18 NYC Consulting Firms Discovering New Solutions

Written by Anthony Corbo
August 29, 2023Updated: August 29, 2023

No business reaches the top of its industry completely on its own. Whether a company is struggling to keep up in IT, public relations, HR, financial services or other areas, professional service providers relieve pressure and provide the solutions necessary for businesses to thrive.

Consulting Firms in NYC to Know

  • Stride Consulting
  • First & First Consulting
  • Deloitte
  • Postlight
  • Work & Co
  • MDC Partners
  • Mediaociean
  • Business Talent Group

These 18 consulting firms in NYC go above and beyond what's standard, reinventing industry practices and analyzing exactly what modern businesses need to grow well into the future.

Work & Co Creative Agencies NYC
Work & Co

What they do: Offering digital products and services to help brands grow, Work & Co collaborates intensively with clients to streamline the creative process, producing prototype work in as little as 20 days. Boasting a 90% repeat business rate, Work & Co. places continuous testing and improvement, rapid development and specific measures of success at the core of its business model.

Clients include: Apple, Virgin America, Chase, IKEA, Google, Marriott, Nike and Facebook.


Postlight Creative Agencies NYC

What they do: This small-but-mighty studio features a team of creative technologists working together to provide its clients with new advances in platform architecture, product design, product strategy and software engineering. With a principle to “ship code on time, not compromise on quality and bring passion to work,” Postlight keeps businesses modern as technology grows.

Clients include: VICE Media, Bloomberg Media, The Players’ Tribune, Barnes & Noble and Goldman Sachs.

EPAM Systems Creative Agencies NYC
EPAM Systems

What they do: EPAM Systems works across industries to design custom software solutions that address its clients most prominent challenges. Specializing in global product development and digital platform engineering, EPAM Systems collaborates with clients at every step along the way, including design, engineering and operations, ensuring solutions help push entire businesses forward.

Clients include: Salesforce, Procter & Gamble, Jamba Juice, Epic Games and Turner.



Metric Theory Creative Agencies NYC
Metric Theory

What they do: Metric Theory has just one measurement you need to know — 68% average first-year growth for its clients. The agency offers a full suite of display advertising and digital marketing services, including search engine marketing, CRM data integration, social advertising, display services, mobile app advertising and more.

ThoughtWorks Creative Agencies NYC

What they do: ThoughtWorks is a software consultancy built on the purpose of helping its clients efficiently utilize technology and grow their business well into the future. Thinking disruptively to help clients address even their toughest challenges, ThoughtWorks empowers companies through intelligence-driven decision making and open-source products for continuously improving processes.

Who they work with: Sonic, Delta, Myer, Silent Herdsman, Porsche, Manheim and Mysense.ai.


Stride Consulting Consulting Firms NYC

Founded: 2014

Industry: Information Technology and Software

What they do: Stride Consulting embeds seasoned full-stack developers with tech teams in a variety of industries. Coding alongside teams, Stride's consultants provide the mentorship needed for teams to bring out the highest functioning versions of themselves. Using agile team augmentation, agile consulting and software development consulting, Stride brings fresh digital strategy, data engineering and software delivery practices to tech teams.

Who they work with: NBC Universal, Sony, Codecademy and Casper.


Adaptive Financial Consulting Consulting Firms NYC

Founded: 2012

Industry: Information Technology and Software

What they do: As experts in proactive management of cloud infrastructure, Adaptive’s job is to prevent issues before they have an impact. Adaptive offers its clients real-time trading platforms that are high performance, resilient, scalable and flexible, designing and operating business-led solutions that utilize cutting-edge technology. The company’s Hydra platform is the simple solution for growing businesses, offering fully-functioning trading infrastructure right out of the box.

Benefits they offer: Pet-friendly office, generous PTO, travel opportunities, fitness subsidies and commuter benefits.


Precision Global Consulting, Inc Consulting Firms NYC
Precision global consulting, inc 

Founded: 2000

Industry: HR Tech

What they do: When Precision Global Consulting realized that HR tech was failing to understand the business, it invested in developing a platform that would work — “technology for NOW, not 10 years ago.” The result is a complete workforce management platform in the HR and tech space, making payroll, insurance, benefits, contracts and day-to-day HR issues a thing of the past.

Benefits they offer: Generous PTO, continuing education stipend, fitness subsidies, commuter benefits and a monthly health stipend.


First & First Consulting Consulting Firms NYC
First & First Consulting

Founded: 2017

Industry: Management and Technical Consulting Services

What they do: Neither exclusively strategy nor analytics, First & First Consulting is home to a staff well-trained in the art of crafting consumer-centric strategy. Using best-in-class tools and leveraging innovative research methods to make more informed business decisions, First & First delivers actionable insights customized to address unique questions. 

Benefits they offer: Documented equal pay policy, generous PTO, tuition reimbursement and a remote work program.


Deloitte Consulting Firms NYC

Founded: 1845

Industry: Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

What they do: Deloitte is the world’s largest consulting firm, helping businesses put the ability to take decisive action and achieve sustainable results at the core of how they operate. Through a network of dedicated professionals in independent firms around the world, Deloitte’s workforce collaborates to provide audits, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax and related services to a select group of players in the automotive, retail, transportation, energy, financial and tech industries. 

Benefits they offer: Competitive PTO package, performance bonuses, fitness subsidies, volunteer time off, dependent care and adoption assistance. 


Genpact Consulting Firms NYC

Founded: 1997

Industry: Information Technology and Software

What they do: As one of the world’s leading business process management and IT service providers, Genpact uses end-to-end process expertise to transform businesses. With a huge workforce skilled in financing, accounting, procurement, risk and compliance, Genpact aims to connect every dot, reimagine every process and reinvent companies’ entire ways of working.

Services they offer: Onboarding, commercial lending, wealth management, property and casual claims, management, analytics, customer user experience and automation.


Mercer LLC Consulting Firms NYC
Mercer LLC

Founded: 1975

Industry: Human Resource Consulting Services

What they do: Knowing your employees’ needs is the first step in crafting the optimal workforce. The second is giving those needs the attention they deserve. Mercer is a full-service human resources consulting service, providing compensation, employee benefits, communications and investment assistance to help businesses stay competitive. Going beyond even standard HR offerings, Mercer has succeeded at transforming entire HR departments, finding equilibrium in post-merger transitions and setting new practices that impact entire industries.

Benefits they offer: Generous PTO, tuition assistance, volunteer time off, employee option plan, performance bonuses, volunteer time off and charitable gift matching.


MDC Partners Consulting Firms NYC
MDC Partners

Founded: 1980

Industry: Advertising and Public Relations

What They Do: MDC Partners is one of the fastest growing and most influential marketing and communication networks in the world. MDC Partners’ agencies represent over 1,700 clients, leveraging technology, data analytics, insights and strategic consulting solutions with a specialized and highly collaborative approach on both a regional and global scale.

Who they work with: 72andSunny, Anomaly, 6Degrees, HL Group and Yes and Company.


Cognizant Technology Solutions Consulting Firms NYC
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Founded: 1994

Industry: Management and Technical Consulting Services

What they do: When it comes to providing cutting-edge IT, consulting and outsourcing services that modernize businesses in a diverse range of industries, Cognizent Technology Solutions stands at the top of the pack. Cognizent reimagines processes, reinventing infrastructure and ways of working by moving applications to the cloud, rapidly building new apps and deepening security measures — creating a human-centric digital experience.

Benefits they offer: Competitive 401(k) matching, unlimited sick time, employee option plan and performance bonuses.


Mediaocean Consulting Firms NYC

Founded: 2006

Industry: IT Services and Advertising

What they do: Mediaocean created the media operating system that powers the ad world, giving brands, agencies and sellers the foundational software and strategy they need to manage their businesses. Putting the most crucial components of advertising operations at the forefront, users of Mediaocean’s software can access ad spend and activity tools, planning tools, reports, standardized workflows and flowcharts, budgeting tools and end-to-end campaign management solutions.

Benefits they offer: Flexible PTO, tuition assistance, fitness subsidies, volunteer time off and thorough maternity and paternity time.


Business Talent Group Consulting Firms NYC
Business Talent Group

Founded: 2005

Industry: Information Technology

What they do: Your one-stop-shop for problem solvers on demand — Business Talent Group is a marketplace of high-end management consultants, subject matter experts, boutiques and executives. From reducing consulting spend to placing interim C-suite executives, Business Talent Group’s consultants have been trained by Big 3 and top boutique firms, offering corporate and business development, marketing and sales operations, strategy, financial advising and much more.

Who they work with: Verizon, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Facebook, Kraft, US Foods and Aflac.


The Blackstone Group Consulting Firms NYC
The Blackstone Group

Founded: 1985

Industry: Finance

What they do: The Blackstone Group is the premier global investment and advisory firm, using a three-step ideation, design and develop process to provide asset management solutions that create lasting value for its clients. Where the company goes even further is with the Blackstone Charitable Foundation and its dedication to inspiring entrepreneurship globally, generating job growth and supporting the community. To date, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation has created several solar programs and is fully-financing a 288 megawatt wind farm in Germany — powering 360,000 households and eliminating one million tons of carbon emissions per year.

Benefits they offer: Thorough health insurance policy, performance bonuses and competitive maternity leave.


McKinley & Company Consulting Firms NYC
McKinley & Company

Founded: 1926

Industry: Management and Technical Consulting Services

What they do: McKinsey & Company is passionate about one thing — taking on immense challenges. As an advisor to the world’s leading businesses, governments and institutions, McKinsey & Company uses creative data mining to unlock new sources of growth and provide its clients with digital and regulatory strategy, analytics, digital design, merger and acquisition practices and executive transition solutions. The company is a leader in scaling Internet of Things technology and even offers its clients eight weeks of strategy training to boost the abilities of their workforce.

Industries they work in: Aerospace and defense, sustainable energy, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, automotive, capital infrastructure, hospitality and financial services.


Synechron, Inc Consulting Firms NYC
Synechron, Inc

Founded: 2001

Industry: Information Technology 

What they do: Devising complex enterprise strategies takes knowledge that can only be discovered from within the industry. That’s where Synechron’s deep knowledge of insider information comes into the picture, bringing a thorough perspective on the issues their clients face to the center of the solution. Working exclusively with financial service providers, Synechron offers digital, consulting and technology services, honing in on enterprise strategy, architecture, client experience, lifecycle management, data science and innovation management.

Who they work with: Microsoft, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Oracle, Calypso, ConsenSys and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

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