3 NYC Companies Scaling Up and Seeking Talent

Join a rising business intelligence organization, an alternative investments platform or a medical research marketplace.

Published on Jun. 17, 2023
3 NYC Companies Scaling Up and Seeking Talent
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With all of the tumult in the broader job market this year, it’s a good time to be part of a company that’s decidedly on an upward trajectory. Fast-growing organizations offer ample opportunities for career growth, skill development and entrepreneurialism — and day-to-day, your work can make a noticeable impact. In a city where blending into the crowd is usually inevitable, that’s a rare and valuable feature.

Built In New York caught up with leaders at three rapidly-scaling companies to check in on their expansion plans, hiring needs and headcount goals. And for the right talent, the future is looking bright. 

Reorg, a financial intelligence firm, is staffing up in data science and engineering to support a appetite among its customers for direct access to global credit data. Its more than 25 open roles also include needs in content and analytics to break news and help subscribers understand the complex world of credit markets.

Health tech startup Inato, meanwhile, plans to double its headcount in the next 12 months after landing ​​$20 million in Series A2 funding this spring. It’s looking for product and engineering specialists who are enthusiastic about its mission of increasing patient access to clinical trials and can help scale its marketplace to serve pharmaceutical companies and research sites.

For those looking for a career in a dynamic part of the fintech market, iCapital is hiring across a wide range of roles. The company is committed to removing barriers to typically hard-to-access alternative asset classes for individual investors — and, according to Paul Solano, its lead talent acquisition partner, it is equally committed to the career advancement of its employees.

Below, hear more from the company leaders and explore their open roles.


John Erban
Chief People Officer • Reorg

Reorg helps legal and financial professionals stay informed about high-yield corporate debt, bankruptcies and restructurings with actionable real-time information.


What are your growth plans for the next 12 months? 

To support our ambitious goals, Reorg is making an unprecedented investment in headcount. Though we're investing in all teams globally, we are particularly focused on the investments that most directly support our long-term growth strategy. As just one example, we — like most, if not all, companies — are exploring the many applications of generative AI for our business and figuring out the talent investments we must make to fully leverage this promising technology and stay ahead of the competitive curve.

We are exploring the many applications of generative AI for our business and figuring out the talent investments we must make to stay ahead of the competitive curve.”

What’s fueling your current growth?

A few things are fueling our growth. First is the market itself and the considerable momentum within our customer base. When it comes to global credit intelligence, data and analytics, Reorg really is a category leader with significant opportunity to keep growing within our existing subscribership. 

Second is how we have been differentiating our product focus between intelligence offerings and data offerings. While curated intelligence has been, and will continue to be, a core offering and major growth driver, we also see increased demand for more direct access to our expansive platform of global credit data. As we meet that growing demand, our growth will accelerate — both within existing customers and to new customers within an expanded addressable market. Third is the confidence of our new private equity partner, Permira. Permira is as excited about Reorg as we are and is encouraging us to pursue a bold and ambitious growth path.


What sets Reorg apart for potential applicants?

I think what sets a company apart differs between candidates. I also think that candidates most often value a portfolio of differentiating characteristics, each personal to them, as opposed to one single factor. One of the primary goals of an interview process is to understand each candidate's unique motivators and connect to them in meaningful ways. 

However, if I were to identify a unifying differentiating factor for Reorg candidates, it would be our mission. Reorg's mission is all about helping customers understand complex information so that they can make better and faster decisions. Given the complexity of the underlying subject matter and the opportunity to help our customers in this way, our mission is as intellectually engaging as it is personally fulfilling.



Paul Solano
Lead Talent Acquisition Partner • iCapital

iCapital is a financial technology platform that simplifies access to alternative investments such as private equity and hedge funds.


What are your growth plans for the next 12 months? 

We are very thoughtful when it comes to adding headcount, and based on the current needs of the business, we expect the iCapital team to grow by more than 150 people in the next 12 months. Our technology and product teams continue to represent a large portion of our domestic and international hiring, and our performance and risk management and client success teams are also growing rapidly.


What’s fueling your current growth?

I believe our growth is fueled by two main factors: First, the market's increased appetite for alternative product offerings as investors look to diversify their portfolios and move away from the traditional 60/40 split. Second, the commitment of our leadership team to deliver an innovative technology platform with a focus on customer experience and exceptional execution. With more than $150 billion in platform assets, iCapital is recognized as the leader in this space and partners with the world’s largest wealth managers and financial advisors.


What sets your iCapital apart for potential applicants?

What sets iCapital apart from other startups and firms in the alternative investment market space is the fact that we have demonstrated the ability to scale the organization and our offerings while continuing to have a small-company feel. New employees can enjoy a startup culture without the pain points of working through a startup growth phase. 

New employees can enjoy a startup culture without the pain points of working through a startup growth phase.”


We offer applicants the opportunity to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with the single-minded goal of providing the best-in-class experience for our clients. In addition, iCapital invests in its employees by offering learning and development opportunities across all levels of seniority, and we have many success stories of employees taking advantage of internal mobility opportunities.



Kourosh Davarpanah
CEO and Co-founder • Inato

Inato is a global clinical trial marketplace working to improve the quality and inclusivity of medical research.


What are your growth plans for the next 12 months? 

We’re doubling the size of our team from where we started at the beginning of 2023 with 40 employees. This growth will support our mission to create a world where all patients can access the right clinical trials in their community. We’re developing an engaging product for both hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that makes it easy for research centers to offer the correct trial to each of their patients in their community. With this product growth at the forefront of our goals, most of our hiring will focus on bringing top talent who are passionate about a mission driven by inclusivity and accessibility to our product and engineering teams.

This growth will support our mission to create a world where all patients can access the right clinical trials in their community.”


What’s fueling your current growth?

At a growing rate, sponsors — pharma companies — are turning to Inato to identify qualified sites for their trials. Community research sites are also joining Inato to find the right trials for them at the right time. As such, we are scaling our platform to ensure it can support and be valuable to more trials and community sites. 

Additionally, as part of our mission to make clinical trials more inclusive and accessible, we’re evolving our product to develop features designed to promote diversity to combat clinical trial inequalities. In an industry where diversity has fallen short and efficiency could be life-changing for patients, these product developments must be bold and innovative. Therefore, we’re looking to bring on talent that is eager to be a part of scaling our product to maximize the platform’s value for both site and sponsor users.


What sets your company apart for potential applicants?

There’s a lot of skepticism around startup growth in light of recent downsizing trends. However, with an approach that values talent and team culture, we’ve been able to maintain an upward trajectory. Since the founding of Inato, our hiring strategy has been to build an efficient team where each and every individual is a major contributor. When new people join Inato, they have a key role that will be essential to our success. This approach has allowed us to grow exponentially in our team, product and users while rapidly trending toward profitability.

Additionally, when hiring, we put a big emphasis on our company values. Inato is a group of bold, pragmatic, caring and resilient individuals who can move us toward our goals and who are passionate about doing so. Because company culture is a critical factor in our ability to succeed as a team, it’s important to us that employees embody these qualities.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Inato (header) and listed companies (headshots).

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