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Computer Vision • Healthtech • Information Technology • Logistics • Machine Learning • Software • Manufacturing
Fully Remote
800 Employees

Dandy is transforming the massive ($200B) but antiquated dental industry. Backed by some of the world's leading venture capital investors, we are on an ambitious mission to integrate and simplify every function of the dental practice through technology. By building the operating system for every dental office in America, Dandy is empowering dentists with technology, tools, and world-class support to achieve more for their practice, their people, and their patients.

Computer Vision • Digital Media • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • News + Entertainment • Software • Generative AI
New York, New York, USA
1,700 Employees

Getty Images believes the right image, video or illustration can move the world. We deliver standout visual content to our customers, to power their commerce and ideas, and connect to their audience. For over 25 years, we’ve helped creative, business and media customers to define moments and shift perceptions using powerful visuals from gettyimages.com, istockphoto.com and unsplash.com.

Computer Vision • Consumer Web • Fitness • Machine Learning • Mobile
New York, New York, USA
11 Employees

Kickoff addresses two of the biggest challenges facing the 21st century - the obesity epidemic and the future of work, giving motivated workers a fulfilling and lucrative career, no matter their experience level. We are a remote personal training business-in-a-box that makes it easy for anyone to become a certified personal trainer, recruit clients from their network, fundamentally change lives for the better and earn a 6-figure income. Our tech makes our coaches ultra efficient and effective, from recruiting clients to daily nutrition behavior change to the best possible workout for the client each day. Clients get the unbeatable results that can only come from daily human accountability while coaches get much higher pay, complete autonomy, flexibility, and purpose. We’re well on our way to our goal of millions of high-earning coaches putting a massive dent in the obesity epidemic - to date, over 18,000 coaches have joined, and we’re growing north of 20% month on month.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Mobile • Robotics • Software
New York, New York, USA
18 Employees

Mobot is a QA-as-a-service platform using actual mechanical robots to automate testing of repetitive functions on real mobile devices. Mobot's human-supervised robots make it possible to automate mobile app tests that emulators, virtual devices, and existing frameworks can't. This approach eliminates thousands of hours of manual testing, increases testing efficiency and physical device coverage, and captures more bugs in-app before app store launches than software can do alone. Our mission is to revolutionize the way engineering teams test & develop their products. We work with software teams in all kinds of industries – mobile, e-commerce, FinTech, health, and IoT (to name a few) – providing automated testing of their mobile products and smart devices. We’ve raised money from world-class B2B enterprise SaaS investors, including Cota Capital, Heavybit, Uncorrelated, Primary Venture Partners, Bling Capital, Y Combinator, and more.

Computer Vision • Greentech • Mobile • Transportation
Long Island City, New York, USA
891 Employees

Here at FLASH, we want to redefine how the world gets around. This audacious goal has an unlikely starting point- the parking asset. We believe that unlocking the hidden potential in parking assets and transforming them into dynamic digital hubs will the missing link in our fragmented mobility ecosystem. It starts with the operating system we built for those assets. We are creating a network that communicates and evolves based on the ever-changing needs of today's consumers and how they choose to get around. If it goes, we play a role in how.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • Cybersecurity
New York, New York, USA
650 Employees

Dataminr -- long recognized as one of the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) startups -- puts real-time AI and public data to work for our customers, generating relevant and actionable alerts for thousands of users working in more than 100 countries for hundreds of client organizations--spanning global corporations, public sector agencies, NGOs, and newsrooms. As 2020 taught us, the unexpected can occur anywhere, at any time, radically affecting the health and safety of people and business operations. Real-time data is crucial for enhancing organizational agility, sustaining business continuity, and responding with speed and confidence. This is especially true as the landscape of public data sources expands and diversifies, spanning social media, information sensors, blogs, and the deep web. Dataminr processes billions of data units daily from 100,000+ public information sources in 100+ languages and in multiple formats -- including text, images, video, sound, and public sensor data. We use many different AI/ML techniques and methods such as natural language processing, understanding, and generation; computer vision; audio processing and classification, and anomaly detection on machine-generated data streams. Dataminr continuously trains its AI models on an accumulated 10-year archive of trillions of public data units and over 100 million critical local, national and global events while the company’s numerous AI models are all built, trained, and continuously updated by a team of data scientists, engineers, and researchers. In alignment with our belief that AI and real-time data should be a force for good, we forged a partnership with the United Nations in 2019, at the AI for Good Summit in Geneva. The partnership equips thousands of UN personnel with Dataminr’s First Alert. The initiative boosts the UN’s utilization of cutting-edge technology and provides their agencies and personnel with the earliest possible indications of emerging crises, accelerating humanitarian response efforts around the world. Since 2009, Dataminr has brought to market products that our clients find essential to make better-informed decisions, and effectively respond with speed and confidence to risks and opportunities.

Computer Vision • Retail • Robotics
Fully Remote
120 Employees

KeyMe Locksmiths is the nation's most trusted 24-hour emergency locksmith providing guaranteed service quality. KeyMe locksmiths specialize in residential and commercial lockouts, lock repair and installation, vehicle key fob replacement, door re-keying, and key copying. Our network of self-service kiosks are located in thousands of retail locations across the country supporting duplication of brass keys as well as sophisticated electronic keys such as RFID and vehicle transponder keys. For more information, please visit www.key.me/kiosks to find a KeyMe location near you or contact us at [email protected] or (855) 343-5776. Open roles can be found on our careers page: https://key.me/careers

Computer Vision • Legal Tech • Security • Software

The Digital Resolve platform is the smart choice for those clients wanting a single, easy-to-deploy solution that provides robust protection from login to logout. Contact: 877-201-3593

Agency • Computer Vision • eCommerce • Software • Design
New York, New York, USA
250 Employees

Woocommerce development company is an industry expert that provides clients with the best WooCommerce development services and solutions to help them operate profitable online businesses. At Woocommerce Development Company, we have a skilled and knowledgeable team of WooCommerce developers who can work with you to develop a successful eCommerce website.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Professional Services

amizen Labs helps organizations gain competitive edge by creating and maximizing value using artificial intelligence. Do you have a winning AI strategy? amizen Labs can be your trusted partner in embracing AI. https://www.amizenlabs.com Our sole (and soul) objective is to help organizations successfully embrace AI by helping ideas turn into AI reality. Conversational AI https://www.amizenlabs.com/design-custom-voice-experience Computer Vision & Deep Learning https://www.amizenlabs.com/computer-vision-deep-learning Machine Learning Solution https://www.amizenlabs.com/machine-learning

Computer Vision • Enterprise Web • Insurance • Machine Learning
30 Employees

Betterview is the only property data platform that informs every transaction for decision-makers who want to reduce risk, cost & waste in an increasingly competitive environment. We provide software and services that capture, organize, and analyze data for buildings and properties to unlock valuable insight. Our company is quickly becoming essential to every transaction by making every property thoroughly understood. Every day, our team is focused on the needs of our customers. We strive to earn their trust by providing valuable, accurate insight that is important to their businesses. We provide our customers with information that is not only useful to their business decisions but is easy to use. We combine high quality human interactions with sleek, intuitive design and are pioneers on the journey alongside our customers, who are transforming the way they do business with data-driven decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software
New York, New York, USA
37 Employees

Machine learning and data operations teams of all sizes use Encord's collaborative applications, automation features, and APIs to train & validate models and to annotate, manage & evaluate training data. Encord was recognized by CBInsights as one of Top 100 most innovative AI companies in 2022. We're hiring across product, design, and engineering - check out https://encord.com/careers

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Real Estate
New York, New York, USA
630 Employees

Founded in 2016, Meero aims to revolutionize the world of photography by allowing photographers to dedicate themselves to their passion. From developing income streams to market research, invoicing, post-production work, and delivery, Meero takes care of all of the laborious and time-consuming tasks which make the industry challenging to work in.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Insurance • Real Estate
New York, New York, USA
20 Employees

OnSiteIQ is a computer vision platform for construction risk. The OnSiteIQ platform is intended for owners and developers, as well as insurance providers. Our platform leverages computer vision algorithms to transform 360-degree walkthrough images onto floor plans, thereby providing remote progress as well as quality inspection capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • eCommerce • Machine Learning
New York, New York, USA
300 Employees

With over 100 million end-users in over 70 countries, Microblink harnesses artificial intelligence to power state-of-the-art computer vision and data extraction technology, allowing companies to provide seamless and secure customer experiences that make life easier by eliminating manual data entry on mobile and web apps. Our AI-powered data extraction technology is used by companies and consumers worldwide to capture data that simplifies digital onboarding and turns purchase data into real-time insights that power loyalty programs, promotional strategies, and market research.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Natural Language Processing
280 Employees

We are Infrrd - the Enterprise AI company that uses AI and Machine Learning technologies to help our customers automate human tasks.

Computer Vision • Software
30 Employees

Our mission is to make the world's scientific code more reusable, executable and reproducible Code Ocean is a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform that provides researchers and developers an easy way to share, discover and run code published in academic journals and conferences.

Computer Vision • Legal Tech • Professional Services • Security

The Digital Resolve platform is the smart choice for those clients wanting a single, easy-to-deploy solution that provides robust protection from login to logout. Contact: 877-201-3593

Computer Vision • Food • Healthtech
5 Employees

Hello, we are a team of scientists, dietitian, designers, and most importantly, we are parents and future parents. We share the common passion of making parenting easier for the next by using technology and data. If you are a software engineer who shares the same vision and you know how to build a killer app, we’d love to talk to you!

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Greentech • Machine Learning • Real Estate
130 Employees

Disperse capture's sense-data from construction sites on some of the world's biggest building projects and uses AI, computer vision and teams of in-house architectural experts to deliver insights into the hands of construction professionals. We're developing software power-tools that enable our customers to understand what's happening on their projects, and by doing so we drastically improve productivity, reduce wasteful rework, and increase energy efficiency and sustainability.