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Professional Services • Software • Analytics • Consulting • Energy • Chemical • Renewable Energy
New York, New York, USA
15,000 Employees

A global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth. The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in our customers’ products and reflect an unwavering commitment to advancing our safety mission. We help our customers innovate, launch new products and services, navigate global markets and complex supply chains, and grow sustainably and responsibly into the future. Our science is your advantage.

Fintech • Consulting • Energy
New York, New York, USA
6,000 Employees

Capco, a Wipro company, is a global technology and management consultancy specializing in driving digital transformation in the financial services industry. With a growing client portfolio comprising of over 100 global organizations, Capco operates at the intersection of business and technology by combining innovative thinking with unrivalled industry knowledge to deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions and fast-track digital initiatives for banking and payments, capital markets, wealth and asset management, insurance, and the energy sector. Capco’s cutting-edge ingenuity is brought to life through its Innovation Labs and award-winning Be Yourself At Work culture and diverse talent. Our approach is tailor-made to fit with each client’s problem with an emphasis on building long-term strategic partnerships that foster collaboration and trust. We have the people, the vision, and the passion. Capco is committed to providing clients with practical solutions. We offer a globally integrated service with offices in leading financial centers across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Greentech • Semiconductor • Energy
New York, New York, USA
29 Employees

Blueprint Power is an NYC-based tech company whose mission is to accelerate the growth and financial sustainability of distributed, intelligent clean energy by helping regional groups of real estate companies transform their portfolios into power plants.

Other • Biotech • Energy
Brooklyn, New York, USA
88 Employees

BioLite is a for-profit social enterprise that develops, manufactures and markets distributed energy solutions for off-grid communities around the world. Our business serves two distinct markets: emerging-market families living in energy poverty, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking fuel-independent cooking and electricity. This is a uniq

Fintech • Greentech • Real Estate • Energy
New York, New York, USA
135 Employees

Sealed is a home wellness company on a mission to make homes healthier, more comfortable, and cleaner for the planet. We are transforming energy, finance and home improvement to deliver clean air and comfort with less energy.

Greentech • Internet of Things • Energy
4 Employees

AEF Ice Systems is developing the next generation of IoT controllers for building and HVAC systems. We use innovative sensing and control methods to improve energy efficiency and user experience.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Software • Energy
10 Employees

Sync is a SaaS platform for electric utility engineers to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence Our platform can tell how and which components of critical infrastructure will get damaged during an extreme natural event. Our predictions help utilities plan better and save up to 90% customer downtime.

Greentech • Hardware • Real Estate • Software • Energy
New York, New York, USA
85 Employees

Runwise is a fast-paced, customer-focused New York City / Boston based energy tech startup that controls the heating systems in nearly 2000 + buildings throughout the Northeast. Runwise’s unique hardware and software service significantly reduces energy usage, substantially lowering costs and carbon output.

Blockchain • Greentech • Social Impact • Consulting • Energy
6 Employees

Flow Carbon is a greentech start up that operates at the intersection of blockchain, carbon removal and conservation by facilitating high quality carbon credits to be stored on the blockchain and traded in new marketplaces. Flow Carbon is backed by a group of globally-known business leaders and being built by leading experts in carbon solutions. Based in New York City, but working globally, the company seeks to develop a pipeline of carbon credits through vast conservation of the most threatened ecosystems, creating a consumer brand to market carbon credits for both offsetting and investment, and leveraging tokenization to ease transfer and transparency.

Energy • Utilities
New York, New York, USA
8,336 Employees

We provide power to more than 10 million people and businesses across NYC and Westchester. Reliability and accessibility are central to what we do and how we provide energy service. Leading the industry to power tomorrow is our other focus- we are committed to aggressively transitioning away from fossil fuels to a net-zero economy by 2050. To help achieve this we collaborate with customers, regulators, policymakers, engineers, and other stakeholders to ensure our clean energy future is informed by principles of affordability, equity, and environmental justice. We’re also heavily investing in new technologies and the infrastructure that can get us there. What are a few things we have achieved so far? • Since 2009, our energy efficiency programs have prevented 11 million metric tons of carbon emissions – the same amount it would take to power 1.4 million homes for a year • Recently, we’ve embarked on an 8-year project to make our systems more resilient in the face of extreme weather events

552 Employees

Qcells is a renowned complete energy solutions provider in solar cell and module, energy storage, downstream project business and energy retail. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea (Global Executive HQ), Thalheim, Germany (Module Technology & Innovation HQ) and San Francisco, USA (Energy Storage/Inverter & Software HQ) with operations all over the world. Through its growing global business network spanning Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, Qcells provides excellent services and long-term partnerships to its customers in the utility, commercial, governmental and residential markets. For more information, visit: http://www.qcells.com/us

Fintech • Greentech • Energy
New York, New York, USA
35 Employees

CommonBond has built a values-driven, customer-centric fintech company. Our mission is to change the way people think about their personal finances and financial independence. We accomplish this by offering products that increase monthly cash flow for consumers, leverage state-of-the art technology, and deliver award-winning customer service. We are also the only fintech company with a 1-for-1 social mission; for every loan funded, we fund the education of a child in the developing world. CommonBond has been named to the World's 50 Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company, the 50 Best Places to Work by Inc., and the Forbes Fintech 50. In 2020, the company made the Inc 500 list, which highlights the fastest growing private companies in America. We are backed by great investors, have an awesome team, and are looking for our next great team member.

Co-Working Space or Incubator • Greentech • Energy

The Urban Future Lab (UFL) is a Downtown, Brooklyn-based incubator for companies working in the smart cities, clean energy and smart grid technology spaces. The UFL offers multiple programs for young companies to grow and develop into sustainable businesses.

Greentech • Energy

We use our renewable kinetic energy solutions to generate clean, consistent, and cost efficient power.

eCommerce • Other • Retail • Energy
180 Employees

Do you wish to get the perfect LED lamps or lights to add wonders to your place and get a better aesthetic appeal? If you wish the same, then you definitely need to get the best and reliable seller of lights. In that case, you must go with the choice of PretmetLed, which is one of the leading suppliers of LED lights in the Netherlands. Till this time they have served about 25,000 unique customers and are continuously focusing to improve themselves to provide you with the best. Check out their website if you wish to see their wide range of products.

New York, New York, USA
342 Employees

ACT is the world’s leading provider of market-based sustainability solutions. As enablers of the global energy transition, ACT helps organizations hit their climate targets, no matter how ambitious. Since 2009, ACT has become a trusted brand in high-impact climate projects, green electricity markets, renewable energies and energy efficiency, emission allowances and carbon offsets. With a growing portfolio of over 70 products in 40 plus countries, ACT’s consultants in Amsterdam, Shanghai, New York and Paris deliver bespoke solutions backed up by unparalleled market knowledge. ACT builds its relationships on trust and fosters an entrepreneurial environment. In shaping environmental markets, ACT enables its partners to pursue sustainable futures.

Greentech • Energy

The Megawatt Hour platform is designed for finance professionals, energy and facilities managers and consultants seeking better energy outcomes. It is built to provide easy, accessible desktop solutions for professionals who want to lower energy costs, manage energy expenses and information quickly, easily and with better results. The MWh is the only solution that provides businesses, colleges, universities and hospitals with real savings, for the first time since deregulation began.

Greentech • Energy

SunFarmer is a nonprofit that provides the capital and technical expertise needed to bring solar energy to hospitals, schools, and other institutions that lack reliable energy. Perhaps most important, they also provide the monitoring and maintenance support to ensure the system performs over the long-term.

Greentech • Energy
New York, New York, USA

See how homeowners are saving money by switching to 🏡 geothemal heating & cooling.

Greentech • Energy • Chemical
New York, New York, USA
63 Employees

Since 2017, our mission has been to address the dramatic surge in atmospheric carbon levels by utilizing CO2 as a climate solution. We’re united by our drive to move society towards a more sustainable future by creating innovative solutions that directly curb the emissions that affect climate change. We do this by using technology that converts CO2 into the highest quality and most sustainable fuels and alcohols on the planet — helping to decarbonize industries.