by Kelly O'Halloran
June 11, 2019

One powerful benefit to Peloton’s at-home fitness class setup is the control it gives people over their fitness regimen. Class times and locations no longer dictate when someone can get a workout in, and people don't have to face the very real “gym anxiety” tied to working out in public and the more magnified experience of a group class.

This culture of empowerment not only extends to Peloton’s members — it permeates to the Peloton team both in and out of their NYC headquarters. We spoke with three of Peloton’s employees, two of whom work beyond the Big Apple, to see how they help spread this message to the masses while steering their own career growth.


peloton offices
photography by Hannah Cohen
peloton offices
photography by Hannah Cohen
peloton logo
photography by Hannah Cohen



EMPLOYEES: 2,000+; 577 in NYC

WHAT THEY DO: By pairing indoor cycling and running equipment with immersive, total body workouts, Peloton provides people all over the country with access to live boutique studio classes from the comfort of their own home. The Peloton Digital app allows members to stream classes across cycling, running, bootcamp,  yoga, meditation, stretching, and more.


GET FIT: Employees can attend free classes at Peloton’s studios, workout at their onsite gym, and get a membership to HealthKick for corporate discounts from health and wellness brands.

FEED YOUR BRAIN: Every year, employees receive a continuing education reimbursement of $5,250.


peloton jobs
store manager peloton


Brittany Cohen, Store Manager

Nearly 800 miles away from Peloton’s headquarters, Brittany ensures the company’s culture is alive and present at their Chicago retail showroom. Her focus on coaching, leading and supporting her teammates, while delivering an exceptional customer experience, has earned her accolades over the years as well as numerous promotions. Later this year, she’ll relocate to Florida to open Peloton’s new Coral Gables showroom.

RECOMMENDATIONS WANTED: Brittany, a self-proclaimed foodie, is always on the lookout for new places to check out unique dishes and interesting cocktails. An avid traveler, she added her trips always revolve around new foods.


How have you taken Peloton’s “owner-perineurial” mindset, and applied it to your work with the company?

Acting like an owner is how I’ve treated each role I have been in with Peloton. It’s treating customers the way you would want to be treated when investing in a product: Going the extra mile, truly listening to the customer's needs and concerns, then spending whatever time necessary to make them feel comfortable and welcome in our community of members. This also applies to the team and ensuring that they share the same vision for the showroom and have the communication and tools to succeed.


How has working for Peloton differed from previous roles at other companies?

With Peloton continuing to see exceptional growth, things are changing frequently. Being adaptable and open to change are vital. The great thing is that change can come from all levels, and your ideas can make a difference. When I first started my role as a showroom manager, I suggested a change to our waiver, and it was actually implemented the next day. I was so excited to see that I had influenced change that would make all retail employees' interactions more efficient. Additionally, I’m amazed with the emotional, health and well-being changes that impact our Peloton members.


The great thing is that change can come from all levels, and your ideas can make a difference.

What part of Peloton’s culture plays the biggest role in moving the company forward?

The team’s “together we go far” aspect. This means recognizing that your contribution to the team impacts the entire company.  We are all working together toward that vision.


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customer insights peloton


Alonzo Page, Manager of Consumer Insights

As manager of consumer insights, Alonzo is tasked with determining who Peloton’s customer is across all of its products globally. While learning how the company can further “connect the world through fitness” via its users, Alonzo also plays a key role internally at Peloton by being one of the employees spearheading its diversity efforts.

IF THE SHOE FITS: Alonzo is a self-proclaimed sneakerhead and has a collection that runs 30 pairs deep. Embracing his habit has helped him understand that everyone has something they’re into that motivates them.


What are you most passionate about when it comes to your work at Peloton?

I’m most passionate about learning about our consumer. There’s nothing like running focus groups and hearing someone tell you what he or she is thinking in their own voice, then linking that insight to some results you uncovered in a consumer survey. You start to gain a rich understanding of who people are and what they want, which helps our company grow and better serve our community.

I’m grateful that I get to work somewhere that is constantly striving to create a community where employees can bring their full, authentic selves to work.

Outside of your initial job responsibilities, how else are you contributing to Peloton’s growth and culture?

I’ve been involved with launching our company-wide diversity and inclusion program. It’s an area I’ve always been passionate about throughout school, at previous jobs and currently at Peloton. I’m grateful that I get to work somewhere that is constantly striving to create a community where employees can bring their full, authentic selves to work.


How is Peloton’s culture different than previous companies in which you've worked?

There’s a true diversity of thought and professional discipline at Peloton that creates a dynamic space to learn and create. As a team, no one is concerned if we don’t know all the answers right now. We’re committed to finding them out together, often in surprising ways we never would have thought of alone.


peloton careers

peloton operations


Jarrett Wilfert, Field Operations Supervisor

Jarrett oversees 42 employees and the day-to-day operations of Peloton deliveries at its biggest field operations center in New Jersey. He joined the team about two years ago and has been promoted twice since starting.

BUZZER BEATER: Jarrett enjoys playing basketball in his free time, which helps him be more assertive and a better communicator in the workplace.


Walk us through what initially attracted you to Peloton. Why have you stayed?

I initially started working at Peloton because I was very tired of working at my other job, which was repetitive. Peloton offered a much more lively atmosphere that I was intrigued by. I have stayed because there are so many opportunities for growth and education in the company.


What's your favorite part or element of Peloton’s culture?

We work really hard, and we have a lot of fun while doing so. The employees I work with enjoy this career and seek growth opportunities provided by Peloton. Many of them have been promoted to managers in a short period of time. The company not only cares a lot about its consumers, but it also cares a lot about its employees, which makes it a great place to work.

Peloton doesn’t want to see anyone fail and lays out the steps to ensure you’ll be successful.

How does Peloton set you up for success, especially for those that join you in the field?

Peloton doesn’t want to see anyone fail and lays out the steps to ensure you’ll be successful. Before I became the field ops supervisor, I shadowed the previous supervisor for a few months so that I fully understood the role and was able to take it on. A lot of other companies wouldn’t have allowed someone to have that learning experience before making the move, which was very useful in my promotion to becoming a supervisor.

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