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Information Technology • Internet of Things • Mobile • On-Demand • Software
Stamford, Connecticut, USA
93,000 Employees

Our Product and Technology team creates, develops, and operates the nation’s fastest mobile service, most reliable internet service, most viewed live TV app, and the most advanced WiFi, serving nearly 100 million users and 500 million devices. We are transforming the next era of connectivity and entertainment experiences together.   The diversity of experience available within Spectrum’s Product and Technology team is unmatched and there are opportunities to grow your career as a designer, architect, engineer, developer, operator, or data scientist.  We are creative, disciplined, hard-working, complex-problem solvers that believe in collaborating to deliver the highest quality customer experience.

Cloud • Digital Media • News + Entertainment • On-Demand
Brooklyn, New York, USA
140 Employees

Inspired by Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of electronic television, Philo was created to build a better TV experience. The company started in the college market and is available nationwide, offering subscribers dozens of top-rated television channels for a low monthly subscription. In addition to being the first entertainment-focused streaming TV service, Philo offers live TV, unlimited 1-Year DVR, on-demand, and content from top programmers all available on Android devices and Android TV, Fire Tablets and Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS/iPad, Roku, PC/Mac web browsers, and Chromecast with Android functionality. Philo currently offers 60+ channels for just $25/month and allows three separate streams on three different devices with up to 10 profiles. Philo features a streamlined interface, intelligent search, and the ability to easily send your favorite shows to friends – right from within the platform. Philo is based in San Francisco, with offices in New York and Cambridge, MA. For more information, philo.com.

Food • Logistics • On-Demand • Sharing Economy • Social Impact
Fully Remote
50 Employees

At Shef, we are building a homemade food marketplace. We believe in providing the shefs in our community (refugees, immigrants, stay-at-home parents, retirees and out-of-work restaurant chefs) the opportunity to make a meaningful income by doing what they love! We also believe that every person should have access to a wholesome, home-cooked meal at an affordable price. Building a community devoted to economic empowerment and cultural inclusivity -- that's why we started Shef. We are committed to reimagining home cooking regulations around the country to help put people back to work following the COVID-19 pandemic and have raised nearly $30M from investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, and M13, as well as founders and executives from Instacart, TaskRabbit, StubHub, AngelList, Lyft, Airbnb, and Yelp. We have a ton of exciting work ahead of us and are excited to have you join us!

Consumer Web • eCommerce • On-Demand • Productivity • Real Estate
New York, New York, USA
33 Employees

Alfred brings together resident services and community engagement offerings through our all-in-one app. We bridge the gap between intuitive support and personalized experiences into the most crucial space in our lives: our homes because time is finite and support should be for everyone. Alfred is currently available in 44 cities across the U.S. Alfred is the leading resident experience and building management platform that is changing the way people live by bringing together at the intersection of real estate, hospitality, and technology—embracing a diversity of experiences and perspectives to bring about meaningful change for how we live together. Our Values: Integrity Embedded in everything we do is a continuous effort to build trust with our members, our partners, and one another. Empathy From anticipating our members’ needs to our collaborations with local businesses, we lead with empathy to support our members, partners, and community. Excellence We strive to learn and improve continuously. Working as one team, we adapt to a changing world and achieve a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

Greentech • Logistics • On-Demand • Software
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
27 Employees

Sourgum Waste (formerly Alliance Disposal) provides modern solutions and incredible support to customers and suppliers in the waste & recycling industry. We are here to revolutionize the outdated waste management industry and work toward zero waste, by providing our customers with simple applications to manage all their waste and recycling needs and equipping our partners with powerful hardware and software to improve hauling efficiency and sustainability. Doing so, we divert waste from landfills into upcycle streams, and plant trees to offset our carbon footprint. Our team is accessible, responsive, honest, and friendly - with our customers, our partners, and our colleagues, no matter who they are. Join us in making the world a cleaner place!

Events • Marketing Tech • On-Demand • Social Media
New York, New York, USA
27 Employees

Built by theatre professionals with real experience in the tech industry, On The Stage is an all-in-one cloud-based platform designed for theatre makers of every budget and experience level in mind. We offer Broadway caliber tools and technology to help creators achieve their goals by providing ticketing, live-streaming and on demand event distribution, promotional support, and audience engagement tools.

Cloud • Information Technology • On-Demand • Software
573 Employees

We help teams get data business-ready, faster, accelerating time-to-value and increasing the impact data can have. Our platform helps organisations that want to be data-driven to connect their data, shape it into business-ready formats, and get all this done faster with the cloud. We have a series of services that help teams load, transform, synchronise, and orchestrate their data, built on top of a cloud that ties everything together from end to end.

eCommerce • Mobile • On-Demand • Travel
150 Employees

Headout is evolving the way people discover the world by connecting them with exceptional experiences at the push of a button. We're combining a delightful product experience, data-driven decisions, sophisticated supply side logistics network and world-class operations to solve a huge basic human problem: how do we have a good time?

HR Tech • On-Demand

AllWork's software and services platform enables on-demand talent sourcing, management, and payment. Our platform is the easiest way to find, manage, and pay retail talent. We help brands and retailers sell more and engage customers by ensuring they have the right people, in the right store at the right time.

On-Demand • Sharing Economy
New York, New York, USA
16 Employees

We think the world would be a nicer place if everyone could afford to buy incredible, in-person groundtruth captured anywhere in the world in real time. So we’re making it happen by taking the on-demand model of Uber and matching it to our founder’s real-world experience of on-ground research.

eCommerce • Food • On-Demand • Software
5,000 Employees

Deliveroo is on a mission to transform the way the world thinks about food delivery. We are passionate about food and bringing people evermore choice. There are amazing restaurants everywhere that we believe everyone should have access to. We're in 13 countries and over 200 cities, with HQ in London and an engineering studio in NYC.

Healthtech • Mobile • On-Demand • Other
600 Employees

Ready is a venture-backed healthcare approach providing non-emergency medical care and support for patients in their own homes.

Artificial Intelligence • eCommerce • Machine Learning • On-Demand
12 Employees

As a one-stop shop for startups, AppRocket provide everything needed to launch: market research & product strategy, project management, design, software development & SEO/growth hacking. We have shipped products in the following: e-commerce, fintech apps & mobile wallets, on-demand services, healthcare analytics & visualization, and marketplaces

Food • On-Demand
New York, New York, USA
35 Employees

WoodSpoon is a community-based, two-sided online platform that facilitates the process of ordering homemade food from local cooks. WoodSpoon supplies a holistic experience from search, to packages, payments, delivery, and ranking. At WoodSpoon we empower our cooks to share their culture and passion with others.

Enterprise Web • On-Demand • Professional Services • Software • Consulting
New York, New York, USA
9 Employees

OnFrontiers builds knowledge networks for distributed businesses seeking to become more agile and competitive. Our product is a SaaS platform customers use to manage their network of go-to experts and also to access new expertise via our expert marketplace.

eCommerce • On-Demand • Retail
New York, New York, USA
98 Employees

Papier is a VC-backed consumer stationery brand that sells online and ships direct to customers. Papier launched over in the UK in 2015 and has been growing rapidly in the US since launching here in 2018, putting the US on course to become our largest market. Growth has been fuelled by over ~$15m of venture funding to date and we have just secured our Series C to help accelerate this still further. Alongside in-house collections, Papier collaborates with upcoming artists, iconic brands and exciting fashion labels to curate its emporium of notebooks, notecards, diaries, and journals. Our mission is to invite people to uncover the possibility of a blank page. We recently placed 8th on LinkedIn’s Top 15 UK Startups, and we are now seeking to support and strengthen our progress by building a team on the ground alongside our existing US partnerships.

3D Printing • eCommerce • Hardware • On-Demand • Social Impact
Brooklyn, New York, USA
5 Employees

Wooj Design is a sustainability-focused design studio based in Brooklyn, NY Wooj was founded on the belief that great products could be made at low cost without exploiting poor labor practices or requiring products to be made in the hundreds of thousands in order to be profitable. How? By utilizing a combination of robotics and craft manufacturing techniques. Currently all of Wooj’s products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Brooklyn, New York using ecologically responsible materials and finishes.

HR Tech • On-Demand • Sharing Economy
San Francisco, California, USA
60 Employees

Wonolo is changing the way companies find talent for their immediate work needs. Everyday, we are creating flexible opportunities for people to make extra income, learn new skills, and change their lives. At the same time, we are saving companies time and money by connecting them with talented people and redesigning the recruitment process for many

Legal Tech • On-Demand

Axiom, a recognized leader in the business of law, provides tech-enabled legal, contracts, and compliance solutions for large enterprises. Axiom’s solutions combine legal experience, technology, and data analytics to deliver work in a way that dramatically reduces risk, cost and cycle-time. We employ over 2,000 lawyers across 17 global offices.

Food • On-Demand

Whenever you’re hungry, count on Gebni for quality meals at dynamic prices. The Gebni App shows you all local restaurants offering dynamically priced meals to save you time and money.