NYC’s 5 Featured Companies for April

Check out these five local companies in fintech, healthtech and more.
Written by Avery Komlofske
April 26, 2022Updated: April 26, 2022

New York City has been a center of American business for as long as America has had business, and that’s become increasingly true in the tech industry, too. According to CB Insights, startups in the greater New York City area raised over $55 billion in 2021, more than double their total in 2020 — and second only to the San Francisco. Job seekers have a golden opportunity to join unique, expanding businesses in an industry that keeps on growing.

This month, Built In NYC is highlighting five local companies in the fields of fintech, healthtech, productivity and public safety. Betterment, Carbyne, Prefect, Tyto Care and Orum are all looking to grow and develop their teams, and have plenty to offer in their own right. Continue on to learn more about their products, recent updates and open roles.

The best part? All of these companies are hiring.


Betterment team members working in the office



What they do: Betterment is an independent online financial advisor. Through their app, they provide both an easy-to-use investment tool and personalized financial advice — whether the user is investing $10 or $10,000.

On our radar: In the last two months, Built In has highlighted Betterment in two articles: 69 Fintech Companies in NYC That Are Shaking Up Finance and 59 SaaS Companies in NYC You Need to Know. These articles highlight some of the specific strategies and technologies that set Betterment apart from other investment companies.

Investing in knowledge: Betterment’s website hosts a blog with an organized catalog of useful articles on money, financial advice and information on them and their product. Recent articles include “The Keys To Understanding Investment Performance” and “How To Keep Your Financial Data Safe.”



Carbyne team members standing in front of a blue wall with the company logo on it



What they do: Carbyne is a cloud-based call management platform for public safety call centers. Its advanced call management funnels calls into a single UI to improve access to decision-making data in key moments.

Partner Located: In March, Carbyne announced a partnership with Geocomm, a public safety location intelligence platform. This partnership allows first responders access to important location information for emergency calls through Carbyne’s UI to help save more lives.

Customer Success: When dealing with emergency responses, customer success is critical — thankfully, Carbyne said they keep it top-of-mind.

“Whenever we sign a new account up, I go out of my way to stay in the know about what’s going on in their region,” Brett Wrenn, head of customer success in North America, told Built In last July. “When I know more about the big emergency calls they’ve handled from the news, I can reach out to see if they used features that could have helped them.”



Blue rubber duck with the Prefect logo on it sitting on a balcony railing



What they do: Prefect is a Python-based data automation platform that can work directly from an engineer’s code base. It features real-time notifications and integrates with many of the tools used in the modern tech stack, allowing for users to fold it seamlessly into their routine.

Feedback flows: In a conversation with Built In in October, Engineering Manager Jenny Grange discussed the importance of soliciting feedback from her team.

“My team is always more open to hearing my observations after I’ve asked for feedback from them and shown that I appreciate their input,” said Grange. “More importantly, as they are the people I work closest with, I really benefit from the feedback they give.”

Remote design critique: Doing design critique through remote means provides specific challenges that in-person feedback does not. Bill Palombi, head of product at Prefect, told Built In his secret to managing those challenges: A climate of trust.

“When we share feedback, we do so in the context of trust that the feedback is motivated by a common goal of building the best possible product,” said Palombi.



Mother with a sick child taking to a doctor via a video chat on a mobile phone



What they do: With their app and hand-held exam kit, Tyto connects individuals and families to professional clinicians to help them conduct home health exams. The company has partnered with over 120 health systems, payers and employers to help facilitate convenient care.

A Spectrum of care: In March of last year, Tyto partnered with Spectrum Health to expand the latter’s teleheath offerings. This partnership allows Spectrum patients to use Tyto’s AI-driven platform through their patient client so Spectrum doctors can guide the use of Tyto’s test kit.

International good: Tyto’s reach is not limited to the United States. In February 2022, they partnered with Brazilian health tech company Alice to distribute their kits and software, and they recently distributed 50 test kits to villages in eastern Ukraine to make sure children have access to remote care.



Close up of a man holding a credit card making a purchase on a mobile phone



What they do: Orum is a frictionless money movement platform with a singular API, allowing for seamless, streamlined integration with company platforms. Orum functions all day, every day — holidays included — to make sure that transactions are fast, secure and efficient.

Backed by titans: Orum’s platform is supported by some of the biggest names in fintech, including American Express Ventures, Box Group, Primary Venture Partners and more. Their most recent round of Series B funding was led by Accel and Canapi Ventures.

Winning gold: As 2021 closed out, Orum received several accolades from tech publications. Monthly business magazine Fast Company cited Orum as one of fintech’s eight “next big things,” and the company also made the Fintech 250 from CBInsights.



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