Winter Tech Watch 2023: 14 NYC Companies to Know

Temperatures may be dropping, but these NYC tech companies are warming up for an exciting new year. Here are the ones to watch.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Nov. 30, 2023
Winter Tech Watch 2023: 14 NYC Companies to Know
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Giddy anticipation for the holidays, renewed optimism for the new year and the invigorating bite of cold weather — there’s a certain magic in the NYC winter air.  

As the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is adorned with twinkling lights and La Cabra fills with gathering friends, NYC’s tech scene creates its own winter wonderland. Built In NYC has curated a list of 14 noteworthy companies gearing up for a flurry of growth.  

These NYC companies bring good to the world in their own ways, but all 14 have put time and effort into their people-first benefits — and each one has its eyes on a stellar 2024. Grab a toasty mug of spiced coffee and learn more about what NYC’s tech winter wonderland has to offer.   



For sale sign over clouds and blue sky.


Our NYC headquarters is located in the Financial District near the World Trade Center with plenty of restaurants and fast-casual spots in the area, and easily accessible by various transportation stops close by. Check out this video to learn even more:

What Orchard does: Orchard is on a mission to transform the way people buy and sell their homes. Using the company’s platform, individuals can find and purchase property or sell their existing homes on their own schedule and at market price. 



  • “Create raving fans.”
  • “Own it.”
  • “Find a way.”
  • “Treat people with respect.”
  • “Mission before team. Team before self.” 
  • “Commit yourself to greatness — every day.”


Who Orchard is hiring: The company is currently searching for marketing and sales professionals to take its real estate tech to new heights. 



What Spectrum does: Spectrum provides mobile, TV and internet services. The company currently serves both residences and businesses across 41 U.S. states. 



  • Kotlin
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Hadoop
  • React


In the news: Spectrum’s parent company, Charter Communications, recently announced a $1.25 billion investment in Ohio in an effort to deliver symmetrical and multi-gigabit internet speeds across the state. In a statement on Spectrum’s website, the company’s senior vice president of state government affairs, Adam Falk, said, “Through this multi-year investment in our network, we will ensure that customers across our entire Ohio service area will receive even faster broadband speeds, with the network security and reliability they have come to rely upon.” 



We're located on Park Ave just south of Grand Central, a few short blocks to the Empire State Building and very close to a stone throw away from Korea town.

What Haven Technologies does: Offering a platform for life, annuity and disability insurance, Haven Technologies’ software enables insurance carriers to leverage data-driven underwriting, streamlined policy servicing and more. 


  • “We choose to build.” 
  • “We help people.” 
  • “We matter to each other.” 
  • “Look before you leap … but leap.” 
  • “We act with generous curiosity.” 
  • “We aspire to make money and make a difference.” 


Finding purpose:Together, we are creating services and solutions that actually provide value to insurers by solving real business problems, whether that’s more affordably migrating legacy policies, getting better insight into customer data or more efficiently launching new products,” Head of Solutions Consulting Brandy Thomas told Built In NYC last year. “My team is responsible for being the ‘boots on the ground’ and working with new clients to understand what their business challenges are and how our cloud-native SaaS platform can provide relief.” 


Woman therapist in video call with patient



Our New York office is located between two parks, so we usually take our meetings strolling through Madison Sq or Union Sq Park! With lunch on Grow, we have a lot of fun exploring the great food options nearby.

What Grow Therapy does: Grow Therapy is guided by its mission to get more people into therapy by bridging the gap between therapists and people seeking mental health care. The company’s platform enables independent therapists to launch and grow in-network private practices, offering support with credentialing, marketing, billing and more. 


  • “Therapists are the center of our world; We take care of our therapists so that they can take care of us all.” 
  • “Structured thinking earns ears; We structure our thinking so that our goals are always front and center.” 
  • “Ideate constantly, share openly; We celebrate curiosity and open-mindedness so that our teams can collaborate with confidence.” 
  • “Early evaluation, continual learning; We never launch and forget — we always evaluate our decisions so we can continuously innovate.” 


Super scale:Since its founding at the start of the pandemic, Grow Therapy has been growing quicker than even our ambitious targets,” CTO Alan Ni told Built In NYC last year. “After raising our $15 million Series A in September 2021, we were able to expand our team to 25 and see exponential growth across the company. We expanded to several new states, quadrupled our provider network, made significant upgrades to our technology infrastructure and reached even more clients in need of affordable mental healthcare.”  



We just moved into a bright new space in midtown Manhattan with sweeping southern views of the city. Various chat nooks, glassed conference rooms and floating whiteboards make it quite conducive to collaboration and focus. There is even a great bar on our rooftop!

What LoanStreet does: LoanStreet’s platform streamlines the process of sharing, managing and scaling loan trading for credit unions, banks and direct lenders. The company’s long-term vision is to modernize and democratize the lending industry, anticipate problems and innovate solutions, and build a network of global alliances. 



  • Unlimited PTO
  • Company equity
  • Tuition reimbursement


In the news: Earlier this year, the company launched its Current Expected Credit Loss solution. In a statement on the company’s website, Co-Founder and CEO Ian Lampl said, “Our CECL reporting solution enables our customers to analyze their balance sheet at a granular level, helping to account for the full complexity and diversity of their participation portfolio across multiple participation partners and loan products.” 


Two ATV riders in a forest



We're a 1/2 block west of Penn Station at the intersection of Midtown West and K-Town.

What Octane does: Founded in 2014, Octane aims to make financing powersports both fast and easy. The company’s platform helps consumers buy powersports products, such as motorcycles and ATVs, by pre-qualifying them on dealer and original equipment manufacturer websites. 



  • Generous parental leave
  • 401(k)
  • Flexible spending account


In the news: Earlier this year, Built In NYC reported that the company finalized a $400 million asset-backed securitization, which is the organization’s eighth transaction to date. 



Our company is in a trendy area with plenty of food options. Plus, the office has many nearby subway lines and walkable from Penn Station.

What CompStak does: CompStak offers a crowdsourced commercial real estate data platform. Institutional owners use the company’s platform to compare properties, while hedge funds use it to make investments. 



  • JavaScript
  • CircleCI
  • Jupyter
  • Snowflake
  • TensorFlow


Who CompStak is hiring: The company is currently seeking new data and analytics, product and sales team members. 



What EnergyHub does: EnergyHub aims to empower utilities providers and their customers to create a cleaner, more reliable grid. Leveraging the company’s platform, consumers can turn their smart thermostats, electric vehicles and other IoT devices into virtual power plants that stabilize the grid and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. 



  • 401(k) matching
  • Generous PTO
  • Mandated unconscious bias training


In the news: Earlier this year, the company announced its partnership with distributed energy resource management system software provider GE Vernova. “We are excited to partner with GE Vernova’s Digital business to transform the way utilities manage and optimize power grids,” EnergyHub CEO Seth Frader-Thompson said in a statement on the company’s website. “By harnessing the power of intelligent DER management and load flexibility, utilities can achieve a more reliable and efficient grid, while also empowering their customers to actively participate in the energy transition.”


Man in business suit watering a tree with city skyline in background; conceptual image of investing in growing seedling business.



We have a beautiful space just doors from the New York Stock Exchange! Right in the heart of where good things happen for EquityZen.

What EquityZen does: Founded in 2013, EquityZen is on a mission to make it easier to buy and sell shares in private companies. The company’s online marketplace provides liquidity to early shareholders and private markets access to accredited investors through EquityZen funds.



  • Golang
  • Redis
  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Django


In the news: The Fintech Breakthrough Awards program named the organization “The Best Retail Investment Company” earlier this year. “We’re thrilled to receive this award from FinTech Breakthrough and feel it recognizes our mission of democratizing private markets access and our passion for creating customer-centric solutions that both open and add value to the global Financial Services ecosystem,” EquityZen CEO Atish Davda said in a statement on the company’s website. 



Located just north of Madison Square Park, we sit at the heart of the New York fintech scene–conveniently located for those coming from most parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey City.

What Narmi does: Narmi aims to help financial institutions harness the power of digital banking. The company’s products are designed to help organizations expand into new markets, streamline digital back-office work, convert prospects into clients and more. 



  • Fertility benefits
  • Company equity
  • Tuition reimbursement


Finding purpose: “It’s important to me to ensure financial literacy and inclusion to everyone seeking financial services,” Solutions Engineer Ethan Hogen told Built In NYC last year. “I saw Narmi as the best way to do that.”



Our office is situated in a vibrant and diverse neighborhood known for its blend of historic charm and contemporary urban energy. The area is dotted with charming brownstones, bustling cafes, and eclectic local shops, creating a lively yet cozy atmosphere that's quintessentially Brooklyn.

What Trail of Bits does: Trail of Bits’ products are designed to help protect the world’s most targeted organizations by reducing risk and fortifying code. The company’s services include blockchain secure code review, cryptography, security vulnerability remediation and open-source ecosystem security. 


  • Docker
  • TypeScript
  • RocksDB
  • C++
  • PostgreSQL


Who Trail of Bits is hiring: The company is currently expanding its engineering, data and analytics and finance teams in an effort to bolster its security operations. 


Screen view of a woman teaching virtually, smiling and talking with her hands.


What Teachable does: Teachable is dedicated to helping creators and independent business owners turn their expertise into profit. The company’s no-code platform enables individuals to develop and sell online courses, coaching services and digital downloads. 



  • “Take Action.” 
  • “Learn Together.” 
  • “Build a Foundation of Trust.” 
  • “Own Progress and Outcomes.”
  • “Focus on Customers.” 


In the news: Earlier this year, the company announced the launch of two new AI-powered tools, the Summary Generator and Subtitle & Translation Generator. The Summary Generator automatically creates lesson and section summaries for creators within their course curriculum, while the Subtitle & Translation Generator automatically populates subtitles and translations for course videos uploaded to the platform. 



What Bilt Rewards does: Founded in 2021, Bilt Rewards allows renters to earn points by using the Bilt Mastercard or the company’s app to pay rent. Points garnered through the company’s program can be put toward airline ticket purchases, gym memberships, home down payments and more. 



  • Java
  • React 
  • SQL
  • Redis
  • React Native


In the news: According to a Built In NYC report, the company officially became a unicorn last year after securing an additional $150 million in funding, which brought its total valuation to $1.5 billion. 



What FireHydrant does: FireHydrant’s automated incident-management platform was created to help engineers and their organizations fight fires more quickly. 



  • 100 percent coverage for health insurance costs
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Generous parental leave


Finding purpose: The philosophy that ‘nothing is sacred’ is very much lived here, which allows employees to develop their own visions for how they want to handle their parts of the business, and they are invited to bring those to the table for consideration,” Senior IT Manager Ylan Muller told Built In NYC earlier this year. “This allows each individual contributor to have a large impact and stretch parts of their thinking that they may not have at a company where you are a cog in a machine.”



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock.

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