30 Big Data Startups in NYC You Need to Know

Written by Emerson Dameron
February 3, 2020Updated: March 10, 2023

The proliferation of the Internet begat an explosion of available data, but most businesses don't have time to sift through all the numbers, much less turn it all into a plan of action. That's where these 30 big data companies in NYC step in. Meet the minds building the algorithms and connecting the dots that drive the insights fueling a litany of industries.

Top Data Science Companies in NYC to Know

  • Cherre
  • Reonomy
  • Howl
  • Crossix
  • CB Insights
  • mParticle
  • Looker
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Flowcode
  • SPEEDA Edge
SPEEDA Edge Big Data Startups New York City

What they do: SPEEDA Edge has built a comprehensive business intelligence platform with the latest insights. Through emails and articles, SPEEDA Edge provides detailed coverage of over 60 emerging industries. The company also tracks market trends and relays critical information about rising companies in each industry.  

How it’s changing big data: Customers now gain a holistic perspective of their industries, competitors, and market performances. As a result, companies can compile the most up-to-date information and prepare for future developments with the platform of SPEEDA Edge. 

Founded: 2020  


Flowcode Big Data Startups New York City

What they do: Flowcode equips businesses with QR codes that are fast, secure, and scannable from a distance. Flowcode also enables users to create landing pages and track when consumers navigate to their sites via QR codes. 

How it’s changing big data: Organizations can now leverage stronger connections between offline audiences and online tools. Flowcode’s QR codes fit both mobile and TV screens, allowing companies to reach more consumers. Plus, analytics tools enable businesses to conduct A/B testing and collect demographic information. With this data, companies can wield Flowcode technology to create more customized content. 

Founded: 2019 


prescriptive data big data companies nyc
prescriptive data

What they do: Prescriptive Data, an AI company developing an advanced operating system called Nantum OS that connects to building systems, real-time occupancy and any IoT device. Prescriptive Data’s AI algorithms enable automated building operations which leads to reduced energy use, utility costs and carbon emissions.

How it’s changing big data: Prescriptive’s technology, Nantum OS analyzes data from building systems as well as third-party sources to suggest adjustments to building operations that enhance both building efficiency and the comfort of its tenants. 

Founded: 2015


ribbon health companies nyc
Ribbon Health

What they do: Ribbon Health is creating a world where navigating healthcare is simple through their comprehensive data platform and API layer. In addition to helping users find care options, the platform offers a care provider directory, insurance enrollment support and referral management.

How it’s changing big data: Ribbon Health's platform provides continuously validated data on insurance plans, doctors, costs and care quality.

Founded: 2016

Funding: $10.3M


knotch big data company nyc

What they do: Knotch is a one-stop platform that combines measurement, competitor research and analysis of branded content. Their product, "The Intelligence Suite for Brands" is comprised of three products, "Measurement," "Knowledge" and "Wisdom," which Knotch uses to provide marketers with integrated, independent and transparent data.

How it’s changing big data: Through the use of simple but beautiful design, Knotch has created an enjoyable way for users to respond to branded content and for marketers to collect valuable sentiment data. Though only a few years old, Knotch already bears some pretty impressive clients, including GE, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and Heineken.

Founded: 2012

Funding: $13.9M


reonomy big data company nyc

What they do: Working in the world of commercial real estate, Scryer (doing business as Reonomy) gathers information from an array of sources and proprietary validation algorithms, performing hardcore quant analyses with unprecedented speed.

How it's changing big data: Reonomy allows lenders and investors to explore every mix-use building, condo, and vacant lot in the city without leaving the office. In 2015, it gathered a $15M investment, which will no doubt help its CRE intelligence become increasingly more comprehensive and reliable.

Founded: 2013

Funding: $13M


narrativ big data company nyc

What they do: Howl uses machine learning and big data to connect consumers with all of the content created about that product to make for a deeper, more-knowledgeable online buying process.

How it's changing big data: Have you ever searched “best mattress to buy” or “what is the best tv?” Howl might have played a part in your search. The company’s big data connects consumers with fresh, updated content on a product to assist them in making quality decisions. Macy's, Ulta and Nordstrom all use the company's platform to reach more customers and provide them with a holistic shopping process.   

Founded: 2015

Funding: $3M


crossix big data company nyc

What they do: Crossix synthesizes big data to provide marketing analytics, measurement and optimization solutions to the healthcare industry.   

How it's changing big data: Crossix works across a wide variety of healthcare systems like pharmacies and hospitals to provide quality marketing consultation. The company offers a large suite of marketing solutions across different media and advertising platforms.

Founded: 2004

Funding: Undisclosed


cb insights big data company nyc
cb insights

What they do: The leading venture capital database in New York and perhaps the world, CB Insights gathers and analyzes data for those working in private equity, venture capital, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

How it's changing big data: CB Insights has become so influential in the venture capital world and the business media that it's hard to remember it used to answer to ChubbyBrain.

Founded: 2008

Funding: $10M


yext big data company nyc

What they do: Yext’s mission is to help businesses and organizations around the world deliver official answers everywhere people search.

How it's changing big data: Yext's Search Experience Cloud organizes a business or organization’s facts in a knowledge graph so that it can provide official answers to questions across approximately 175 digital services, including Google, Siri, Alexa, and Facebook, as well as the business's own website.

Founded: 2006


mparticle big data company nyc

What they do: "Created by marketers, loved by engineers," mParticle helps mobile developers and enterprise clients figure out what to do with all of their data. It collects customer information with a single API and provides robust options for analysis, segmentation, and allocation.

How it's changing big data: There is a booming demand for sharp minds to make sense of the seemingly chaotic mobile ecosystem. In 2016, mParticle has so far set a record for new integrations and pulled down $15M in new funding.

Founded: 2012

Funding: $19.3M


perchwell big data company nyc

What they do: Perchwell takes on the yeoman's work of sorting out NYC's topsy-turvy real estate market. Its software allows agents and seekers to collaborate, while drawing upon a variety of sources to break down historical sales, current supply and demand, and how much more people are willing to pay for a doorman.

How it's changing big data: New Yorkers need homes. Agents and landlords need customers. Perchwell cuts down on the confusion that makes the process frustrating on both sides, presenting a model for how to make sense of difficult markets and life decisions. Perhaps its freshest innovation is PerchPrice, a comprehensive breakdown of how much it will actually cost to move in—the sort of transparency has enormous implications on all sorts of areas plagued by sticker shock.

Founded: 2014

Funding: Undisclosed


integral ad science big data company nyc
integral ad science

What they do: Formerly AdSafe, Integral Ad Science walks global brands through the ever-shifting, ever-challenging landscape of online advertising.

How it's changing big data: Digital advertising is about a lot more than building a better popup. This adtech firm offers unique suites of tools for marketers, traders, and sellers, while employing leading academics from machine learning and data science backgrounds. It provides free white papers and case studies online that give a rough idea of how detailed its work can get.

Founded: 2009

Funding: $76.75M


Cherre big data companies NYC

What they do: Cherre is one of the most useful tools for analyzing real estate data and making smarter investments in the housing and industrial markets.

How it’s changing big data: The platform acts as a hub that connects all real estate data feeds and develops insights that impact entire organizations. Additionally, Cherre’s CorePredict product allows real-time sourcing of real estate opportunities to allow decisions to be made in real time.

Founded: 2016

Funding: $9M


unacast big data company nyc

What they do: Unacast is a location data platform and creator of the Real World Graph®. The data collected by Unacast is beneficial to marketing platforms and companies by improving targeting, monetizing location data, generating analytics and measuring attribution.

How it's changing big data: Unacast provides companies with insight into how consumers are connected to one another and the world.

Founded: 2014

Funding: $24.1M


knewton big data company nyc

What they doKnewton builds PaaS tech for adaptive learning and personalizes online educational content for individual students. It analyzes the user's history and finds what has worked in similar cases, giving educators the opportunity to customize lessons and pave the most efficient route to improvement.

How it's changing big data: Knewton has tailored its recommendations for more than 10 million students. It gets sharper with each new data point, because what is true today may be more or less true tomorrow. With one of 2016's most impressive funding rounds so far—it raised a whopping $52M in February in a triumphant Series F—its vital work will not be slowing down.

Founded: 2008

Funding: $157.25


looker big data company nyc

What they do: Looker's analytics software provides transparency into an organization's big data. The company's platform makes cross-departmental sharing of data easy, helping everyone make better data-driven business decisions. Headquartered in Santa Cruz, Looker sports offices in New York, San Francisco, London and Dublin.

How it's changing big data: Looker provides solutions for an array of industries and departments, allowing even non-technical users to benefit from data insights. The software is used by such big names as Amazon, Sony, The Economist, Lyft and Koehler.

Founded: 2011

Funding: $177.5M


signals analytics big data company nyc
signals analytics

What they do: Signals Analytics sprang to life when two former Israeli intelligence officers realized the same underlying processes for covert ops missions could help businesses make smarter decisions. Utilizing augmented intelligence, Signals finds connections between seemingly unconnected data points to produce breakthrough moments for companies.     

How it’s changing big data: With 10 times faster time-to-insight, 90% decrease in costs and 300% quicker time to market for new products, the company's platform is producing noticeable impacts for household brands like Nike, Nestle and Pepsico.

Founded: 2009

Funding: $30M

docurated big data company nyc

What they do: Docurated uses artificial intelligence to help unravel the data of content and connect readers with the most relevant information for them. Even content in shared systems and drives are searchable and analyzed for relevance so publishers can always find what they’re looking for.

How it's changing big data: Docurated's content graph and algorithm maps relationships between people and information, allowing it to understand content contextually.  

Founded: 2012

Funding: $5.35M


yieldbot big data company nyc

What they do: Since 2010, Yieldbot has found wild success in the business of "intent." It works with international brands and trusted premium publishers to help them navigate the post-cookie era using a balance of big data, keywords, and creativity.

How they're changing big data: As adtech has struggled to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, Yieldbot has continuously challenged itself, expanded across the U.S., and brought in $28.4M in four rounds of funding. For anyone who wonders how big data actually works on the tech side, Yieldbot engineers share their work on a dedicated blog.

Founded: 2010

Funding: $63M


datavore big data company nyc

What they do: Big data meets big money at Datavore, a newer firm dedicated to analyzing and visualizing complex processes and data sets for finance business users.

How it's changing big data: Datavore supplements a finance pro's intuition with machine learning, allowing users with a lot at stake to treat complex and abstract information as a series of simple steps. It is a prime example of how more information can make business decisions less, not more, intimidating.

Founded: 2014

Funding: Undisclosed


social data collective big data company nyc
social data collective

What they do: With a philosophy that "data is the new currency," Social Data Collective allows consumers to barter their information for products and services. It aggregates voluntarily provided consumer data and packages it for businesses, as long as those businesses understand that consumers expect something in return for their generosity.

How it's changing big data: If all your info is out there, why not get some value out of it? Founder Ashwini Anburajan has studied young consumers extensively, finding that even the majority of those who use ad-blocking software are willing to part with their electronic data if the price is right. Social Data Collective provides a fresh alternative both for tech-savvy and privacy-conscious consumers, as well as businesses frustrated with targeted digital advertising in its current form.

Founded: Unknown

Funding: Undisclosed


didit big data company nyc

What they do: Didit takes a philosophical approach to online marketing and SEO. Rather than flushing money into various channels and repackaging strategies that worked for others, it helps small businesses with limited budgets (or "Fortune 5,000,000s," in its colorful internal lingo) inject marketing and self-awareness into everything they do.

How it's changing big data: With a friendly, humanistic approach, Didit lives by its own ideas. Its strength lies not just in numbers, but in how it crunches them differently in different cases. Those who fear (or hope) that big data will standardize and automate everything may have a lot to learn from its approach.

Founded: 1996

Funding: $2.03M


listenfirst big data company nyc
listenfirst media

What they do: ListenFirst helps brands know themselves. It tracks 10,000 brands across channels, including sales, social, media impact, and digital advertising, and works with a broad array of clients, largely in entertainment, but including healthcare and consumer goods as well.

How it's changing big data: The number-crunchers at ListenFirst show how the engagement and listening skills that help Victoria Beckham win fashion week can work across disparate industries.

Founded: 2012

Funding: Undisclosed


context matters big data company nyc
context matters

What they do: Context Matters uses big data analytics to help streamline the process of developing potentially life-saving new drugs. Its platform relies on a "data-driven, business-minded approach" to help pharmaceutical companies make shrewder decisions based on information that wasn't available before (at least not all in one place).

How it's changing big data: Traditionally, drug development and market access were separate worlds. This suite of tools aims to help clients make data-driven decisions with an eye toward safety, efficiency, and reimbursement. Thus, Context Matters provides a potential model for other highly regulated, highly competitive sectors.

Founded: 2010

Funding: $1.54M


enertiv big data company nyc

What they do: Drawing data from meters, sensors, and complex system integration, the Enertiv platform gives real estate clients real-time information on where all that energy is going.

How it's changing big data: Enertiv provides one-stop shopping for real-time energy management, measurement, verification, savings opportunities, and even tenant billing. Its sophisticated algorithms spot patterns over time, and using energy intelligently becomes more crucial every day. The growth of the Internet of Things will likely make Enertiv more powerful, along with $1.94M in funding.

Founded: 2011

Funding: $1.94M


statsocial big data company nyc

What they do: StatSocial provides social data to media brands, helping modern publishers find their specific audiences and understand what they care about. Its capabilities are perhaps best illustrated by its consumer taste maps, such as the #BeerMap.

How it's changing big data: Gone are they days when one newspaper editor or talk show host addressed an entire geographical community. Today's media brands must find increasingly specific niches and meet their audiences on their own turf. Based in the world's media capital, StatSocial helps upstart media mavens better finesse their existing followers as they court new ones.

Founded: 2012

Funding: $2.35M


phluant mobile big data company nyc
phluant mobile

What they do: Phluant Mobile has worked in advertising intelligence and mobile media solutions since the iPhone was new. Its key product is the Open Data Access Point (ODEP), a one-stop shop that gives advertisers access to over 850,000 apps.

How it's changing big data: As the world rapidly moves over to mobile, its ecosystem grows ever more mindbogglingly diffuse. As one of the early leaders on the mobile scene, Phluant has built reputation and influence in NYC and beyond, while maintaining its playful sense of humor about itself and its work.

Founded: 2007

Funding: $1.5M


socialeffort big data company nyc

What they do: SocialEffort provides an app that helps users find volunteer opportunities and fellow do-gooders in their areas. Besides connecting benefactors with its user base, it offers a real-time dashboard that helps quantify charitable initiatives and discover previously unseen opportunities.

How it's changing big data: SocialEffort joins a growing number of NYC tech firms that use software and quantification to make things a tad brighter for its neighbors, empowering those who want to help and addressing the problems that arise from isolation and inefficient allocation of resources.

Founded: Unknown

Funding: Undisclosed


4c big data company nyc

What they do: 4C is the go-to global data science and media technology company specializing in solutions for multiscreen convergence. Its software helps marketers improve media planning, measurement and buying. Headquartered in Chicago, 4C's New York offices is located on 5th Avenue.  

How it's changing big data: Companies use 4C to optimize their performance across sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. 4C provides the world’s most comprehensive data platform for television and social advertising.

Founded: 2013

Funding: $31M


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