by Brian Nordli
March 21, 2019

It didn’t take long for Dailymotion’s Marine Notté to make an impact at the global video streaming and adtech platform. 

In less than two years, she’s earned a promotion to become the senior manager of partnerships development and was key to launching Dailymotion's Women Initiative to inspire and empower female employees. Her growth is part of Dailymotion’s commitment to providing employees with a platform to speak out and make an impact at a local and global level.

We spoke with Marine and two other team members about how they’re shaping the company’s future.   


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EMPLOYEES: 330 (85 local)

WHAT THEY DO: Dailymotion is a global video streaming and adtech service built on algorithms to deliver sports, music, entertainment and news videos.

WHERE THEY DO IT: Headquartered in Paris, with offices in New York, London and Singapore, among other cities. 

FINDING THEIR VOICE: Dailymotion launched its Women Initiative in 2018 to create short and long-term opportunities for individual expression, debate, growth, learning and career advancement.

PHONE A FRIEND: Employees can earn up to $15,000 as a referral bonus if they refer up to five people who are hired by the company.

TAKING THE LEAP: After more than a decade as a video streaming platform, Dailymotion took a leap it never had before. Learn more about how the tech team reinvented the platform. 


marine notte and team

marine notte


Marine Notté, Senior Manager, Partnerships Development

Marine prospects and nurtures relationships with new partners for Dailymotion’s video platform. Her goal is to not only help the partners grow but to also expand the company’s reach in North America.

GLOBETROTTER: Name a few countries, and Marine has probably lived there. With residences at one point or another in France, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Switzerland and the U.S., Marine says those experiences have given her insights into how each market works and taught her to keep an open mind.   


You’ve been able to quickly grow your career at Dailymotion. What opportunities are there to take on additional responsibilities? 

The company is growing rapidly, and the nature of our work is cross-functional. If you show talent and drive, there’s room for growth. In less than two years, my role has expanded from partnership management to a senior business development role. My first opportunity came three months after joining the company when I was offered the challenge of overseeing the Canadian market. Today, I lead negotiations with high-profile targets and contribute to shaping our overall content strategy in North America.


We understand you started the Dailymotion Women Initiative in New York. What inspired you to lead that initiative?

At Dailymotion, we’re lucky to work with inspiring women in key leadership roles, like our chief people officer, CFO and senior vice president. We felt that the time had come to spark that conversation at the New York office and support human resources’ effort to fight discrimination. The support we’ve received from HR and leadership empowered us to get this project off the ground and roll it out to other Dailymotion offices.

We aim to create short and long-term opportunities for individual expression, debate, growth, learning and career advancement for women. We organize a range of events, from panels open to the public to internal meetups and workshops to raise awareness, discuss issues and take action. We’re still in the early stages, and we’re excited about developing it further. We want Dailymotion to be known as a pioneer and advocate for female empowerment in the industry.


The company is growing rapidly, and the nature of our work is cross-functional. If you show talent and drive, there’s room for growth.”


How have you noticed the Women Initiative shaping and impacting Dailymotion’s culture?  

It’s created a safe space and a platform for all employees to express themselves around their experiences, frustrations and aspirations. We hosted our first event — Stories of Leadership: A New Paradigm for Women? — in November, which was an open fireside chat with female leaders from tech and media companies like A+E Networks and Rent The Runway. The panelists shared their experiences and advice on how to succeed and overcome gender barriers in the workplace. 

The event encouraged us to forge ahead with this initiative. I was happy to see the audience engage with the speakers, ask tough questions and bring up their personal experiences. It’s served as a starting point for honest, open discussions within the company, and we’ve been leveraging that momentum ever since.


dailymotion team

Sebastian Pierre


Sebastien Pierre, VP of People

In a quickly evolving workforce, building a culture is not a paint-by-numbers experience. Sebastien partners with Dailymotion’s ambassadors, HR teams and culture teams in the U.S. to think outside the box and bring life to the company’s U.S. culture initiatives. 

BEYOND WORK: When Sebastien isn’t working on Dailymotion's culture canvas, he enjoys painting at home. The practice allows him to tap into his own sense of creativity and broaden his perspective.


People have a wide definition of what "company culture" entails. What is your philosophy for building a company culture?

There’s a general misconception that HR owns culture. HR doesn’t own culture — everyone does and everyone has a stake. Sure, the HR team leads a culture club that helps facilitate initiatives around the company and brings people together, but there’s no formula or special ingredient. Every employee, from the receptionist to the CEO, is empowered to shape the culture in their own way simply by bringing themselves to work every day. 



Broadly speaking, how do you ensure that culture delivers on Dailymotion’s goals? 

Business partnerships need to exist beyond vice presidents and executives in order for us to push the business forward. There are emerging leaders, key contributors, institutional knowledge-bearers and hidden talents throughout the entire company who are in the trenches making things happen. It behooves any HR partner to leverage those relationships.


Every employee, from the receptionist to the CEO, is empowered to shape the culture in their own way simply by bringing themselves to work every day.”


As an international company, what are Dailymotion's goals to continue to foster and grow that diversity within the New York office? 

Diversity is different for every company. What we need to do is acknowledge where and how we are doing it well and have an honest conversation about where we can improve. It’s not something that you can just shove down people’s throats anymore. That’s why it’s important that any diversity efforts happen organically and are a natural part of how we work together and accept one another’s differences and opinions. 

It’s also critical that our leaders are champions of diversity within their teams and the company as a whole. They typically have larger platforms to express concerns in decision-making spaces and push their ideas forward. My goal is to set the stage for having inclusive, honest conversations about our challenges and opportunities and encourage others to join. 


dailymotion poses as a team

Claudia Page, SVP, Partner Product


Claudia Page, SVP, Partner Product

Claudia oversees Dailymotion’s partner-facing products, product owners, marketers and engineers responsible for Dailymotion’s relaunch and new end-to-end partner experience. 

THOUGHT LEADER: Claudia has become a leading voice in the New York City tech scene, earning recognition as a thought leader in publications like iMedia, MediaPost, Social Media Week and more. In 2016, she was named to DM News’ 40 Under 40 list.


You worked in startups and growth-stage companies prior to Dailymotion. How do your experiences compare?

I’ve worked at a lot of startups and growth-stage companies where there isn’t a defined blueprint for achieving the mission. Dailymotion’s team is not afraid to challenge the status quo and move mountains together. We’re ahead of the game in making the shift to premium content and cleaning up our audience, compared to other platforms.

I love operating in an environment where part of my job is to determine and execute on a new strategic plan that I’ve helped set. Dailymotion is no exception to this rule, but unlike previous early-stage startups, we have the stability of Vivendi behind us, so we’re able to experiment where other platforms cannot. 



There are, without a doubt, a number of video platforms out there. How is Dailymotion's platform more beneficial to users and partners? 

We have a fully-integrated end-to-end video solution that provides partners with a reliable, workable alternative to Facebook and Google, enabling partners to own and monetize their audiences. 

Brands benefit because we’re integrated with all major demand-side platforms like MediaMath, AppNexus and Oath, and have developed new, innovative ad formats. Content owners benefit because we give them an all-in-one B2B solution covering the full value chain to host, stream and distribute through our platform and player and monetize their content.


We’re ahead of the game in making the shift to premium content and cleaning up our audience, compared to other platforms.”


Dailymotion is going through a growth spurt. With that in mind, when you bring a new hire in to interview, how do know you’ve found the right culture fit? 

The company’s mission is more important than ever to the new generation of employees. People want to make an impact, and they want to know that they’re working toward something greater. A key focus in leading a team at Dailymotion is to evangelize our mission throughout the company. We’re focused on building the home for videos that matter, and we ensure that everything we do comes back to this core tenet. I know that we’ve found a cultural fit when someone is as excited about the mission as we are.


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