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Legal Tech • Professional Services • Software • Business Intelligence • Consulting
New York, NY
215 Employees

Expert Institute is the nation's leading expert consulting and insights platform, helping plaintiff firms win more cases and increase their profitability. Established in 2010, Expert Institute has supported over 5,000 firms nationwide across all areas of practice. We connect litigators with top industry experts, innovative litigation research, physician consultations, and comprehensive due diligence — all delivered through our SaaS platform, Expert iQ. Leveraging proprietary data and analytics, we give plaintiff firms a winning edge. Our team is composed of researchers, medical doctors, client advocates, business development leaders, and technologists. As we roll out new Expert iQ features, expand our client base, and onboard new experts, we’re always looking for the brightest talent to join our team.

Artificial Intelligence • Real Estate • Software • Business Intelligence
Brooklyn, NY
45 Employees

Northspyre is a software technology that empowers modern real estate teams to build our cities leveraging data, automation and artificial intelligence to get to faster, more predictable outcomes on complex projects. We are a super passionate, collaborative and diverse team of real estate, technology and business professionals who know how to roll-up our sleeves and get things done. Come join us!

Big Data • Fintech • Machine Learning • Software • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
70 Employees

We believe that the future of the small business economy runs on data. At Enigma, we’re building the single, most reliable source of data about businesses to unlock new access to capital. By engineering better data from hundreds of public and third-party sources, we aim to tell the complete story of every business, so that companies of every size can access the financial services they need to grow and thrive. That's why financial leaders like Capital One, American Express, and Customers Bank are using Enigma’s data to better serve their small business customers.

Information Technology • Machine Learning • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Fully Remote
330 Employees

CB Insights fuses machine learning, algorithms, data and visualizations together to help large enterprises ask, answer and articulate compelling answers to difficult questions - about growth, about competition and about the markets and technologies of the future.

Information Technology • Marketing Tech • Software • Database • Business Intelligence
New York, NY
165 Employees

ActionIQ is a leader in the massive and fast growing category of Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Our product brings order to Customer Experience (CX) chaos. ActionIQ’s CX Hub empowers everyone to be a CX champion by giving business teams the freedom to explore and take action on customer data, while helping technical teams regain control of where data lives and how it is used. We are backed by top-tier VCs Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and March Capital. Enterprise brands such as Autodesk, Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, The Washington Post, Hertz, Atlassian and many more use our CX Hub to achieve growth through extraordinary customer experiences.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Hardware • Software • Business Intelligence
New York, NY
470 Employees

Sisense believes the smallest insights can drive large-scale business decisions. Sisense embeds analytics seamlessly into any workflow. From retail to life sciences to manufacturing, their solutions power customer experiences by increasing user adoption and supporting smart, quick business moves. For product leaders, this means providing customers with uncomplicated tools for intuitive, insightful ways of working. In turn, key decision-makers get the answers they need in the tools they use, and the confidence to make data-driven decisions without waiting on analyst teams. With Sisense analytics tools, IT and BI teams can help everyone at their company analyze, explore, and collaborate to uncover valuable insights. In order to make better-informed business decisions, the barriers between questions and answers must be removed where end users work. Because once there’s a clear path to clear answers, business leaders can better understand their world and gain the necessary knowledge to take action in it.

Artificial Intelligence • Enterprise Web • Sales • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence • App development
Fully Remote
67 Employees

Our mission is to help companies across the world improve their customers’ experiences with better customer support. Our solutions streamline quality assurance practices, improve customer support coaching, and provide data-driven reporting. We’re growing rapidly to help reshape how some of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies — including DraftKings, DoorDash, Etsy, Shopify, Peloton, and more — engage with their customers.

Artificial Intelligence • Enterprise Web • Software • Database • Business Intelligence • Consulting • Big Data Analytics
New York, NY
10 Employees

View our main careers portal for an extended description: https://apply.workable.com/teragonia/ Teragonia, a robustly capitalized startup with a well-established clientele, is dedicated to transforming the financial sponsor universe through cutting-edge data science and AI solutions. Our mission is to reimagine how financial sponsors execute their investment thesis, from sourcing to exit, and maximize value to all stakeholders. We seek to accomplish this mission through an industry-aligned operating model that optimally blends business domain knowledge, technology, and quantitative techniques. Our core offerings include: (i) business intelligence applications, (ii) enterprise solutions that provide data science and operations research-driven insights to business users, and (iii) data science consulting. Teragonia offers an expansive career development platform through cross-learning within our multidisciplinary structure. We nurture a diverse, inclusive, collaborative, respectful, and collegial environment. Our competitive compensation package aligns with industry leaders, encompassing 401k contribution matching, medical insurance, and additional benefits.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Cloud • Software • Business Intelligence
New York, NY

Collibra is the Data Intelligence company. Put simply, data intelligence is the ability to understand and use your data in the right way. Our Java-based SaaS platform combines security and accessibility to deliver quality data our users can trust, helping them to get more out of their world and accelerate innovation. Collibrians are on a mission to empower our customers to make meaning from their data so they can change the world. In pursuit of our mission, we celebrate inventiveness, reward ambition, and work together — united as #OneCollibra.

Business Intelligence
241 Employees

Keystone is an innovative strategy, economics, and technology consulting firm delivering transformative ideas and novel solutions to global brands and law firms on leading-edge challenges in technology, business, consumer goods, and science. The firm’s expertise in strategy, economics, data analysis, product development, intellectual property, and antitrust is ideally suited to develop bold strategies that have a far-reaching impact on business, consumers, and public policy. Keystone combines the strategic insights of leading academic experts from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, and other top universities with the practical industry expertise of its accomplished network of professionals to deliver extraordinary impact. We work with an array of Fortune 50 technology companies as well as global consumer brands, including Amazon, Facebook, GE, Intel, Roche, Microsoft, Oracle, Yeti, and others. Keystone applies the most advanced strategy, analytical and business management services while also using our entrepreneurial skills to drive innovation, business growth, and digital transformation. We are actively hiring for our Boston, NYC, Seattle and San Francisco offices. Learn more about Keystone at www.keystone.ai or www.keystonestrategy.com.

Gaming • Database • Analytics • Business Intelligence • eSports
New York , NY

Let’s Play operates across the Vindex platform, to generate insightful, compelling and strategic analysis to drive growth, improve efficiency and unlock new opportunities.

Fintech • Productivity • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence
New York, NY
14 Employees

Causal is an all-in-one tool for working with performing calculations, visualising data, and communicating with numbers. Causal lets anyone build sophisticated models, connect to live data, and present beautiful visuals in interactive dashboards. We're building a horizontal product that can be used by all teams in companies, including finance (financial modelling, business planning), marketing (ads forecasting), sales (pipeline forecasting, ROI calculators), engineering (cloud cost planning).

Business Intelligence • Consulting
New York, NY
276 Employees

K2 Integrity is the preeminent risk, compliance, investigations, and monitoring firm—built by industry leaders, driven by interdisciplinary teams, and supported by cutting-edge technology to safeguard our clients’ operations, reputations, and economic security. K2 Integrity represents the merger of K2 Intelligence, an industry-leading investigative, compliance, and cyber defense services firm founded in 2009 by Jeremy M. Kroll and Jules B. Kroll, the originator of the modern corporate investigations industry, and Financial Integrity Network (FIN), a premier strategic advisory firm founded by Juan Zarate and Chip Poncy dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial integrity goals. K2 Integrity leverages unmatched multidisciplinary experience to develop cutting-edge solutions, stimulate business opportunities, and shape global economic security in a complex world. Whether it’s protecting clients’ assets or navigating the complex financial regulatory landscape to help clients identify, manage, and mitigate risk, K2 Integrity is an advisor trusted to meet and exceed clients’ goals in a rapidly changing world. To learn more about how K2 Integrity is revolutionizing the management of risk, visit our website, www.k2integrity.com.

Greentech • Social Impact • Software • Transportation • Business Intelligence
Brooklyn, NY
24 Employees

Dollaride is a mobility company for communities underserved by public transit. We make public transit accessible to people who live in transit deserts. We specialize in building technology that supports micro-transit routes in the highest need areas in NYC. Passionate about the ‘dollar vans’ in NYC, an informal network of shuttles, Dollaride is dedicated to improving shared transportation options in areas that need it the most.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Natural Language Processing • Sales • Software • Business Intelligence • Big Data Analytics
New York, NY
3 Employees

At PastSight we’re on a mission to make the world “customer first” by helping every company *truly* understand what their customers need. It’s a win-win as customers get what they want and companies close and retain more revenue. Here's the situation today... 80% of companies rely solely on their CRM data to understand why they win and lose deals. But this information isn’t correct. It’s inputted by AEs and CSMs. But most aren’t asking their customers the right questions. And for the ones that are, customers aren’t telling the truth. That means most companies are making key business decisions on product, sales enablement, GTM strategy, marketing, messaging and pricing based on faulty data. If they even look at it at all. At least 1 in 5 companies hire a company to do win-loss analysis and get the data by going directly to the source: the customer The problem is, the data isn’t digestible or actionable. Until now… PastSight is the only revenue-driven win-loss analysis that gets companies the information they need to: -Know which deals they can win back and how -Know what to to action on -Improve close rates

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Business Intelligence
New York , NY
175 Employees

Signal AI is one of the leading AI companies turning the world’s data into knowledge and empowering business leaders across a range of industries to make better decisions. Signal AI’s platform enables organisations to track defined challenges in real-time, from competitive landscape and changes to regulation to monitoring reputation, ESG performance or supply chain risk. The platform’s brain, named AIQ, can read and interpret over 5 million documents a day, and surface critical and relevant intelligence in real-time. The company's communications, reputation management, ESG and supply chain risk customers include banks, law firms, governments, and NGOs.

Big Data • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence • Big Data Analytics
Queens, NY
7 Employees

Big Data • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence
New York, NY
5 Employees

At Roster, we are re-imagining what data means in business operations. Roster's modern business operations management platform makes operational data actually useful in day-to-day activities across Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and more. We want to reshape how business teams value their time: fewer low-value tasks, greater strategic impact and creative work. Business data is trapped across disparate source systems, where operators do their work. It takes hours of wrangling manual CSV exports and Google Sheets to answer simple business questions or run standard processes. The $20B business intelligence market hasn’t changed in over a decade, and was built for the data practitioner — not the operator — in mind. Existing tools are antiquated and don’t cater to how businesses operate today.

Information Technology • Business Intelligence • Consulting
Hicksville, NY
87 Employees

Lincoln Computer Services is a professional and managed services provider with a commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions to business enterprises in the New York metropolitan area. Our mission is to make your IT infrastructure an asset for your business by eliminating complexity and helping to maximize return on technology investment. Founded in 1998 as a systems integration consulting firm, Lincoln has evolved into a recognized IT business consultancy with a wide-reaching solution focus. Our success has been largely attributed to our ability to constantly adapt to the changing business, fiscal and technology requirements of our customers and to respond quickly to the key forces which have shaped our industry. In an effort to meet the growing demands of our client base while simultaneously focusing on on-going cost reduction, we shifted our strategy to include best-of-breed technology partnerships; expanding our solution focus and vastly enhancing our traditional systems integration business. Our sales and technical engineering staff design, source, configure, implement, and support innovative IT solutions. We enable businesses to utilize critical resources for business growth, while we keep your network up and running at optimal performance. Lincoln’s team of certified engineers is proficient in providing the highest level of support, including: Cloud Computing, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Managed IT Services and Professional IT Services. The breadth and depth of our offering is what differentiates us in the marketplace.

AdTech • Agency • Digital Media • Business Intelligence
New York, NY
100 Employees

Acronym has been providing world-class keyword-driven marketing services and is one of the largest independent global search and discovery marketing agencies. With our headquarters in New York City’s iconic Empire State Building, as well as regional office in London, Singapore, and Toronto. Privately funded, we employ 100 full-time Search Marketing, Analytics and Technology experts worldwide. We focus on developing long-term partnerships with world-class brands, and take pride in our high-touch client services, unrivaled subject matter expertise, and agility in dealing with our Clients’ changing needs in this fast-changing industry. We have been building a solid reputation for excellence since 1995. Our client roster consists of mid-size organizations in localized regions to large enterprise brands in nearly all verticals, from travel and healthcare to business technology and retail. We specialize in Organic SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Usability Consulting, and Deep-Dive Analytics.