3 stunning tech offices on prime Manhattan real estate

July 21, 2016

Companies go through tremendous lengths to ensure their prized employees are healthy, happy and ensconced in the most productive environment possible. After all, when you're paying big money for the world's best and brightest, a cubicle farm just won't do. 

We caught up with three companies that go above and beyond when it comes to treating their employees to tech palaces in prime Manhattan real estate. Between MediaMath's glass castle atop 4 WTC, Flatiron Health's zenful temple overlooking Madison Square Park, and Compass' swanky design-focused pad on Union Square, these offices are something to be proud of. 


Wow, this place is so peaceful! How long have you been in the space? We moved to the new space in April 2016. We have grown tremendously over the past year, so this is a huge upgrade from our previous location in Soho. It also helps that it's in Flatiron!

It still has that 'new office' smell. How many people work here? We just passed the 300 mark for total number of employees! About 245 people work in the NYC office and the rest are in San Francisco or remote.

A quiet room, a maternity room. How big is this place? The space is 58,000-square-feet. We have an amazing common area where we host our monthly all-hands meetings, team building activities and, occasionally, host community Meetups! Our common area is also great for impromptu meetings or if you want a break from your desk. 

In terms of everyday work, we have a north side and a south side filled with work stations and conference rooms. We have a great kitchen, too. People like to congregate there to catch up with one another, especially when lunch arrives every day! There is also a designated quiet space, the Library, as well as a mother's room for new moms. And — last, but not least — a snack room that's stocked with too many goodies to name. 

And wow, look at this rooftop! What's your favorite part of the space? We have a very important mission and we take it seriously. Our environment reflects that commitment. It is open and spacious in a way that encourages innovation, collaboration and focus. Oh, and we all love the flavored water machine!

Is there anything the office is missing? We need more rare Pokémon. Speaking of which, how does one petition to be recognized as a gym? 


Of course a real estate tech company would have an awesome office. How long have you been in this space? We moved here in December of 2014. 

It seems huge, how big is the space? We have 90,000 square feet in our building across seven floors. 

7 floors! How many people do you have working here? Around 400.

And all 400 of them are so stylishly dressed! What’s your favorite thing about the office? The open floor plan. Being in an environment like this one fosters such a culture of collaboration so that it's easy to interact with all of Compass in a low-pressure environment. We also love the transparent rooms which allows you to walk floor to floor, at any given time, to see what people are working on and how the company is growing.

Cool, a rooftop! Is there anything the office is missing? I get asked to build a slide between floors about once a week — thanks, Google. 


Pretty cool you're up on the 45th floor of 4 WTC! How long have you been here? We moved in October of 2015.

This office is massive. How many people are working here? We have around 450 employees in the New York office.

These views are insane, and they're everywhere! You know, tourists pay good money for a glimpse of this view. How big is the office? It's just over 100,000-square-feet over the 44th, 45th and 46th floors. 

Wow, the views just don't stop. What's your favorite part of the space? I love the art work, our Ping Pong tables and our pool table — just to name a few.

Is there anything the office is missing? Ya, we could really use a swimming pool... 

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