AtomicJar Captures $25M, Launches Testcontainers Cloud Platform

The startup’s microservices testing platform has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

Written by Jeff Rumage
Published on Jan. 25, 2023
AtomicJar Captures $25M, Launches Testcontainers Cloud Platform
AtomicJar co-founder Sergei Egorov, left, and Eli Aleyner stand shoulder to shoulder outside.
AtomicJar was co-founded by Sergei Egorov (left) and Eli Aleyner (right). | Photo: AtomicJar

As seasoned developers, AtomicJar co-founders Sergei Egorov and Eli Aleyner wanted to set out to solve the frustrating inefficiencies in microservices testing. 

“It’s terribly slow sometimes to wait for feedback about your changes, to wait to hear from other people whether your changes were correct or not,” Egorov, AtomicJar CEO, told Built In. “That’s what the reality is out there. Many developers are just sitting there and waiting.”

In 2015, the company developed Testcontainers, an open-source product that provides developers with almost instantaneous feedback about their code. This eliminates the inefficiencies and frustrations that developers often feel while waiting for their code to be reviewed. 

The free, open-source solution has been downloaded more than 100 million times and is used by developers at some of the most well-known tech companies, including DoorDash, Spotify, Uber and Google, Egorov said.

Having seen success, AtomicJar announced Wednesday that it raised $25 million to embark on its next phase of growth as it launches the public beta of its Testcontainers Cloud platform.

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The Testcontainers Cloud platform offers the same functionality as the open-source product while replacing the limitations of local laptop storage and computing power with faster, more powerful cloud computing technology. The cloud product is free to use and installs in five minutes, according to AtomicJar.

The round was led by Insight Partners with participation from boldstart ventures, Tribe Capital, Chalfen Ventures and Snyk co-founders Guy Podjarny and Peter McKay.

The funding will be used to scale AtomicJar’s development team. AtomicJar has 23 employees across 14 countries. The company is headquartered in NYC, which is home to Egorov and four other employees.

The company is currently hiring for engineers, and it expects to continue growing its team with go-to-market hires. The company will focus its hiring efforts in NYC and the East Coast, co-founder Eli Aleyner said.


AtomicJar team
The AtomicJar team at an off-site company event. | Photo: AtomicJar

“We are looking for people who are ready to build the next generation of cloud products and have the right background in cloud technologies,” Egorov said. “We believe that picking New York is the right path for us and we know that we can find those cloud builders in New York.”

Aleyner, who was also part of the founding AWS engineering team, said testing was a paramount part of the inner development loop at AWS.

“This culture shift is similarly happening in other organizations. Developers are looking for self-contained, repeatable, real integration testing solutions that don’t depend on bottlenecks of staging environments — a use-case Testcontainers shines in,” he said in a statement. “I wish Testcontainers had existed when we were building AWS.”

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