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Artificial Intelligence • Enterprise Web • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • Conversational AI • Automation
Fully Remote
175 Employees

Kustomer delivers faster, richer experiences to your customers with omni-channel messaging, a unified customer view, and AI-powered automations.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Cloud • Sales • Analytics • Conversational AI
7 Employees

Bearworks is on a mission to revolutionize the way sales and business development teams operate with technology and AI. We're a productivity and team-building platform for business development teams to increase attainment rates by 10x or more. Using our parallel dialer and call insights, BDR teams can have more meaningful conversations with prospects more often and book more meetings. And with our virtual sales floor, leaders can recreate the electricity of a high energy sales floor and provide better coaching no matter if the team is co-located, hybrid or remote. Bearworks isn't just another sales productivity tool. It's built by, and backed by, the engineers, product leaders, GTM leaders, and investors that took Datadog from $50mm to $1.5bn in ARR. We've scaled GTM, know the pain points of every contributor from IC to CRO, and are joining that knowledge with deep experience building technical, data, and AI-rich products for companies of every scale. Our personalized voicemail drops eliminate the need for ringless voicemail marketing.

Cloud • Digital Media • Healthtech • Insurance • Financial Services • Conversational AI
Los Angeles, CA
30 Employees

111minutes – where software development meets transformative ingenuity. Our agile approach and expert team collaborate to engineer solutions that push boundaries and amplify success. Embrace the future of innovation as we turn 111 minutes into a canvas for crafting excellence.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Social Media • Conversational AI • Generative AI
Fully Remote
14 Employees

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Conversational AI • Big Data Analytics
Palo Alto, CA
100 Employees

Seamlessly Collaborate and Share Presentations with Decktopus Collaboration made easy! Decktopus enables teams to collaborate effectively on presentations. With real-time editing, commenting, and version control, multiple users can work together seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive and polished final presentation. Share your decks effortlessly and gather feedback to refine your content further.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Conversational AI
22 Employees

Bij ChatGPT Nederlands is het onze missie om digitale interacties voor mensen over de hele wereld te transformeren door AI-chattechnologie te democratiseren. Ons gratis ChatGPT Online-systeem, mogelijk gemaakt door OpenAI's API, biedt geavanceerde taalverwerking en personalisatiefuncties om gesprekken te verbeteren en meer begrip tussen mensen met verschillende achtergronden te bevorderen. Ons doel is om geavanceerde AI-technologie voor iedereen toegankelijk te maken, zonder enige financiële toetredingsdrempels. Wij geloven in een toekomst waarin intelligente gesprekken in hoge mate op maat en gepersonaliseerd zijn en mensen over de hele wereld op zinvolle manieren met elkaar verbinden. Doe met ons mee aan het revolutioneren van communicatiediensten en het bouwen aan een meer toegankelijke digitale wereld.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • Conversational AI • Generative AI
New York, NY
15 Employees

GPTZero is the leading platform for detecting AI-generated text. Since launching in January 2023, GPTZero has been used by over 5M people around the world and is depended on by thousands of consumer and enterprise customers. We’re solving novel, challenging problems in NLP and ML, and deploying cutting-edge solutions to detect the origin and veracity of the information on the web.

Marketing Tech • Software • Travel • Conversational AI
5 Employees

Brightr Travel is a web based CMS for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). We power local exploration and experiences and help DMOs connect with local customers, drive revenue and highlight what makes their destination special. Our platform also allows DMOs to create guides, events, collections and more.  We work with 30 destinations across the United States

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Productivity • Professional Services • Conversational AI • Generative AI • Automation
Fully Remote

Invisible solves complex business problems for leading enterprises with AI, automation, and a global workforce of operators. Invisible executes our clients' visions to perfection. Our clients only pay for outcomes.