted for going into an office and stealing a sandwich off a desk (he has strong standing coordination). We later found out he had stolen sandwiches from them more than once!

True or false: He’s a good boy. To say he's a good boy is an understatement — minus the sandwiches. He rides the subway in his bag and never jumps out and flies coast to coast without barking at all. He's incredibly chill to the point that it really surprises people, especially when they realize there's a dog next to them during their commute.


Image via LittleBits

Name: Simon

Breed: Chihuahua/Brussels griffon mix

Job title: Director of nut butter. He specializes in nut butter acquisitions.

Favorite thing to do at work: Sleep and eat peanut butter, almond butter, etc., and really anything else he can find/bribe someone into giving him.

Most memorable in-office moment: He once tried to fight Oreo, a fellow office dog.

True or false: He’s a good boy. Mostly true. When he’s not being an ol’ snapper, he’s a good boy.


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