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Food • Information Technology • Payments • Software • Hospitality
Fully Remote
1,300 Employees

Wonders was born out of our personal struggles running a take-out restaurant for 10+ years. We know first-hand that small restaurant owners work far too hard to earn razor-thin margins. On top of that, enterprise software vendors offer technology solutions that don’t always work for small restaurants. At Wonders, we use a combination of bits (technology) and atoms (real people) to solve real-world problems facing restaurants. Today, we’ve helped more than 1,800 restaurant owners increase profits and secure a better future for their families. As we’ve grown, our founding principle has never changed: we aim to help independent restaurant owners realize their dreams. Wonders has achieved significant growth over the past two years, growing annual re-occurring revenue by almost 4x to $46 million and quadrupling our customer base of mom-and-pop restaurants.

Consumer Web • Fintech • Software • Travel • Hospitality
Denver, Colorado, USA
500 Employees

Hotel Engine is a Denver-based, high-growth travel tech company that focuses on one goal — making business lodging simpler. We’re on a mission to become the global leading platform for business lodging, by providing a savings-driven and easy-to-use platform. And with more than 200 employees serving 35K+ businesses, we are well on our way to achieving that goal.

Events • Fintech • HR Tech • Software • Hospitality
Brooklyn, New York, USA
180 Employees

We organize and empower the hourly teams of the world. We've built an all-in-one software that helps employers become better managers by giving them the tools they need to automate, simplify, and humanize the labor management process (think scheduling, time tracking, payroll processing integrations, and reporting + analytics). We're building the first all in one platform for scheduling and time tracking, vendor and labor management, and financial wellness. We're making work better.

Consumer Web • Mobile • Real Estate • Travel • Hospitality
New York, New York, USA
148 Employees

Welcome to Mint House, where every stay elevates the traditional travel experience. At the intersection of home comfort and hotel convenience, our apartment-style, tech-enabled residences redefine how you live, work, and play while away. Each Mint House property is crafted with a modern aesthetic and sustainable practices, capturing the distinctive spirit and culture of its city. Located in major U.S. cities such as New York, Miami, Nashville, and Philadelphia, our residences place you at the heart of urban life, providing all the comforts essential to modern travelers. Founded in 2017, the company has raised approximately $85M from leading venture capital firms like Mohari Hospitality and Revolution Ventures with executives from trusted hospitality and real estate brands. For more information, visit minthouse.com and follow @staymint on Instagram.

Healthtech • HR Tech • Hospitality • Telehealth
Fully Remote
2 Employees

Based in New Orleans + New York City, Oyster Sunday is a corporate office for independent restaurants + food brands. It is our mission to build a sustainable and supportive infrastructure for the food and beverage industry. We establish strategic partnerships to support independent restaurants and small food and beverage companies around the U.S. with branding, marketing, operations, HR, finance, accounting, and data management. We believe that businesses of all sizes should have access to the professional services that promote healthy growth, so we're building an economy of scale that gives us all a seat at the table.

Food • Mobile • Social Impact • Software • Hospitality
Chicago, Illinois, USA
400 Employees

We are on a mission to enable a connected global food system by 2030. One that runs transparently, sustainably, and without waste. Sound big? That’s because it is. Starting out, the Choco platform connects restaurants and suppliers, improving the order process to save time, money, and food. But that’s just the start. We’re growing fast and need the best team to power our climb.

Food • Sales • Software • Travel • Hospitality
Fully Remote
325 Employees

SevenRooms is a guest experience and retention platform for hospitality operators that enables them to build more profitable direct relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and increase repeat business. Founded in 2011 and venture-backed by Amazon, Comcast Ventures, Highgate Ventures and Providence Strategic Growth, SevenRooms has dining, hotel F&B, nightlife and entertainment clients in 250+ cities globally.

Healthtech • Pharmaceutical • Hospitality

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Other • Productivity • Software • Hospitality
New York, New York, USA
32 Employees

Shift workers are the engine of our economy, powering restaurants, call centers, factories, and more. But they switch jobs every few months, creating instability in their lives and costing employers thousands each time. Onaroll makes jobs sticky by celebrating shift workers and rewarding them for performance & loyalty.

Travel • Biotech • Pharmaceutical • Hospitality
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
60 Employees

We lead the global clinical trial performance improvement market by efficiently managing the patient experience through highly-personalized patient-centric services, unrivaled processes, and our team of professional experts. We streamline communication and coordination among clinical trial patients, sites, and stakeholders. We develop mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with clients and vendors who share our dedication and vision to humanize the patient experience.

Consumer Web • Events • News + Entertainment • Software • Hospitality
New York, New York, USA
60 Employees

PartySlate is a website that inspires people planning events and connects them with the leading event professionals and venues across the country and the world. Brides, grooms, corporate planners, and others use PartySlate to browse thousands of curated photos to find ideas and trends for their next events.

Healthtech • Pharmaceutical • Hospitality

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Healthtech • Pharmaceutical • Hospitality

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Healthtech • Pharmaceutical • Hospitality

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eCommerce • Other • Hospitality
Fully Remote
45 Employees

Minoan is at the frontier of a new way to shop — one we call "Native Retail". We believe Native Retail is the best way to market, discover, and purchase products. Our purpose is to build connections that elevate everyday moments between people, products & spaces. With Native Retail, products aren't boxed up on a shelf like they are in stores, and they're not hiding behind a phone screen like they are in e-commerce. There's no salesperson over your shoulder — just a little one-on-one time between the consumer and the products in their natural environments. That's why we built our FREE all-in-one purchasing platform, enabling vacation rental owners, managers, and designers to simplify furnishing, save money, and turn their spaces into custom shoppable experiences for guests.

Food • Mobile • Sales • Software • Hospitality
New York, New York, USA
250 Employees

Resy is a digital platform that brings restaurant intel, access, experiences and booking together, all in one. Resy’s consumer-facing channels (Resy.com and the Resy app) connect passionate diners to the most admired and desired eateries, provide restaurant intel by and for insiders, and deliver coveted reservations. With the powerful backing of American Express, which acquired Resy in 2019, the brands connect restaurants to a global network of diners. Resy restaurants use ResyOS, a software platform designed with hospitality in mind. ResyOS acts as the tech heartbeat of restaurants’ dining rooms, helping restaurants run efficiently every service. Features include reservations, table management, ticketing, waitlist functionality, customized SMS text confirmations, guest feedback surveys, reports and analytics, and more. Diners rely on Resy to get into the best restaurants, from neighborhood favorites and cult classics to just-opened hot spots. But Resy is more than reservations: it’s a trusted source for restaurant discovery, loyalty, access and booking all in one place. Resy’s original editorial content and award-winning events, helps users stay in the know and feel like industry insiders. Resy users who are American Express Card Members have the key to even more special access to the world’s most exciting restaurants. Through Resy’s Global Dining Access program, Amex Offers, perks at Resy events and more, Resy and American Express provide entry to exclusive dining experiences. If you love restaurants, it pays to be an American Express Card Member.

Healthtech • Pharmaceutical • Hospitality

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