These NYC tech groups are changing the game with their diversity-centric missions

March 16, 2020
Diverse tech groups nyc
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The tech industry is all about breaking down the status quo. Gone are the days when a company’s office was a homogenous pool.

Individuals are rising up and staking their claims in the technology world. Aiding this integration of identities into tech communities are many independently run networking groups. Their unique missions help give a collective voice to a particular identity, and enrich the entirety of the tech scene as a whole. We’ve rounded up some of New York City’s most exciting diversity in tech groups — get to know them below!



LatinoTech helps members of the Latinx community connect through events like pitch nights, investor dinners, panels and more. The network also offers funding and job leads in addition to scholarships. The group was founded in 2013 by social impact innovator Justin Rico Oyola. Presently, engineer Elizabeth Vilchis serves as the organization’s CEO.


Girls Who Code

Since its founding in New York City in 2011, Girls Who Code has exploded from a small group of students to a cross-country cultural force. The organization’s mission is simple: encourage and support young women with an interest in computer science. The organization has now taught more than 50,000 young women that they can become the tech innovators of tomorrow.


Out In Tech

With more than 15,000 members across the globe, Out In Tech is one of the most robust networks dedicated to empowering the LGBTQ+ community within the tech space. In addition to numerous networking events, Out In Tech has a major focus on serving queer youth communities through mentorship and career shadowing programs.


Digital Diversity Network

Founded in 2012, the Digital Diversity Network works to advance the presence of people of color in the technology sector. In addition, the DDN aims to create a pipeline of talent so that the next generation will inherit a truly inclusive industry. Their events — including panels and conferences — are large and exciting affairs with major sponsors like Salesforce and HBO.


Tech Ladies

As the saying goes, “empowered women empower women,” and that’s precisely the focus of Tech Ladies, a membership-based forum and job board. Many of the job leads are member-supplied, allowing you to make real networking connections for your dream position. The group also hosts regular webinars on subjects like personal finance and new technologies.


Blacks in Technology

Blacks in Technology NYC Metro is the official chartered chapter for the New York City metro region of the dynamic, growing, vibrant Blacks in Technology non-profit corporation.


...and more.

In addition to the groups listed above, there are hundreds of smaller, more localized groups with diversity-centric missions and ample networking opportunities. Visit your local Meetup page to keep your finger on the pulse of who is making waves in your tech community.

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