A big deal in big data: What it's like working on the ground at Sisense

March 15, 2017


Since its inception, Sisense has been a force in big data analytics.

The company helps businesses eliminate the costly data preparations typically associated with business analytics tools by providing a single tool that completely breaks down complex data sets. The software — Sisense’s patented ‘in-chip’ technology — is the only business analytics software that lets non-technical users easily prepare, analyze and visualize large datasets in one place, and is used by over 1,000 clients today.

While these clients run the gamut from small pizza shops to NASA, a larger factor in Sisense’s success has been its customer-driven sales team. We caught up with Kelly Keefe, a sales development representative at Sisense, to learn more about the teams’s culture — and how she works to help Sisense grow day in, day out.

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities at Sisense?

My day-to-day responsibilities as a sales development rep at Sisense consist of primarily holding conversations with people from different backgrounds, industries and roles about their current challenges and share how Sisense can make their lives easier. I spend time researching the companies and the work they do to be able to provide value when we connect. It is also important each day to focus on managing a full pipeline with tasks, emails and calls.

How do you start your day at work?

I’m a big fan of morning routines. I start my day with an intentional journal entry to set my mindset for the day and then review my focuses for the day. After grabbing a cup of coffee and chatting with coworkers on my way back to my desk, I start making calls to those that have been made a priority.

How do you end your day at work?

I end my day with recapping what has been done today, and cultivate a list of tasks and contacts that should be placed as a priority heading into the next day.

What is the SDR team culture like at Sisense? Any traditions?

The SDR team culture is unique. Everyone comes to work ready to work hard, but also takes time to appreciate spending time and having fun together simultaneously. There are monthly team outings that are a lot of fun. The most recent was a karaoke outing.


What is unique about Sisense's SDR team?

One of the most unique things about the SDR team is that everyone is encouraged and welcomed to show up exactly as they are. Everyone is here to win together, and the team works together to help make sure we all move forward as a unit.

What is the employee culture at Sisense like at-large?

The employee culture at Sisense has truly a family feel. There are many different personalities coming together for a common mission of success. Many friendships outside of the office are developed and the company puts a lot of effort into creating experiences for relationships to develop and deepen.

What are some lessons you've learned in your role at Sisense?

In my role at Sisense I have learned the importance of not only asking questions- but asking the right questions. This lesson can be applied to speaking with potential customers, co-workers and also to ourselves every day. The quality of answers we will receive is dependent on the strength of the questions that we ask.


Photo via Sisense.

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