Ex-Google executive raises $12M to launch business intelligence platform for sales teams

by Taylor Majewski
November 1, 2016
Business intelligence tool Emissary has a simple mission: to help sales teams close big business deals. The company, which launched today, does this by providing enterprise sales teams with exclusive insights from former corporate executives, called emissaries.

In lieu of Google searches, social networks and sales automation software, sales organizations can use Emissary to connect directly with experienced business leaders who worked for the companies they’re prospecting, who are then able to provide valuable intel on their previous employers, including company culture or how the company makes buying decisions.

The platform was created by former Google Product Manager David Hammer who worked for Google for six years creating products like adtech tool DoubleClick Bid Manager.

“At Google I came to realize that we all have valuable, tacit knowledge that was not available online,” said Hammer, the founder and CEO of Emissary, in a statement. “With Emissary, we’re using technology to gain access to relationship-driven knowledge from trusted sources that can often make the difference between whether or not you close a deal.”

To ensure these sources are trustworthy, the company thoroughly vets all its ‘Emissaries’ for experience and knowledge. Today, there are thousands of Emissaries on the platform from big brands like Coca Cola, Nordstrom, Estee Lauder, JPMorgan Chase, FedEx, Costco and Uber, to name a few.

Emissary announced this week that it closed a $10 million Series A led by Canaan Partners and G20 Ventures, following a $2 million round from The New York Times, Google Ventures and Nextview Ventures.

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