7 on-demand Mother's Day gifts you can get without putting down your smartphone

by Anthony Sodd
May 4, 2016

You love your mom, sure, but you’re also busy. We get it. We’re busy too. So, we came up with some gifts that’ll show mom you love her, but don’t actually require you to put down your phone after reading this. Here are seven on-demand tech companies that’ll deliver love to your mom this Mother's Day.


Try the world is a subscription service that will deliver your mom a box of food from somewhere exotic every month, curated by a local chef. Last month’s box was from Sweden, and included things like crushed berry saft, Swedish dumplings and salmon and dill toasts. We're not really sure what the berry saft is all about, but I've been assured it's delicious. Prices vary, but if you want a box to show up every month for a year, it’ll run you $29 a box. 


If you’re mom is as awesome as mine, which is a far-fetched scenario, she'll appreciate a bottle of something special. Minibar will deliver booze, beer or wine to most major American cities. Prices are actually pretty reasonable, and vary depending on where your mom lives. If, for example, she lives in Manhattan, a bottle of Dom Pérignon will run you $224. Meanwhile, if she lives in Denver, it'll only cost you $169. Regardless, nothing says love like a bottle of booze. 


Flowers are an old standby, and for good reason— most moms love them. UrbanStems is trying to break the chokehold 1-800-flowers.com has on the flower delivery industry. Right now they only deliver to moms in New York City and Washington D.C., but if your mom lives in one of those places you can get her some impressive arrangements delivered for surprisingly low prices. For some reason, they deliver to anywhere in Brooklyn and Queens, but only to Manhattan below 125th and not to the Bronx or Staten Island.


Did your mom always tell you she really just wanted a gift that you handmade? Who has the time for that? Hop on Etsy and find her something someone else has handmade. For example, if you’d like to get mom a handmade fishing lure that says ‘Hugs & Fishes ♡ Your Boys’, they’ve got you covered. If your mom isn’t really that big into hooking trout, Etsy has a curated list of gift ideas that you can find here


Your mom was, at one time, kind of like your personal butler. Even if she wasn’t a 'drive you to soccer' sort of person, at one point she fed you and wiped your butt. Hello Alfred won’t go that far, but they will pair your mom with a vetted professional who’ll swing by her house and handle most of her pain-in-the-butt chores. They’ll do her grocery shopping, laundry, home cleaning and a whole bunch of other stuff. At the moment the service is only available for moms in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 


Sure, your mom loves cooking for you (maybe), but wouldn’t it be nice if you made it a bit easier for her? Blue Apron will deliver your mom a box with everything in it she needs to make an amazing meal — and without most of the hassle. What’s more, Blue Apron has a wine pairing option if you really want to spoil her. Maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll share. 


I don’t care who your mom is, everyone enjoys a good massage. Zeel lets you have a masseuse delivered to your mom’s doorstep, on-demand. If you’re really into massages, they even have a membership program where they'll send you a professional-grade massage table and deliver a masseuse to you once a month. Prices depend on where your mom lives, but when I put the info in for Built In NYC’s Soho offices it came to $159.25 an hour including tax and tip. They don’t have masseuses everywhere yet, but it is available in a lot of major American cities. 


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