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eCommerce • Hardware • Healthtech • Software • Semiconductor
New York, NY
447 Employees

We created the world’s first handheld, whole-body ultrasound probe: the Butterfly iQ. This innovative device reduces the cost of the traditional ultrasound system by miniaturizing it onto a single semiconductor silicon chip with our patented Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology. We’ve paired our handheld probe with cloud-based software to create a true imaging solution—one that delivers vital information, in a variety of use cases, across multiple care settings. This information supports timely clinical decision-making and creates workflow improvements that help clinicians achieve better outcomes for the people in their care. Our Butterfly iQ and next-generation Butterfly iQ+ have received CE Mark and FDA clearance, and are being sold in hospitals and clinics in 20 countries around the world. In 2021, Butterfly began trading publicly on the NYSE. By joining Butterfly Network, you will be helping to transform the future of healthcare. Our team helps us maximize global impact, motivated by the idea that our products will impact the lives of millions, including the people they love.

Greentech • Semiconductor • Energy
New York , NY
29 Employees

Blueprint Power is an NYC-based tech company whose mission is to accelerate the growth and financial sustainability of distributed, intelligent clean energy by helping regional groups of real estate companies transform their portfolios into power plants.

HRL Laboratories Thumbnail
Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning • Software • Semiconductor
850 Employees

Professional Services • Robotics • Nanotechnology • Semiconductor
Delaware, DE
13 Employees

Website Development Company is a web and mobile app development firm that assists businesses in achieving their Digital Transformation objectives. With the power of on-demand solutions powered by cutting-edge technology, I help Enterprises and Startups solve their Digital Transformation and mobile app development difficulties. A great variety of PHP solutions for the Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Yii, Phalcon, Zend Framework, and Drupal platforms have been successfully supplied by Website Development Company. Website Development Company, one of the leading mobile and web application development firms in the United States, works with startups, scale-ups, and businesses in the United States to create stunning and effective websites that help them grow. We offer the best web development services in the United States as expert web developers and website designers. Our team works closely with you on every phase of the project to ensure you reach your business goals through your website, from understanding your company objectives to building the appropriate web development solution to conversion rate optimization and visitor tracking. As a well-known web development and design firm, we employ the best web designers and developers to create eye-catching, lead-generating websites that meet our clients' needs.

Hardware • Information Technology • Logistics • Semiconductor
102 Employees

Step into the world of superior metalworking solutions at Steelmax Tools. Explore an extensive selection of state-of-the-art metal cutting saws and magnetic drilling machines, setting new standards for precision and efficiency. Our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees that each tool in our premium lineup is crafted to endure the most demanding industrial tasks. Rely on Steelmax Tools for unmatched performance and durability, providing you the confidence to achieve precise cuts and drill with ease. Experience the pinnacle of metalworking with the strength and innovation of Steelmax Tools.