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Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Machine Learning • Mobile • Software • Virtual Reality • App development
New York, New York, USA
5,500 Employees

Snap Inc. is a technology company. We believe the camera presents the greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. We contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.

AdTech • Cloud • Digital Media • Information Technology • News + Entertainment • App development
New York, New York, USA
50,000 Employees

NBCUniversal has a rich history of evolving the media and entertainment industry. From film, television, news, theme parks, interactive media, and streaming, our people are at the center of it all. ​Here, we solve complex and business-critical problems. That’s why we’re looking for people to help us continue our evolution, imagining and delivering the most innovative and disruptive products and services through the latest tech advancements in the industry. ​ Here you can develop solutions. You’ll develop solutions that allow engineers to broadcast live TV from the comfort of their homes. These solutions will enable the use of our collection of hundreds of thousands of distinct intellectual properties across our film, television and streaming brands. Here you can transform. You’ll make decisions and solve complex problems by leveraging insights that come from data, building AI to help enable solutions to optimize every aspect of our content eco-system. Here you can build. You’ll build emerging immersive technologies that are used to power the broadcasts and streaming of global events like the Super Bowl and Olympics. You can create secure, elastic cloud-based services connecting parts of our global platform ecosystem that effect tens of millions of viewers, consumers and businesses that consume and love NBCUniversal’s content. And while you design, build and architect your career, we have the culture to make sure you’re supported. Here you can work and still live your best life! We’re leaders in our fields. We hire smart people and trust them to get the job done. We are never too busy to develop a fellow colleague. We understand our goals – or we ask. When we see something that needs doing – we do it. We make data-driven decisions. We fiercely believe in our talent and their growth. If you're ready to make an impact, here you can.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Software • Design • App development • Generative AI
New York, New York, USA
140 Employees

Bubble is the leading visual programming platform that lets users build and host a full-featured web app without needing to code. Our company has grown to more than 1 million users, but the goal has always been the same: to become the go-to place for all startups and entrepreneurs beginning their journey to building a web application.

Healthtech • Information Technology • Social Impact • Software • App development
New York, New York, USA
170 Employees

firsthand is changing the way individuals living with Serious Mental Illness (SMI) get care. We are focusing on delivering real outcomes for a cohort that has historically been underserved, stigmatized, and deprioritized. By building a service focused on whole-person care, firsthand aims to find, establish a trusting relationship with, and support quality care for individuals living with complex experiences of SMI. Most importantly, our goal is to be the trusted guide, partner, and first call for individuals we serve, guiding them to a life of stability and independence. In doing so, we will not only improve lives, but also improve the economics for managed care plans and states responsible for providing care to this community. This enables us to build solutions that scale and, as a result, change the way our society supports those most impacted by serious mental illness.

Cloud • Consumer Web • Productivity • Software • App development • Automation • Data Privacy
Fully Remote
2,500 Employees

Dropbox is a special place where we are all seeking to fulfill our mission to design a more enlightened way of working. We’re looking for innovative talent to join us on our journey. The words shared by our founders at the start of Dropbox still ring true today. Wouldn’t it be great if our working environment—and the tools we use—were designed with people’s actual needs in mind? Imagine if every minute at work were well spent—if we could focus and spend our time on the things that matter. This is possible, and Dropbox is connecting the dots. The nearly 3,000 Dropboxers around the world have helped make Dropbox a living workspace - the place where people come together and their ideas come to life. Our 700+ million global users have been some of our best salespeople, and they have helped us acquire customers with incredible efficiency. As a result, we reached a billion dollar revenue run rate faster than any software-as-a-service company in history. Dropbox is making the dream of a fulfilling and seamless work life a reality. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Healthtech • Biotech • App development
New York, New York, USA
150 Employees

Click Therapeutics, Inc., develops, validates, and commercializes software as prescription medical treatments for people with unmet medical needs. As a leading innovator of Digital Therapeutics™, Click delivers accessible, clinically proven, FDA-regulated prescription treatments to the smartphone in your hand. Click’s treatments are defined by a commitment to applying technical and scientific rigor and patient-centric design to the development process. This results in uniquely engaging experiences that achieve compelling clinical outcomes for patients seeking new treatment options. Click Therapeutics continuously expands and refines its platform with novel cognitive, behavioral and neuromodulatory mechanisms of action and advanced data-driven tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The digital therapeutics under development on Click’s platform address diverse areas of therapeutic need, including indications in psychiatry, neurology, oncology, immunology, and cardiometabolic diseases. Consistently named a best place to work, Click fosters an inclusive, diverse workforce of innovators, clinicians, scientists, researchers, designers, technologists, engineers and more, united in a common mission to provide patients everywhere access to safe and effective prescription digital therapeutics. For more information, visit www.clicktherapeutics.com and connect with us on LinkedIn. NOTE: Fake job advertisements and offers are increasingly appearing on the internet. If you have encountered a job posting or have been approached with a job offer that you suspect may be fraudulent, we strongly recommend you do not respond and report it to the Federal Trade Commission and to [email protected]. Other than your email address or telephone number, which you may provide via a job application portal, Click Therapeutics will never ask you to provide personally identifiable information about yourself (such as a Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number) via a messaging application.

Artificial Intelligence • Enterprise Web • Sales • Software • Analytics • Business Intelligence • App development
Fully Remote
67 Employees

Our mission is to help companies across the world improve their customers’ experiences with better customer support. Our solutions streamline quality assurance practices, improve customer support coaching, and provide data-driven reporting. We’re growing rapidly to help reshape how some of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative companies — including DraftKings, DoorDash, Etsy, Shopify, Peloton, and more — engage with their customers.

Machine Learning • Mobile • Other • Social Impact • Software • App development
New York, New York, USA
260 Employees

In today’s digital world, singles are so focused on sending likes and looking through profiles that they’re not actually building meaningful connections and going on dates. Hinge is on a mission to change that by designing the most effective app experience. On Hinge, there are no rules, timers, or games. Instead, you’ll have unique conversations over the text, photos, and audio you’ve shared on your profile. And it’s resonating with daters. Hinge was the fastest-growing dating app in the US, UK, Canada and Australia in 2019 and 2020. Our Culture: - Authenticity: Share your genuine thoughts and opinions directly. - Courage: Invite and deeply consider challenges and criticism. - Empathy: Be empathetic, communitarian and trustworthy.

eCommerce • Social Impact • Software • Sports • Consulting • App development • Utilities
New York, New York, USA
10 Employees

Kaizen Labs is redefining government technology. We believe residents and government staff across America’s 85,000 government agencies deserve access to modern, trusted interfaces that provide critical services like parks & recreation, permitting, public works, and more. Whether it’s powering a tennis court reservation or the organization of a public rally, our platforms are democratizing access to public services for millions of residents across the country. Kaizen Labs is rapidly growing across the country, changing the fabric of the communities we live in, and having fun while doing it! Founded in 2022 and based out of New York City, Kaizen Labs is backed by Accel and Andreessen Horowitz.

Digital Media • Gaming • Healthtech • Mobile • Social Impact • Sports • App development
New York, New York, USA
50 Employees

WeWard wants to get more people walking the world over, by any means necessary.  The simple act of walking is good for our bodies, our minds, and the planet. But its immense value has been overlooked and underappreciated. We know that humans are hardwired for the reward; so we’re creating more ways to playfully motivate people to walk using a free mobile application that rewards its users in a digital money (Wards) for walking. These Wards can be used inside a dedicated e-shop to support a cause, receive gifts or even cash. After 4 years, WeWard rewards 20 millions of people for walking every day and increases its users' walking time by 24% in average. VISION: MORE PEOPLE WALKING, THE WORLD OVER MISSION: TO MAKE WALKING A MORE REWARDING PART OF OUR LIVES

eCommerce • Fitness • Information Technology • Mobile • Software • Wearables • App development
Manhattan, New York, USA
250 Employees

TechnBrains is not just a company; it's an innovation hub in the heart of New York. With skilled professionals, including top-tier UI/UX designers and engineers specializing in AI, blockchain, image recognition, and cybersecurity, we are equipped to handle any project. Key Offerings: Seamless Mobile App Development for iOS and Android Captivating Web Development Services Pioneering in AI, AR, and VR Technologies Transformative Fintech Solutions Tailored Custom Software Development Join us in shaping the future of technology in the city that never sleeps!

Gaming • Marketing Tech • Mobile • Social Media • Sports • App development
Fully Remote
4 Employees

Rivalista is a pre-seed, pre-raise sportstech startup, developing mobile fan engagement and sports marketing platforms. Our launch product, RivalSlam, is a bragging-rights-amplifying mobile app that uniquely harnesses fan passions, fueling deeper engagement and connection with the people and teams we care about. It's about sports and fandom and it's about fun. We've surpassed a majority of early stage milestones and are readying to take our first bite of the $1.3T global sports market.

AdTech • Healthtech • Information Technology • Internet of Things • Software • App development • Telehealth
Austin, Texas, USA
50 Employees

Our services encompass mobile app, website, and web app development, UI/UX design, business analysis, and quality assurance. With over 800 successful projects, 185+ clients, and a 55% repeat hire rate, we've built a reputation for excellence. We cater to diverse sectors including Real Estate, HealthTech, Food, FinTech, Sports, and Enterprise Solutions.

Artificial Intelligence • Gaming • Mobile • Real Estate • Retail • Software • App development
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
499 Employees

Cubix is a full-stack software development company, empowering businesses to thrive in the modern era through innovative mobile apps, mobile games, custom software solutions, and cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and AI. With over 17 years of experience, Cubix is a trusted partner for enterprises, SMEs, and Fortune 500s seeking an innovation partner to leverage the power of cutting technology to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve.

Consumer Web • Mobile • Other • Social Media • Business Intelligence • App development
San Diego, California, USA

Selling Your Business with David King is San Diego's top business broker for buying or selling a business. With a proven track record in mergers, acquisitions, and valuations, our team delivers personalized solutions to meet your unique business needs. We take pride in our professionalism and commitment to confidentiality, ensuring your transactions are handled with care. Trust us to be your partner in achieving your business goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Consumer Web • eCommerce • Enterprise Web • Information Technology • Software • App development • SEO
New York, New York, USA
40 Employees

Armix Group is the leading provider of Custom Software Development solutions, Web and Mobile App Development, SEO, PPC and GA4/GTM services. With over 18 years of industry experience, we are proud to be an NYC-based company specializing in crafting tailored software solutions to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in custom software development. With a long history of successful projects, we have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality results on time and within budget. Our services include: * Custom Software Development * Mobile App Development * Web Design and Development * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) * Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GMT), Custom Reports

Cloud • Edtech • Enterprise Web • Fintech • Healthtech • Design • App development
New York, New York, USA
120 Employees

Nickelfox Inc. is one of the top product development companies in USA, Nickelfox aims to deliver the most ground-breaking experiences. Our teams and management work together to build a brand and level up their efficiency with impressive approaches.

eCommerce • Enterprise Web • Fintech • Healthtech • Information Technology • Software • App development
Fully Remote
130 Employees

NEKLO is a team of 130+ professional software developers who create custom software, web and mobile apps for companies of all sizes and from multiple industries. NEKLO experts also consult businesses on cybersecurity, tech stack, IT project strategy and help with MVP/PoC. During 15+ years in the industry NEKLO helped clients from such industries as eCommerce, construction, HealthTech & FinTech, banking, entertainment, energy and more.

Artificial Intelligence • Internet of Things • Machine Learning • Design • App development
100 Employees

Parangat Technologies is a mobile app development company with a global presence. The company specializes in blockchain technology including developing blockchain applications for startups and enterprises.

Consumer Web • Mobile • Other • Social Media • Business Intelligence • App development
San Diego, California, USA

Selling Your Business with David King is San Diego's top business broker for buying or selling a business. With a proven track record in mergers, acquisitions, and valuations, our team delivers personalized solutions to meet your unique business needs. We take pride in our professionalism and commitment to confidentiality, ensuring your transactions are handled with care. Trust us to be your partner in achieving your business goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.