An inside look at 3 of NYC's coolest tech offices

May 24, 2017

When it comes to swanky, immaculately designed office space, the tech industry knows what it's doing. Though real estate is hard to come by in New York, local startups recognize the importance of creating spaces where people feel at home.

We asked three New York tech companies about what makes their workspace special, and were shown the inner workings of some of the coolest offices in the city.


Trustpilot, an online platform for business reviews, originally launched in Copenhagen. Now the company has six offices around the globe, including in New York, Denver, London, Melbourne and Berlin. We caught up with Dan Klug, senior manager of talent acquisition at Trustpilot, to find out more about the company's space in Nomad. 

How many employees work at the office? 


When did you move in? 


What's your favorite part of the space? 

Each floor has two walls with windows so there is a ton of natural light in the office, and when it’s sunny it gives the office a good energy. When it rains it’s not as energizing, but at least we’re not in a windowless basement! We also have two large common areas where we eat lunch, play ping pong and play foosball. We also have all hands meetings there, so it’s pretty cool that we can fit most of the office into one big room without leaving the building.

Is there anything unique about your office? 

Great people watching. We are in a space that faces 5th Avenue right above Madison Square Park, so there is never a shortage of tourists on the streets below and it’s fun to look out on to 5th Avenue while on conference calls to observe. You can also get a great view of the lines of the sample sales when they’re in season.




Outcome Health is one of the largest digital health information companies in the world. The company provides digital and interactive health information experiences in doctors’ offices, providing patients with medical information immediately prior to, during or after their visits with physicians. We spoke with King Krompicha, strategic recruiting partner at Outcome Health, to find out more about the company's brand new New York office. 

How many employees work at the office?

About 110. 

How big is the space?
55,758 square feet. 
When did you move in?
April 3. 
What's your favorite part of the space?
Hands down, the large skylight located on the top floor is my favorite. The natural light that shines through helps create a brighter, warmer and inviting atmosphere in our open environment. My second favorite is the 360-degree views of Manhattan.  
Is there anything unique about your office?
The two levels that we occupy have many communal spaces that feel very homey. Whether an employee is looking to escape their desk or looking for a change of scenery, these spaces help foster collaboration between co-workers. And what's better than a productive employee? A happy employee who feels at ease. 

Bankrate aggregates financial rate information to help people make choices. We caught up with Bankrate's Director of Talent Acquisition Mark Nies to find out what makes the office so special.

How many employees work at the office?

Approximately 115. 

How big is the space?

About 25,000 square feet. 

When did you move in?

September 2016. 

What's your favorite part of the space?  

The café with games, the view and the conference rooms with NYC neighborhood themes like Harlem, Midtown, etc. We also have up-and-down motorized desks that allow for optimal team-to-team collaboration. 

Is there anything unique about your office?

We have a brand new setup, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, based on who works together the most. 


Images via Built In and featured companies. 

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