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eCommerce • Fashion • Other • Retail • Sales • Wearables • Design
New York, NY
16,000 Employees

A tapestry is made of many threads woven into one story. So are we. Our global house of brands unites the magic of Coach, Kate Spade New York and Stuart Weitzman. By intertwining different people and ideas, we push ourselves in our work, pull out the unexpected in what we create, and expand the bounds of possibility. Our brands were created by dreamers who were determined to turn ideas into icons and, with passion, made it happen. We’ve grown by finding people similarly dedicated to the dream all over the world. We hold ourselves to high standards in every material, process, and person that plays a part in our work, and we embrace difference by design because diverse perspectives are at the heart of creativity. We find brilliance in the intersections—of beauty and function, of heritage and innovation, of accessibility and aspiration—which is how we break through with magic and logic in our culture and our craft. The result is that we stand taller together. Tapestry elevates the best in our people and brands. We use our collective strengths to move our customers and empower our communities, to make the fashion industry sustainable, and to build a house that’s equitable, inclusive, and diverse. Individually, our brands are iconic. Together, we can stretch what’s possible.

eCommerce • Healthtech • Mobile • Wearables
Fully Remote
170 Employees

We’re revolutionizing hearing care. We’re on a mission to empower tens of millions of people to hear better through convenient, personalized hearing care — at a fraction of the cost thanks to telemedicine. In three years, we went from a scrappy startup to a leader in the direct-to-consumer hearing care space with the backing of our parent company GN, a global pioneer in intelligent audio solutions, to prove it.

eCommerce • Wearables
New York, NY
35 Employees

eCommerce • Fashion • Wearables • Pharmaceutical
New York, NY
95 Employees

One of our two founders, Nathan, has been a glasses wearer since the age of eight and always found himself bored with his frames. His glasses felt more like a glaring medical device instead of an extension of his personality. With our co-founder Sophia, they interviewed hundreds of kids and adults and found others felt the same. From these conversations, Pair was born!

Big Data • Hardware • Internet of Things • Wearables
Pelham, NY

Protecting the back bone of our economy At any given minute, millions of hard working men and women bend their knees, take a deep breath, and then lift entire businesses up with their efforts. They shape metal, mine coal, assemble machines, construct our buildings and ship over 160 million packages across the country every single day. We think of these workers as the backbone of our economy. When they are injured, businesses are injured, families are injured, and the economy is injured. No one should have to sacrifice their life for their livelihood. That’s why we set out to protect America’s workforce and create the smartest safety device ever built.


Collaborative product development for enhanced apparel and wearable technologies.

Internet of Things • Pet • Wearables
New York, NY
58 Employees

We build products for your dog to live their best life. Our team is full of experienced, passionate people from Nest, Square, Google, and Uber who all care deeply about their dogs. Together, we’re bringing a digital revolution to the dog space.  Today’s collars and leashes are relics from the past; nothing has changed since the ’80s. We’re using technology to innovate the dog space and impact the lives of the 100 million dogs living in the US for the better. The hardest part about being a dog owner is they can’t tell you when something is wrong. Fi aims to change that; even by knowing what their ‘normal’ day of activity looks like, we’re already learning so much more about our dogs than we ever could before. And we’re not stopping there.


SoundSight Headphones are the world's best smart headphones. They provide users with a unique, studio quality, audio experience.


Solving healthcare problems with the latest in AR and Wearable Tech


Neural Feedback in Virtual Reality

eCommerce • Healthtech • Other • Pet • Wearables
New York , NY
200 Employees

Kinship is here to help everyone pet parent like a pro. Why? Because our pets make us better humans, and we owe them the best possible care. As the premier partner to a new generation of pet parents, we use our data, products, and services to help people be the best pet parents they can be. And we unite changemakers in pet care to break down barriers, open new doors, share insights, and advance our collective knowledge. All so we can reimagine the pet parenting experience, up people’s confidence, and help the world find better ways to care. Kinship is a coalition that includes: Adopt-a-Pet, the destination for finding homes for homeless pets The Wildest, the destination that helps pet parents keep their cool in the wild world of pet parenting The Kin, our mobile application that houses everything a pet parent needs to care for their pet and live their best lives together. The app brings together the three Kinship consumer brands and matches pet needs to quality service providers, helps them book and share necessary records, and provides personalized content so pet parents can parent with ease and confidence. PetExec, a B2B (SaaS) digital operations manager and the world's leading tool for petcare businesses. Together, these teams and more work to set new standards in pet care. And, as a part of Mars Petcare, they work to create a better world for pets. Learn more at www.kinship.co.

Hardware • Healthtech • Internet of Things • Wearables

Hi! We are a VC and Healthcare Provider-backed MedTech start-up that aims to solve the healthcare system’s most critical gaps in data management and productivity. Our flagship offering includes a revolutionary smart wearable that allows clinicians to confidently make faster, fact-based decisions. This empowers doctors and nurses to provide an unmatched caliber of care, which translates to improved patient outcomes. We are committed to building the future of the hospital system. As we expand our reach, we are looking for ambitious, empathetic, and sharp leaders to join our team.

Fashion • Wearables
New York , NY

Caeden (NYC) is developing truly wearable technology. The company is taking an orthogonal approach to the wearables market, focusing first on creating an iconic fashion brand, and next on embedding the latest biosensors into their product line.


Luma Legacy offers a collection of jewelry and watches.


Fullbeauty Brands is a plus-size women and men fashion/clothing company that owns various brands.

Healthtech • Wearables • Biotech
New York, NY
8 Employees

Tatch is transforming sleep diagnostics by shrinking an entire sleep lab to a single wearable patch. Our platform delivers consumer comfort with clinical performance by using cutting-edge sensor design, a cloud-native suite of state-of-the-art algorithms and a sleek mobile app, creating a seamless experience for both patient and doctor.

Beauty • Consumer Web • eCommerce • Wearables
5 Employees

Hazel is a luxe, innovative femme care brand for the ever-evolving woman. We’re empowering her with elevated, ground-breaking products – starting with a disposable brief for incontinence. Legacy players control the market, so they have no incentive to innovate. They are still offering her a bulky, diaper-like solution. We’re making her feel seen and understood with a disposable brief that's super-thin, powerfully absorbent, and looks and feels like a chic pair of underwear. We embrace everything that comes with being a woman – even leaks. We believe in talking about taboos and subverting stereotypes. We’re here to make women feel less ashamed and alienated, and more like their empowered marvelous selves as they age.

Fitness • Wearables

FitAd provides publishers 2 services through our PrecisionTap™ platform to maximize advertising revenue: direct & Sponsorship sales, and programmatic streams from 100+ demand sources. FitAd brings advertisers a curated audience seeking fitness & health content + utilities to engage in their passions or improve themselves through use of mobile applications, sites, and wearable technology.

Productivity • Wearables
New York, NY

Waverly Labs produces smart earpiece designed for highly connected professionals.

Agency • Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Fintech • Information Technology • Software • Wearables
Mountain View, CA
90 Employees

Working diligently in technology to assist firms, enterprises, and organizations worldwide to manage business operations more efficiently and effectively, Closeloop has been in operations for the past 12+ years. From creating a strategy for start-ups to transforming a business’s growth plans, we provide end-to-end technology solutions for a better tomorrow. At Closeloop, we follow a sophisticated approach to building groundbreaking digital solutions that fit the purpose and impact lives positively and progressively. Our past projects are testimony to our capabilities, professionalism, and technical competence.