Insurance Done Differently: How 8 NYC Startups Are Changing the Game

Written by Katie Fustich
Published on Feb. 22, 2019
Insurance Done Differently: How 8 NYC Startups Are Changing the Game

Whether you’re well versed in quotes and policies — or think insurance is as outdated as your parent’s landline, there’s a whole new crop of NYC-based startups that are taking the insurance industry by storm. Covering everything from your apartment to your car to your laptop, these eight companies are working hard to ensure that what matters most to you gets the coverage it deserves.


image via attune

Founded in 2017, Attune Insurance works directly with small businesses of all types — restaurants, retail stores, offices and more — to provide them with the coverage they need in a matter of minutes. The Attune platform uses a combination of data and analytics to understand each business’s unique needs, before providing them with a near-instant quote, and allowing them to begin processing their insurance immediately.


image via policygenius

Founded in 2014, Policygenius has emerged as a one-stop-shop for finding the best insurance for you, at the best price for your wallet. The company allows individuals to search and get quotes from a range of insurance providers with specializations in all fields. Search for your perfect match for home, life, auto insurance and more, then apply directly through Policygenius, and let their licensed agents deal with the details.


image via clyde

Clyde is an insurance company that empowers digital retailers with the ability to offer protection on any of their products. Using a simple plugin, Clyde is able to integrate with virtual storefronts almost instantly, and handles the work of dealing with insurers, so retailers can provide this important service, headache-free.


Fabric Technologies
image via fabric technologies

Fabric Technologies designs products that help families plan for the future. Among the company’s tools are the Fabric Vault, which allows spouses to access information about bank accounts, 401(k)s and more in the event of an emergency. They also offer a 20-year term life insurance plan that you can apply and be approved for in a matter of minutes. Finally, Fabric helps people draft wills online with a free toolkit.


image via lemonade

Securing renters insurance should be a top priority for any apartment-dwelling New Yorker, and yet it often remains one of those things we “just keep forgetting to do.” Enter Lemonade: the insurance app that allows you to get monthly coverage for your residence and your belongings for as little as $5 per month. If the worst does happen, you can use their streamlined (and colorful!) app to file a claim and get reimbursed in a matter of minutes.


image via facebook

Jetty is a new kind of insurance provider that builds insurance plans tailored to your apartment, and the things that matter most to you. With Jetty, you can cover your residence from things like fire or theft, in addition to covering your new laptop from an accidental “misplacement” of your latte. Jetty also offers services such as lease co-signing and security deposit assistance.


image via coverwallet

CoverWallet is designed for small business owners to manage their insurance in a single platform. The company provides insurance advice, custom quotes and insurance management tools all in one suite. CoverWallet’s tools can be used by individuals in a range of industries, from independent contractors to salon owners to startups and more.


image via INShur

You may not think of NYC as the most driver-friendly city, but the fact is that 46 percent of households in the metropolitan area own cars, and that number is on the rise. Many of those vehicles belong to taxi or rideshare drivers, and when it comes to securing the best insurance for those cars, Inshur has drivers covered. In a single app, drivers are able to get quotes and lock-in policies with a few taps. They are also eligible for exclusive rates, flexible payments and more.

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